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“Sit down and tell me how it’s making you feel”: that’s what most people expect from psychologist and what everybody assumes a Psychology degree implies. But it goes way beyond this cliché.
Psychology is a subdiscipline of Social Sciences, where you focus on everything related to the human psyche and how it’s affected by society, culture, and the contemporary era. And don't even get me started of how the subconscious affects our behaviour!

Combining old doctrines with current events, you will understand the ways in which history tends to repeat itself, why that girl in you class is mad at you, and that, generally, people are quite predictable.

Psychology has a multitude of subfields, such as:

• Clinical Psychology
• Cognitive and Perceptual Psychology
• Counselling
• Developmental Psychology (name drop: Freud!)
• Educational Psychology
• Experimental Psychology
• Forensic Psychology

Whatever specialisations you wish to follow, remember: even if neurotics build castles in the sky and psychotics live in them, at the end, psychologists collect the rent."

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Suggested Masters in Psychology

M.Sc. Diversities in Youth Care

Th Master’s specialisation in Diversities in Youth Care focuses on the way that diversities in ethnicity, religion, gender and social-economic class affect educational outcomes and experiences. You will develop an eye for the diversity in backgrounds and for the difference in treatments and policies these diversities require.

Master Psycholinguistics of Intercultural Communication

The Psycholinguistics of Intercultural Communication programme from Sechenov University combines the international tradition of intercultural communication research with the achievements and methods of Russian Ethnopsycholinguistics, this master’s program provides knowledge and skills for successful participation in a dialogue with people from different cultural backgrounds.

M.Sc. Behavioural Science

In the Research Master’s programme in Behavioural Science you’ll learn how to make new discoveries that will contribute to a better understanding of human behaviour - normal and dysfunctional - and how to influence that behaviour. We bring statistics to life by showing the human component behind the numbers and we show you how to apply research methods to current issues in the field of human behaviour, such as the influence of social media, bullying, racial stereotyping, burn out, and interactive learning. Due to our interdisciplinary approach, we accept Bachelor’s students from a wide variety of related fields, like psychology, pedagogy, educational science, biology, artificial intelligence and communication science.

M.Sc. Brain and Cognition

In a unique active learning environment, students of this Brain and Cognition programme offered by Erasmus University Rotterdam will be equipped with theoretical and methodological knowledge and skills to tackle questions regarding brain functioning and cognitive emotional processes.