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Geography is the science of the Earth that is concerned with land formations, terrain, inhabitants and phenomena. There are four traditional directions of research in this field: the spatial analysis of natural and human phenomena, physical study, the study of relations between man and land and Earth science. Geography aims at understanding the Earth with all its natural and artificial complexities.

As discipline, Geography can be divided into two areas of study: human and physical geography. Human Geography is focused on the human influence on the environment and the space it inhabits. Physical Geography studies the natural environment, the weather, vegetation, soil, water and land formations.

Geography is a base science that is necessary also in solving matters such as climate change, energy dependence, conflicts and war, globalization and even terrorism. Geography has also different applications like urban planning, community development, cartography, climatology, geoscience, transportation management, environmental management and many others in which potential students can specialize.

Suggested Studies

  • Master in Geopolitics and the Global Economy

    The Geopolitics and the Global Economy programme will provide you with an opportunity to develop reading, writing and critical thinking skills in those areas, from a variety of perspectives and covering a number of world regions.

  • Master in Earth Science

    This MSc course explores current aspects of Earth science, investigating how the Earths lithosphere, hydrosphere, cryosphere, atmosphere, and biosphere are dependent upon each other, interacting across a wide range of temporal and spatial scales. You will learn to critically evaluate current research and gain skills that allow you to update your knowledge of Earth science.

  • Master in Land Management

    The aim of the programme is to provide knowledge and competence in dealing with land management issues, building adequate land administration systems as well as spatial governance as an infrastructure to implement land-related policies and land management strategies.

  • Master in Regional and Urban Planning

    The Master of Regional and Urban Planning (MRUP) is a two-year professional planning degree, which will provide you with the first steps to becoming a professional chartered planner. The MRUP offers you the opportunity to develop the knowledge, skills and values fundamental to a career in planning and skills and knowledge which are transferrable to other careers.

  • Master in Human Geography

    Human Geography is a research field which focuses on studying the spatial behaviour of people, firms and organisations. Or, to put it simply, it is a study that observes the relationship between human activities and their spatial environment. Because it is an integrative discipline, Human Geography serves as an excellent platform for integrating knowledge from various related disciplines, such as Sociology, Athropology, Psychology, International Relations, Economics, Business Administration and Development Studies.

  • Master in Innovation et Territoire

    L'objectif de cette formation "Innovation et territoire" est de former des chercheurs et des professionnels (responsables de projet, chargé de mission, chargé d'études, consultant, conseiller...) en aménagement, développement local et urbanisme capables de répondre aux attentes des collectivités, des entreprises ou des associations qui cherchent à développer de nouvelles compétences et à disposer dans leurs équipes de professionnels capables de s'adapter aux nouveaux enjeux, d'imaginer, hybrider, concevoir, créer et développer autrement et avec d'autres, au-delà des frontières disciplinaires habituelles.

  • Master in Urban Environmental Management

    Academic training in state of the art in urban environmental research, including a cross-disciplinary outlook, and practical decision-making and problem solving skills.

  • Master in Landscape Architecture and Planning

    The programme focuses on the deliberate construction and reconstruction of the environment. It involves research, planning and design of landscape to create, maintain, protect and enhance places.

  • Master in Coastal and Marine Management

    Coastal and Marine Management is a cross-disciplinary master´s program that prepares students to engage with one of the most compelling and important subjects today: natural resource management and utilization.

  • Master in GIS & Archaeology

    The Masters Geographical Information Science (GIS) programmes are top world-class degrees, offering students the chance to gain critical theory, develop strong practical skills and undertake supervised independent research, all under the guidance of internationally recognised staff.

  • Master in Transport Planning

    Transport Planners play a key role in ensuring that transport systems are efficient and equitable. To do so they need to understand the core principles, techniques and concepts that underpin the discipline. Compulsory modules ensure that all students, whatever their background, have a solid foundation including policy, economics, planning, modelling and data analysis. Optional modules then allow for specialisation and expertise in specific areas. The programme is designed for students from a wide range of backgrounds and equips them for a professional career in transport. It engages with a highly applied and practical subject, which is also academically rigorous and challenging.

  • Master in Physical Geography (Geography)

    Physical Geography at Aalborg University is aiming at analyzing the spatial extent of natural resources and the processes that shape and change the landscape. The environmental problems that arise from using resources such as water, soil and minerals is also at the core of physical geography.