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Electronics is a technical and scientific discipline that studies physical, non-linear, electric systems or electronic components and the circuits that include these physical elements or the electronic circuits. Electronics has nowadays tremendous application in almost all fields one can think of, from communication, medicine, military equipment to the entertainment industry.

Embedded technology studies the combination of computer hardware and software within a device that is designed to perform a specific and repetitive function. Embedded devices are found inside anything electronic that seems intelligent such as automobiles, mobile phones, microwave ovens, digital cameras and other gadgets that we use today.

Students who apply to a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in electronics and embedded technology will learn how to select, adapt and develop hardware/software components. Electronics and embedded technology programmes combine theoretical knowledge with a lot of laboratory work that are meant to teach, prove, test and apply the laws and theorems that dominate the field.

Graduates from electronics and embedded technology can mostly find jobs in the automotive, computer technology and consumer electronics industries and choose from the follow career options: embedded system engineer, embedded systems designer, software engineer, design engineer, electronics technologist/engineer, electronics drafter, software/chip developer.

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Suggested Masters in Electronics & Embedded Technology

Master Embedded Systems

This study field is a comprehensive study programme of programmable structures which overlapps with parallel and distributed systems, computer networks, and cryptography. The programme covers basic theories, research methodology, analysis, and comparative studies of the relevant computing devices. This Embedded Systems programme is offered by Masaryk University.

Czech Republic
M.Sc. Broadband and Optical Communications

This Broadband and Optical Communications course from Bangor University aims to give suitable graduates an in-depth understanding of the technology, and the drivers for the technology, in the area of Broadband and mobile communications. The course will also provide exposure to current research activity in the field.

United Kingdom
MPhys Physics with Nanotechnology (Integrated Masters)

This four-year Physics with Nanotechnology (Integrated Masters) degree at University of Southampton will give you a more advanced understanding of nanotechnology and includes key study in quantum devices, nanoscience, light and matter, molecular materials, processing of devices and the molecular basis of life.

United Kingdom
M.Sc. Electrical Engineering

Are you interested in electronics and information technology?Are you looking for a balance between a rigorous scientific and technical formation and practical skills, with emphasis on independence, creativity and inventiveness? The Electrical Engineering programme is delivered by Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB).