More information about the Educational Research discipline

The field of educational research sets as objectives to explore notions, theories and trends within the filed, to define and transfer types, characteristics and shared terminology, to describe and utilise methods and techniques of quantitative and qualitative research in a critical manner towards the concrete educational phenomenon. The educational research student, passionate about conducting research, has to immerse him/herself in research projects and research teams and throughout the studies gains reflexive, critical and analytical competencies and the ability to innovate the existing educational practices.

Making use of other disciplines like psychology, anthropology, sociology and philosophy, educational research sets out to conduct its activity in a rigorous and systematic way. Due to the broad base for the methodology of educational research, the results are not always generalizable and have to be interpreted in the context of the used methodology.

Suggested Study Programmes

  • Master in Education

    This taught masters degree course is a flexible modular qualification with a rich diversity of modules enabling you to choose those most appropriate to your own context and interests. The modules support your professional development through investigation of currently significant issues in the context of your own experience and appropriate literature.

  • Master in Learning and Teaching

    Through this online Master of Arts in Learning and Teaching you’ll explore relevant learning and teaching perspectives geared towards looking beyond academic performance, and towards understanding the whole needs of your learners.

  • Master in Inclusive Special Education

    Accessing effective and inclusive education can be challenging for children and adults with special needs. This online Master of Arts in Inclusive Special Education equips learners with a thorough understanding of the barriers to learning that people with disabilities face, and explores strategies for overcoming these obstacles to learning.

  • Master in Teaching-Non-Licensure Concentration in Elementary Education

    The Master of Education: Teaching - Non-Licensure Concentration in Elementary Education program is designed for post-baccalaureate students, or *candidates,” who wish to learn about teaching a comprehensive curriculum to K-6 students. The program equips candidates with 21st Century skills and knowledge about how to provide equitable education opportunities to the students.

  • Master in Pedagogy of the Human Body Movement

    Study of the human movement from psychological and socio-cultural analyze, such as Motor Learning and Development, Sport and Exercise Psychology, Human Movement Philosophy, Human Movement History, Anthropology, Sociology, and the intervention supported mainly by those subjects such as Teaching Methodology in Physical Education, Teachers Qualification and Curricular Development, Policies Development, Physical Education Plans and Programs in Culture, Leisure and Health perspective.

  • Master in Education (PGCE) Primary

    The Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) Primary at Winchester is well established and enjoys an excellent professional reputation. The programme was graded outstanding with features of exceptional practice by the most recent Ofsted (2010). In particular, inspectors praised our well-supported partnership with schools, which ensures trainees make the best possible progress. The overall aim of the programme is to nurture high quality entrants to the teaching profession who become successful classroom practitioners.

  • Master in Sociology of Education

    Education, and the way students should be educated, is a heavily debated and very political subject. The Master Programme in Sociology of Education focuses on the analysis of what education really is and what functions it fulfils. As a student in the programme, you will acquire the means to make independent and advanced analyses of education as a social phenomenon, shaped by historical, cultural and economic conditions. It will prepare you for a career in research or the area of education administration.

  • Master in MS in Education in Special Education

    MSEd in Special Education program sees the entire education landscape and combines practical experience with the latest breakthroughs and technology. You will learn new ways to nurture a modern classroom and ensure that students at every skill level succeed. With this degree, your expertise won't just stay current. Your knowledge, career and students will all advance to the next level.

  • Master in Prevention Science and Practice/CAS in Counseling

    Learn how to promote positive educational, personal, and social outcomes for children and youth, and strengthen the schools and communities that shape their development.

  • Master in International Education Policy (IEP) Program

    Students in the International Education Policy Program are passionate about promoting global social justice through their unparalleled and effective leadership of innovative and sustainable education reform worldwide.