More information about the Finance discipline

The field of finance is concerned with monetary resources and everything related to it: assets, liabilities, banking, investment, credit, etc. Divided generally in three areas of expertise, public finance, corporate finance and person finance, this field of study is very complex and requires from its students solid knowledge and ability in areas such as mathematics, statistics, economics and sometimes computer programming.

Public Finance deals with the finances of the state or the state divisions such as provinces, counties or municipalities. It encompasses also central banking system that have a great influence in the global economy.

Corporate Finance is focused on maximizing the profit or the value of a private enterprise by balancing risk and profitability in the management of investments.

Personal Finance targets the individual or the family as the focus of the financial activity. Concerned with personal long term financial stability, this area provides services in terms of taxation, financial planning, inheritance, credit and others.

With great diversity in its areas of expertise, Finance offers prospective students a wide choice panel and many different levels of qualification. One of the highest and most sought out is the MBA in Finance, which secures the path towards a successful career in this field.

Suggested Studies

  • Master in Dirección de Marketing Full Time

    La globalización, nuevas tecnologías de la información, la actual crisis financiera y los nuevos canales de distribución están cambiando la óptica del marketing. El actual entorno empresarial hace que los consumidores cada vez sean más exigentes y dispongan de más información, por lo que tienen más claro lo que desean y necesitan.

  • Master in Quantitative Finance and Risk Management Masters Degree

    This Master’s degree covers the whole chain of quantitative finance, from theoretical aspects to the application in a professional setting. This Master draws on the recognized excellence of our engineering school in quantitative finance, and makes great use of the collaborations with the Universities of Paris-Dauphine and Cergy-Pontoise.

  • Master in Finance

    The MSc in Finance is for individuals who want to develop as finance professionals. The scope of the knowledge, skills and applications covered in this qualification enables professional development and practice in wide-ranging roles in finance such as investment and portfolio management, corporate finance and treasury, consultancy and investment banking.

  • Master in Finance and Banking

    The Master of Science in Finance and Banking is a one-year, full time programme entirely taught in English, targeted at participants who wish to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills for a successful career in the fields of corporate finance, banking or financial regulation. It is an officially accredited master programme and it includes a curricular internship.

  • Master in Wealth Management

    The Master in Wealth Management (MWM) aims to educate and train future wealth managers. The curriculum, developed by the Luxembourg School of Finance (LSF) in cooperation with the Private Banking Group Luxembourg (PBGL) , combines traditional finance subjects such as accounting, asset pricing, financial analysis, with person-, legal- and tax-centric subjects such as interpersonal skills, cross cultural communication.

  • Master in International Economics and Business

    Do you want an international career as an economist with specialised skills in a business function like finance, management or entrepreneurship? The MSc International Economics is ideal for you.

  • Master in Marketing & Sales

    Globalisation, new information technologies and new distribution channels are changing marketing’s point of view. Also, consumers have become more and more demanding and have more information, so they are fully aware of what they want and need.

  • Master in Master of International Business

    A strong understanding of how the world is interconnected through finance, marketing, operations, economics, and strategy gives you an immediate head start to launch your careers. Hult’s Master of International Business (MIB) degree helps students acquire practical business knowledge with a focus on international and cross-cultural understanding of the marketplace. This degree is particularly well suited to recent university graduates (both business and non-business majors) who do not have extensive work experience.

  • Master in Executive MBA

    Hult’s Executive MBA program is a part-time MBA designed for professionals who seek to enhance their credentials and knowledge while gaining an international perspective. Available monthly, our Executive MBA offers an unusually high degree of flexibility, taking into account our students’ needs and constraints, from time and location to financing and program length.

  • Master in Global Executive

    El Global Executive MBA es un innovador programa dirigido a profesionales con experiencia directiva que desean ampliar sus conocimientos de management para realizar una apertura a nuevas perspectivas de gestión empresarial en todo el mundo.

  • Master in International MBA

    The business world, given the current economic crisis, which is so dynamic and competitive, is in need of professionals who possess solid knowledge of the various areas of management and, at the same time, have personal and professional skills such as versatility, adaptability, cognitive skills, decision-making skills and creativity.

  • Master in International Business

    The world of business requires experienced professionals with advanced knowledge in various fields of effective management, while at the same time demands personal skills such as flexibility, adaptability, reflection, resolution and creativity. Professionals who knows and use a wide range of management techniques, including an awareness of not just of the most up-to-date theoretical knowledge but also of the real market and trends in the business world.