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Communication sciences see the human behaviour from a scientific point of view and focus on nonverbal/verbal and intercultural communication, as well as rhetorical studies. This field of study influences, on one hand, the interpretation of received information and, on the other hand, controls the way a message is being sent.

During a Bachelor’s degree in communication sciences, students learn how to explain communication issues and put their knowledge into practice through experimental design, surveys, focus groups, conversation analysis and interviews. Research is an important aspect of this study and is mostly visible when students enrol in a Master’s degree in communication sciences.

Communications sciences are inter connected to psychology, sociology, political sciences and other fields that target human behaviour and its evolution. The practical side is centred around mass media technologies. Graduates can find high paid jobs in public relations, online media, journalism and other publishing institutions, as well as in the advertising industry.

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Suggested Masters in Communication Sciences

M.Sc. Intercultural Communication for Business and the Professions

The MSc in Intercultural Communication for Business and the Professions (ICBP) at University of Warwick is for anyone who wants to develop their intercultural skills, and apply those skills to the world of business or beyond. With research increasingly showing a need for employees who can work across cultures, the intercultural skills you’ll learn on the course will prepare you for wherever you want your career to take you. 

United Kingdom
M.Sc. Communication

Open the door to exciting new career opportunities with an online MS in Communication from Walden University. Explore the latest communication practices and theories; master the art of persuasive messaging; and learn to develop, execute, and measure effective communication plans using traditional and digital media.

United States
M.Sc. Strategic Communication

IULM’S Master of Strategic Communication is a programme that will train students to become highly specialized professionals in the field of corporate communication. At the same time, it will hone their business and managerial skills so that they can become more effective strategic communicators. All courses in this programme are taught in English. 

Master Psycholinguistics of Intercultural Communication

The 4-semester program combines the international tradition of intercultural communication research with the achievements and methods of Russian Ethnopsycholinguistics and provides knowledge and skills for successful participation in a dialogue with people from different cultural backgrounds.