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Humanities and Art field encompasses academic disciplines that study human condition and the essence of what it means to be human in the fast changing world. Humanities are similar to liberal arts in many ways and the two terms are sometimes used interchangeably. Academic programmes in humanities cover a broad, interdisciplinary study of society and culture throughout history. Practitioners use methods that are primarily analytic, critical, or speculative. Studies of language, literature, law, history, philosophy, religion, visual and performing arts are among the study subjects in humanities field. Studies in music are also considered to be in the field, where music is used to broaden capabilities of non-musicians by teaching skills such as concentration and listening.

Studies in humanities help students develop a broad understanding of cultural expression and improve their analytical and communication skills. Students can improve their understanding of society through satisfying their intellectual curiosity in subjects such as philosophy, art, history and literature with an emphasis on multiculturalism.

Suggested Studies

  • Master in Experimental Film

    Experimental Film - This course has been designed to offer a genuinely creative methodology and understanding of current and future potential for film experimentation in artists' moving image. This places the programme at the forefront of postgraduate studies exploring moving image in its most creative form. The course offers a range of input from within the School of Fine Art, and will enable you to develop a major body of practical work created within the context of a critical understanding of contemporary experimental film theory.

  • Master in Photography

    This course offers a unique opportunity for photographers to develop a major body of practical work that engages with the photographic image within the context of a critical understanding of contemporary photography and visual culture. The course encompasses a broad and developing range of approaches to photography. It recognises that photographers increasingly explore the potential of the medium in unexpected and innovative ways, finding outlets for their work in a variety of forms and organisations.

  • Master in Fine Art

    Fine Art - This is a studio-based, research-centred programme for those who wish to explore the subtle and complex relationships between the production and display of contemporary art within the context of professional excellence. It will challenge you to develop your personal vision and create clear, meaningful and appropriate work to consolidate and strengthen your position as an artist.

  • Master in Preparation for Foreign Students

    Doors of our university are open for everyone. We invite you on our Preparatory Department of Russian language and other disciplines. We are happy to offer basic training (9 months, from October to June) and special training programs.

  • Master in Doble Máster en Pericia Judicial Grafológica, Caligráfíca y Documental

    Desde 1993 el Instituto Europeo Campus Stellae atiende de forma personalizada a cada estudiante, lo que permite que los que residen en otros países o ciudades puedan matricularse y, al mismo tiempo, se enriquece el aprendizaje con la puesta en común.

  • Master in English Language and Linguistics (by Distance Learning)

    The MA in English Language and Linguistics offers you the opportunity to develop your linguistic skills and knowledge and to focus on the areas of linguistics or English language study that interest you the most. You will also acquire advanced research skills to enable independent scholarly enquiry. Studying this course by distance learning means that you will be able to study at the location and time of day that suits you most, within a structured and supportive framework.

  • Master in Classical Studies

    This MA is designed to help you acquire and develop research skills that will enhance your knowledge of the ancient Graeco-Roman world and prepare you for independent study culminating in a dissertation. It investigates Classical Studies as a multidisciplinary field and brings you into direct contact with texts, artefacts and other surviving evidence from classical antiquity.

  • Master in Performing Arts with Professional Focus in Cinema and Audio-visual Studies (international Programme)

    Twelve European universities have termed up in order to create this international master porgramme. Its objective is to provide a high level of education to a limited number of students (five per university and per year) who have an interest in specialised research in this field.

  • Master in Writing for Screen & Stage

    This part-time, flexible-learning programme in Writing for Screen & Stage will help you develop the script writing skills essential for the screen industry and the theatre. You willl explore the art of storytelling, the Aristotelian origins of drama, narrative structure, character function and creation, the exploitation of arena, decisions on location and key narrative tricks and devices.

  • Master in European Studies

    In September 2009 we launched an MPhil degree in European Studies. 2009 was an ideal time to introduce a Master's degree in European Studies, as the continuing expansion of the EU (ten new countries) joined during the Irish Presidency in 2004) has brought a new focus of interest to bear on Central, Eastern and South-Eastern Europe.

  • Master in Study of Contemporary Pakistan

    Do you want to enhance your understanding of the cultural, political and economic history of Pakistan? The MA in the Study of Contemporary Pakistan provides a comprehensive and critical approach to Pakistan: its complex and vibrant culture, politics, economics, law, religious history and current trends. SOAS hosts one of the biggest concentration of research and teaching staff who specialise on Pakistan related topics.

  • Master in Religion and Global Politics

    The MA Religion and Global Politics at SOAS is unique: it has a regional focus rarely, if at all addressed in similar programmes in the subject area, draws on a variety of disciplinary perspectives (Law, International Relations and Politics, Development, Anthropology, Migration and Diaspora Studies, and Gender Studies) and has a rigorous theoretical basis built in, such that students will be familiarised with the current state-of-the-art debates regarding religion in the public sphere, secularisms, postsecularism, and political theology.