More information about the Education discipline

The process of education is the pursuit of transferring the knowledge, best practices, values and norms from one generation to the next in a society. It is a group of measures applied systematically in order to form and develop intellectual, moral or physical capabilities of mainly children and youth, but also adults or societies. Usually associated with the notion of teaching, education requires enforcers, such as teachers, professors, trainers, facilitators, etc. These are professionals in the field of education and are taught how to deliver education to peers. Pedagogy is a theoretical field of study that deals with the educational activity and learning modalities as profession. Being conducted in preschools, primary schools, secondary schools, high schools and universities, education can be delivered in different ways, at different levels and through diverse methods.

The study of pedagogy is also complex and is focused on the essence and characteristics of the educational phenomenon, the purpose and the tasks of education, the value and the limits, the content, the principles, the methods and the forms of the educational processes. Graduates of educational studies are qualified to practice teaching as profession in educational institutions for which they have been trained.

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