More information about the Finance discipline

The field of finance is concerned with monetary resources and everything related to it: assets, liabilities, banking, investment, credit, etc. Divided generally in three areas of expertise, public finance, corporate finance and person finance, this field of study is very complex and requires from its students solid knowledge and ability in areas such as mathematics, statistics, economics and sometimes computer programming.

Public Finance deals with the finances of the state or the state divisions such as provinces, counties or municipalities. It encompasses also central banking system that have a great influence in the global economy.

Corporate Finance is focused on maximizing the profit or the value of a private enterprise by balancing risk and profitability in the management of investments.

Personal Finance targets the individual or the family as the focus of the financial activity. Concerned with personal long term financial stability, this area provides services in terms of taxation, financial planning, inheritance, credit and others.

With great diversity in its areas of expertise, Finance offers prospective students a wide choice panel and many different levels of qualification. One of the highest and most sought out is the MBA in Finance, which secures the path towards a successful career in this field.

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