More information about the Public Health discipline

Public health study field deals with the health of the community and aims to prevent diseases and manage them by organized actions, information sources and education efforts. It deals with physical and mental health, social well-being improvement particularly in these areas such as waste disposal, water supply, food safety or water pollution. This study field has multidisciplinary approaches such as biostatistics, health services and epidemiology. It also deals with these sub-fields: community health, behavioral health, health of economics, occupational health public policy and environmental health. Public health is important in developing world as well as developed countries.

Suggested Study Programmes

  • Master in Public Health [Web-based Learning] (MPH)

    This programme offers an innovative approach to learning, meeting the training needs for health professionals interested in a career in public health or those seeking new skills in this area.

  • Master in Degree Programme in Social Services and Health Care, Clinical and Rehabilitation Expertise

    Studying on the Master´s Degree Programme in Social Services and Health Care, Clinical and Rehabilitation Expertise, is for those who are developers, interested in ‘health tech’ environments and interdisciplinary work, and who are willing to encounter new professional challenges. The focus is on modern and innovative methods, research, development and innovations in the social and health care field and entrepreneurship in the context of Health Care, Rehabilitation and Social Welfare.

  • Master in Medical Science

    The College of Medicine Master of Science in Medical Science Program (MMSP) offers physicians-in-training at the Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center and Nationwide Children’s Hospital the opportunity to prepare for research careers in academic medicine through pursuit of a core curriculum, individualized electives and seminars, and a mentored research project.

  • Master in Environmental Health Sciences

    This Master of Science Environmental Health Sciences program emphasizes the scientific, technological, policy and management skills you need to address environmental and occupational health concerns. The program offers high-quality lab facilities, small classes, individual faculty attention, and abundant opportunities to participate in faculty research. This interdisciplinary approach allows us to collaborate with many other schools throughout the University, including the College of Veterinary Medicine, the School of Dentistry, the College of Pharmacy, the Medical School, the H. Humphrey School of Public Affairs, the Carlson School of Management, School of Social Work, and Law School. By combining our expertise, we can explore innovative, far-reaching ways of maintaining and improving the health of the people in Minnesota and throughout the country and world.

  • Master in Range Management

    The Master of Science in Range Management prepares students with a bachelor’s degree in resource management or related disciplines to pursue advance study of rangelands and range management. Graduate study in range management serves as the basis for a professional career in rangeland livestock production systems, grassland, savanna, wetland and/or shrubland ecology and management, native plants, rangeland rehabilitation, conservation easements, wildlife habitat, water quality issues, working landscapes, and rangeland economics and policy.

  • Master in Master of Health, Safety and Environment

    The Master of Health, Safety and Environment aims to equip individuals with the specialised skills and advanced knowledge required for professional practice or research in occupational health and safety (OHS) and environmental management (EM). Graduates will have the capacity to lead and influence the development of high standards of OHS and EM.

  • Master in Chinese Herbology (M.S.)

    The Masters degree in Science – Chinese Herbology (MS-CH) program joins the MS-Ac degree program and the MS-TCM degree program within the Acupuncture Institute and will be a part of the Health Sciences Division which also includes physician assistant, nutrition, naturopathic medicine, chiropractic, and dental hygiene.

  • Master in Health Science

    This program will provide you with an in-depth learning experience in your chosen field, presenting you with employment opportunities across a range of public health disciplines including primary health care, assessment and counselling of alcohol and other drug problems and working with people diagnosed with stroke.

  • Master in Foundation Programme in Life Sciences

    The Master’s Foundation Programme is available as a one, two or three-term programme, with guaranteed progression to a wide range of Life Sciences Master’s degrees at the University of Sunderland. You will live and study your Foundation programme at our state-of-the-art Centre located at the heart of the University of Sunderland City campus.