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Education degrees focus on training professionals who can transfer knowledge, best practices, values and norms to a certain group, mainly children and youth. Usually associated with the notion of teaching, education involves preparing future professional teachers/trainers on how to deliver education and how to help pupils develop intellectual, moral or physical capabilities. Education discipline integrates knowledge of child psychology, communication sciences and the degree is usually in conjunction with another Bachelor or Master degree or a double major in the subject the student wants to teach. The study of pedagogy is closely connected with education, as it focuses on the essence and characteristics of the educational phenomenon, the purpose and the tasks of education, the value and the limits, the content, the principles, the methods and the forms of the educational processes.

Students enrolled in an education degree develop creativity, basic organisational skills and oral and written communication skills – required for an effective and engaging teaching style and methods according to pupils’ age and the ability to present difficult concepts comprehensibly.

Graduates of educational studies are qualified to practice teaching as profession in educational institutions for which they have been trained. The most common career paths are: teacher, trainer, tutor, school administrator, school counsellor, education counsellor/specialist within various organisations, youth/child care worker.

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Suggested Masters in Education

M.A. Educational Leadership

The aim of the Educational Leadership programme from University of Jyväskylä is to develop internationally oriented professionals and experts for the field of education and educational leadership. Our multicultural programme is based on the Finnish experience on education utilizing our wide international network.

M.A. Inclusive Special Education

Accessing effective, engaging and inclusive education can be difficult for children and adults with special needs. To help them get most out of their education, they need teachers and educators who understand the challenges – and more important, how to overcome them.

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