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More information about the Entrepreneurship discipline

Entrepreneurship study field can be defined as a business related area where leaders in organizations are not afraid to take risks, tackle innovative solutions in order to boost their business performance and ensure highest income. This field closely concentrates on business opportunities exploitations, business plan development, start-up establishment, business control, management, team-building, market strategies, human resource management, leadership, innovation, intellectual property, economy, networking, market research, etc.

Programmes in Entrepreneurship include theoretical knowledge and practical activities. Fine business environment understanding is a cornerstone in this modern and dynamic environment. Entrepreneurship study programmes not only provide related knowledge, it also motivate students to establish their own companies and tackle leadership decisions.

Suggested Study Programmes

  • Master in International Business

    The interdisciplinary master program “International Business” is developed for students who have a strong commitment to a career in international business. The program provides them with a unique cross-functional set of skills and understanding the interconnections between business, international economics and politics. It ensures that students are well-equipped to handle both the demands of daily business and the challenges of working in a global environment.

  • Master in Research Master in Business Research (Strategy & Entrepreneurship Track)

    The two-year ERIM Master of Philosophy in Business Research programme focuses on the development of academic competencies and skills on a personal level. This programme builds on a university Bachelor degree. You will be thoroughly trained in research methodology and techniques, as well as in your chosen field of expertise which will be required if you want to continue to the PhD stage of the programme.

  • Master in Leadership (Project Management)

    Learn strategies to become a more effective leader so you can generate trust, empower others, and positively impact the future of your organization. Walden Universitys M.S. in Leadership program offers a comprehensive approach to leadership that prepares you to meet the evolving challenges in the dynamic world of business and to cultivate your personal leadership philosophy. Through real-world lessons, you can strengthen your decision-making capabilities as an ethical leader in a global environment.

  • Master in Economics

    Our department offers admission only to students interested in earning a Ph.D. Our program is not designed for students who are interested only in a Master's degree. However, our Ph.D. students may obtain an M.A. degree during their program, either as a terminal degree for students leaving the Ph.D. program, or as an intermediate sign of achievement for students who are continuing in the Ph.D. program. For students who are interested in applied economics, but are not pursuing a Ph.D., the University of Maryland offers a professional masters in applied economics. This program is designed for working professionals; it is not appropriate for a Ph.D. in economics.

  • Master in Communication and International Entrepreneurship

    This MSc is studied full-time over one academic year (or as a part-time programme). A total of 120 credits of taught modules are studied in the Autumn and Spring semesters. In addition, a research project worth 60 credits is undertaken in the Summer Period, providing a total course content of 180 credits. It should be noted that projects will be run in collaboration between the Schoolof English and the Business School, with students being supervised by staff from both faculties.

  • Master in Leadership (Leader Development)

    Walden University’s M.S. in Leadership program offers key skills to use for the challenges of an increasingly dynamic business market and helps you develop your own unique leader personality. The Leader Development specialization will develop your coaching and communication and offer knowledge useful for solving complex challenges faced by the company.

  • Master in Shipping Management

    Shipping is one of the most important sectors in the global economy. As a globally competitive industry, it is not influenced by the current situation in the Greek economy.

  • Master in Entrepreneurship

    Why a Master of Entrepreneurship? We interviewed technology entrepreneurs prior to designing our new Master of Entrepreneurship (MsE) program. Most of them had started working on their ventures without enrolling in courses or pursuing business degrees. By learning how science creates value in the marketplace, graduates with an MsE will be prepared to develop and launch disruptive, scalable ventures that address a societal need.

  • Master in Wine Industry

    Wine industry - It is aimed at students with a business background and little to no experience in the wine industry. It provides in-depth practical and theoretical knowledge of the wine sector in France and across the globe.

  • Master in MBA - Master of Business Administration ( Executive)

    The Berkeley MBA for Executives Program educates you to become a new type of business executive distinguished by your ability to lead innovatively—the driver of value in today's marketplace. The EMBA program's rigorous curriculum is taught from a general management perspective, focusing on the fundamentals of business, including finance, marketing, accounting, and leadership—skills that can be applied to any industry over the course of a lifelong career. Your courses will also develop your skills as an innovative and more effective leader.

  • Master in Entrepreneurship

    Entrepreneurship is concerned with enterprise or enterprising action. The research field aims to discover innovative business opportunities and put them into practice in the market. This goes beyond developing ideas and includes managing the implementation and application processes. Creative implementation and commercial application can take place in a new or an established enterprise.