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Philosophy study field aims to look into the human problems related to existence, knowledge, minds, values and other general and fundamental issues. These problems are considered based on rational argumentation using systematic approaches. Philosophy strives to acquire knowledge by rational means about the issues that are difficult for empirical investigations. This study field has three main sub-fields: natural philosophy, moral philosophy and metaphysical philosophy. Philosophy has many other branches including epistemology, logic, metaphysics, axiology (value theory), moral and political philosophy, aesthetics, and philosophy of language, philosophy of law, philosophy of mind, philosophy of religion, and philosophy of science.

Suggested Study Programmes

  • Master in Philosophy

    The free-standing M.A. program is intended for students who wish to develop an advanced competence in Philosophy. Some of our free-standing M.A. students do not plan to go on to Ph.D. programs in Philosophy. Other free-standing M.A. students do plan to go on to Ph.D. programs in Philosophy, but do not yet have the background in Philosophy to win admission to a Ph.D. program; for these students, the free-standing M.A. program provides the opportunity to begin graduate studies by taking classes alongside the students enrolled in our Ph.D. program.

  • Master in Philosophy and Humanities

    The Department of Philosophy at Texas A&M provides two distinct graduate degree programs. Our PhD program serves students who are committed to both philosophical and interdisciplinary scholarship, while our MA program provides a traditional course of study in Philosophy, designed to prepare students to enter PhD programs in Philosophy. Funding is available for students in both tracks.

  • Master in Classical Studies

    This MA is designed to help you acquire and develop research skills that will enhance your knowledge of the ancient Graeco-Roman world and prepare you for independent study culminating in a dissertation. It investigates Classical Studies as a multidisciplinary field and brings you into direct contact with texts, artefacts and other surviving evidence from classical antiquity.

  • Master in Politics. Economics. Philosophy

    Combining three distinct but related fields, this programme is an opportunity for students to master economics and political science while broadening their philosophical outlook and developing their critical thinking and social communication skills. Graduates are well positioned for careers as experts and consultants in strategic decision-making (in government or non-governmental organizations) or to continue their studies at the doctoral level.

  • Master in Foundation Programme in Law, Humanities and Social Sciences

    The Master’s Foundation Programme is available as a one, two or three-term programme, with guaranteed progression to a wide range of Law, Humanities and Social Sceinces Master’s degrees at UCLan. You will live and study your Foundation programme at our state-of-the-art Centre located at the heart of the UCLan campus.

  • Master in Modern European Philosophy

    The Modern European Philosophy MA is widely recognised as one of the most significant and innovative courses in its field, and is now one of the most successful philosophy masters programmes in the country. The MA is based on a focused study of the fundamental texts of the modern European philosophical tradition. It provides an ideal preparation for doctoral research in philosophy or related fields in the humanities and social sciences. It also prepares graduates for a wide range of careers in education, the arts, politics and public policy.

  • Master in Aesthetics

    Aesthetics covers the philosophy of art and questions about aesthetic judgement and value. This course gives you the opportunity to study both the history of aesthetics and some of the most recent arguments by contemporary philosophers.

  • Master in Aesthetics and Art Theory

    The Aesthetics and Art Theory MA is widely recognised as one of the most significant and innovative courses in its field, and is now one of the most successful philosophy masters programmes in the country. Unlike most courses on art theory, this programme grounds its problems and concepts in the appropriate philosophical context.

  • Master in Open Mind

    OPEN MIND is a new institutional initiative of the University of Bucharest that combines graduate studies and advanced research in a variety of areas of cognitive science.