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The discipline of Language, Literature and Cultural Studies is concerned with the relation and interaction between Language and Literature in a certain Cultural environment.

Language studies or linguistics is a science that tackles language from the perspective of structure, form, meaning and context, while literature is the art of the written composition, divided in poetry, prose and theatre. The complex discipline of Language, Literature and Cultural Studies aims at enabling the student to build a deep understanding of a culture based on the language and literature of that culture. Language and literature are both a very powerful expression tools and they offer insight into the building elements of a culture, the particular characteristics of a society or social group in terms of spirituality, intellect, emotion and physical environment. These two forms of expression are some of the strongest transmission channels of the cultural heritage of a society and researching those helps understand the drivers and mechanisms of the culture in question.

This fascinating discipline helps to understand and value the cultural diversity of the human society that is becoming more and more globalized and detached to specific culture. Being aware of the different cultural backgrounds of the members of our cross-cultural environment helps not only preserve the valuable artefacts and manifestations of that culture, but also to better communicate and cooperate in our day to day activity.

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