More information about the Human Medicine discipline

Human medicine deals with issues how to maintain human health conditions, prevent from illness and treat it. Human medicine is a health science based on biomedical research. The study field has many multidisciplinary fields, such as biomedical engineering, disaster medicine, hospital medicine, environmental medicine, travel medicine, evolutionary medicine, forensic medicine, medical ethics, sexual medicine, addiction medicine, laser medicine, therapeutics, pain medicine, nosology, medical humanities, pharmacogenomics, urgent care and etc. The field has a wide spectrum of health professionals: bioengineers, pharmacists, therapists, nurses, laboratory scientists and etc. Most of the basic sciences of the field are: genetics, immunology, neurology, psychiatry, neuroscience, microbiology, epidemiology, molecular biology, histology, toxicology, cytology, biostatistics, pharmacology, nutrition science, biophysics, medical physics, biochemistry, pathology, embryology, photobiology, endocrinology, anatomy, radiobiology and biomechanics.

Suggested Study Programmes

  • Master in Clinical Management of Headache Disorders - MSc/Dip/Cert

    Headache disorders are the most prevalent of the neurological conditions and among the most frequent of medical complaints seen in general practice. The objective of Clinical Management of Headache Disorders - MSc/Dip/Cert is to reduce the burden of headache disorders and improve the management of headache in primary care.

  • Master in Medicinal Chemistry

    This postgraduate degree course enables you to study aspects of medicinal chemistry that explore the links between disease, mechanisms of action and the development of safe, effective commercial drugs.

  • Master in Global EHealth (online Distance Learning)

    This uniquely international and interdisciplinary programme introduces eHealth in the context of international health systems and global health challenges, supported by specialist courses covering areas such as public health informatics, tele-healthcare and mHealth. It offers you the opportunity to develop a comprehensive critical understanding of the many technical and sociotechnical factors underpinning eHealth and the research skills needed to study and evaluate these.

  • Master in Epidemiology Postgraduate Online

    The 90 EC postgraduate Master’s programme MSc Epidemiology Online is aimed at professionals holding a medical or biomedical degree, such as physicians, veterinarians, pharmacists and candidates holding a MSc in Life Sciences. All theoretical courses are offered online through Elevate Health, which makes studying independent of place and flexible in time.

  • Master in Clinical Trials - MSc/Dip/Cert

    The online programme will provide a knowledge and understanding of the key elements and principles of clinical trial design, delivery and analysis. In addition to a knowledge and understanding of the principles of GCP and their practical implementation in clinical trials.

  • Master in Medical Research

    The Master Programme in Medical Research aims to provide research-oriented students good preparations for Ph.D. studies and a basis for informed choice of dissertation project. The programme provides a solid theoretical ground, practical experience of two research pro­jects, a broad and deep insight into current biomedical research, and a network of contacts with researchers. For students who desire a career in the field of medical research, this programme is an invaluable learning experience.

  • Master in Advancing Healthcare Practice

    This postgraduate certificate course equips you with the knowledge, skills, personal, professional and inter-professional insights and qualities needed to function as a successful change agent in the advancement of healthcare, whether that be through leadership, policy and practice innovation work, or through research, evidence utilisation and practice skill development.

  • Master in Pedagogy of the Human Body Movement

    Study of the human movement from psychological and socio-cultural analyze, such as Motor Learning and Development, Sport and Exercise Psychology, Human Movement Philosophy, Human Movement History, Anthropology, Sociology, and the intervention supported mainly by those subjects such as Teaching Methodology in Physical Education, Teachers Qualification and Curricular Development, Policies Development, Physical Education Plans and Programs in Culture, Leisure and Health perspective.

  • Master in Pharmaceutical Medicine

    The two year Master of Science in Pharmaceutical Medicine is suitable for employees in the pharmaceutical, drug development and health-care industries and will give you the essential skills to solve the medical, scientific and economic challenges in today’s industry.

  • Master in Medical Physics

    This MSc course is for those who want to explore aspects of medical physics, in particular medical imaging and the physics of radiotherapy, at postgraduate level. If you have a background in physics/engineering and currently work, or wish to work, in a clinical setting, there is an additional pathway through the qualification which is accredited by the UK Institute of Physics and Engineering in Medicine (IPEM).