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History is the science concerned with finding, gathering, structuring and passing on facts about events in the past. It aims at objectively establishing a cause-effect explanation of events in a chronological, complete and truthful manner. The study of history helps everyone understand why human society is the way it is today, why there are differences between societies and how people have evolved over time. A good understanding of the past leads to better decisions in the present and better planning for the future. Although history is regarded as a descriptive science of the past, it has great impact on the present.

A student with a Master’s degree in history will learn how to assess evidence of various types, how to interpret conflict in an objective, based manner and how to explain past changes. History studies offer flexibility, help students develop good analytical skills, the capacity to identify, analyse and explain trends and behaviours and great research skills.

All the attributes above are vital, especially for students with a Bachelor’s degree in history, who can find employment as historic buildings/conservation officers, museum/gallery curators, archaeologists, broadcast journalists or academic librarians.

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Suggested Masters in History

M.A. History Part 1

This module aims to provide a foundation for studying local and regional history at an advanced level. You will cover the key issues in the practice of local history within each of the four distinct ‘nations’ of the United Kingdom: England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. This History Part 1 programme is offered by The Open University UK.

United Kingdom
M.A. History

The online M.A. in History at The Open University UK explores key historical data that occurred in the United Kingdom and Ireland during the 17th and beginning of 19th century. The Master’s programme integrates topics like poverty, welfare, the role of family and religion in the society and the economic impact of industrialization. Gain skills in historical research and logical reasoning.

United Kingdom
M.A. History Part 2

The online M.A. in History Part 2 at The Open University UK focuses on helping students build advanced research skills required for postgraduate study of history. The Master’s programme offers in depth insights about the impact of political systems and parties worldwide on historic events. Understand different approaches of historical writing and learn to interpret historical texts.

United Kingdom
M.A. Historical, Literary & Cultural Studies

Whether you are interested in the ancient world, political history or religious history; the Research Master’s programme in Historical, Literary and Cultural Studies offers something for each and everyone. There are three Master’s specialisations: Historical Studies, Literary Studies or Art and Visual Culture. Each programme has their own focus. Historical Studies focuses mainly on the visual and material culture from the Antiquity. Literary studies focuses on classical and modern languages like German, Spanish, French and English. Art and Visual culture focuses on visual and material culture from Antiquity to the present.