More information about the Biology discipline

Biology is a natural science about nature and its principles. This field of study explores living and non-living forms of organisms, including humans, animals, plants and microorganisms. Biology analyzes their structures, functioninig, growth, classifications, evolution, origin, distribution and interrelationships. It has a broad spectrum of academic fields like anatomy, astrobiology, biomechanics, botany, biophysics, pathology, zoology, neurobiology, anthropology, evolutionary biology, ichthyology, histology, biochemistry, ecology, physiology and many others.

Modern biology pays significant attention to cell structures, chemical and organic relations between atoms and molecules, gene engineering and modeling of evolution. Graduates can work in many different positions or improve knowledge at scientific research.

Suggested Studies

  • Master in Synthetic Biology and Biotechnology

    This academically challenging and career-developing programme focuses on research and development using biological and chemical principles and systems to create new products, services and industries. You will employ elements of the developing field of synthetic biology to bring about significant changes and major innovations that address the challenges of rapidly changing human demographics, resource shortages, energy economy transition and the concomitant growth in demand for more and healthier food, sustainable fuel cycles, and a cleaner environment.

  • Master in Biochemistry

    The Biochemistry MSc programme aims to attract UK, EU and overseas students to Edinburgh to an academically-challenging and career-developing MSc programme studying biological systems at the molecular and cellular level.

  • Master in Master's Degree in Advanced Microbiology

    This Master's Degree in Advanced Microbiology aims to provide students with a solid grounding in the role of microorganisms as pathogenic agents, the cellular and molecular basis of immune response and the tools used in diagnosing and treating infections caused by infectious agents.