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Communications is a study field that deals with human communication processes which aim to share the meaningful information. Communication studies look into different contexts and examine how the information is interpreted. Researchers aim to explain human communication issues and usually focus on empirical methods as experimental design, surveys, focus groups, interviews and quasi-experimental design. The discipline also is based on sociology, psychology, biology, political sciences, economics, anthropology, public policy, mathematics, information science and etc. The study field is closely related to modern information sharing technologies such as radio, television, mass media, social-networks. Graduates can work in advertising, marketing, public relations, radio, television, writing, publishing, journalism, electronic journalism, PR or online media.

Suggested Studies

  • Master in Master Marketing and Communication

    The Master in Marketing and Communications at the Rome Business School is an ideal choice for the professional looking for a world-class degree programme in these subjects, to start or consolidate a successful career in an international environment.

  • Master in CAM Diploma in Digital Marketing

    The CAM Diploma in Digital Marketing (awarded by the Chartered Institute of Marketing) provides marketers with the essential knowledge and skills needed to plan, implement and monitor effective digital marketing campaigns. Digital marketing is now at the forefront of customer-centric communications in an increasingly multi-channel environment. This qualification will allow you to make the most of the new business opportunities on offer, add depth to your CV and will improve your employment and promotional prospects.

  • Master in Communication Design: Graphic Design

    Choose Kingston's Communication Design: Graphic Design MA - This course encourages the exploration and understanding of the methods and processes at work in contemporary visual communication, and will further develop your personal practice and approach to graphic design. It focuses on individual research and enquiry and helps you to develop your understanding of the significance of the wider cultural role of the visual designer

  • Master in International Communication

    The Master in International Communication is a joint programme, developed in close cooperation between the consortium partners. Ongoing harmonisation of the curriculum, the assessment criteria and procedures insure comparability of the programme.

  • Master in Real Estate Development

    The aim of the course is to provide you with a detailed understanding of the property development and appraisal process, encompassing the financial, physical, legal and social aspects

  • Master in International Planning and Sustainable Development

    This course is aimed at built environment professionals and others with a relevant background who wish to gain an in-depth understanding of planning and sustainable development, whether to improve career prospects in their country or enter international practice. Through the course you will examine the growing problems of sustainable development facing cities, regions and communities in a rapidly urbanising world, subject to growing climate change and other environmental, economic and social pressures and risks.

  • Master in Communication Design & the Creative Economy

    If you are currently employed in or would like to develop a career in communication design, the Communication Design and the Creative Economy MA course is ideal. By the end of the course, you will be equipped with the leading-edge knowledge and practical skills needed to succeed in this area of the creative economy.

  • Master in Communication Design: Illustration

    Choose Kingston's Communication Design: Illustration MA - This course encourages the exploration and understanding of the methods and processes at work in contemporary visual communication. It will further develop your personal practice and approach to the making of images. The course also provides a focus on individual research and enquiry and helps you to understand the significance of the wider cultural role of the visual designer and illustrator.

  • Master in Master of Community Relations (MComRel)

    This program supports the professionalisation of Community Relations practitioners. It will cover corporate social responsibility in the context of community development and expand professional capabilities in the resources industry, within government and other stakeholder groups working with this sector. It will provide knowledge and skills relevant to all aspects of the interactions between resource companies and their associated communities.

  • Master in Mass Communication

    This advanced, postgraduate programme will encourage and stimulate your experience and critical appreciation of the study of mass communications and your practical engagement with it. You will build upon your existing knowledge base, experiences and interests in the ways in which the technologies of global mass communication affect and determine our global behaviours. This advanced programme will consider new and emergent technologies and media forms alongside the traditional instruments of mass media.

  • Master in Political Science

    The University of Liège offers this programme jointly with the university of Maastricht. The master is offered to students who wish - based on their own academic background - develop a critical approach of how today's scientific, technological and industrial activities work and what their consequences are.

  • Master in Multilingual Communication

    As a programme oriented towards professional activity, the Master in Multilingual Communication is designed to offer both a high level of intellectual training and a practical training for activities related to communication in a multilingual workplace ; it aims at training versatile students who are aware of the latest scientific advances in their field of speciality and who possess the technical skills that are required for the professional activities they plan to perform.