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Religious studies and theology focus on the supernatural, sacred or divine and the moral code, ritual practices, dogmas, values or associated institutions. Religion has several functions that are expressed through the human behaviour: cognitive or action function, anxiety reduction, social function, compensation and identity. This interdisciplinary field studies the impact of religion in the international environment and the presence of traditions in the modern world. Research focuses on different approaches on religions and its place in history.

Religious studies and theology are concerned with the study of the spiritual beliefs and their particular characteristics and their expression in nowadays society. A Bachelor’s degree in religious studies and theology can specialize in culture, conflict, librarianship, economics, geography, history and others.

The study of one or several religions equips the graduate of a Master’s degree in religious studies and theology with skills and knowledge that may lead to a career as a priest/minister, teacher/lecturer, advice worker, community development worker and others.

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Suggested Masters in Religious Studies & Theology

M.A. Theology

The Master’s programme in Theology provides meaning to fundamental questions and ideas that feature in science, culture and faith. Students can specialise in History of Church and Theology, Biblical Exegesis, Practical Theology or Systematic Theology, while gaining a broad perspective through shared courses. The third year trains students for a specific career in Theology.

M.A. Theology and Religious Studies - Exploring a Discipline

The Theology and Religious Studies - Exploring a Displine programme is offered by the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. This specialization is especially attractive to those who are already professionals in a field of theology or religious studies, for example as ministers or teachers in secondary schools, or students who just want to deepen their expertise in theology or religious studies.

Pre-Master Leadership - Christian Ministry

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M.A. Religious Roots of Europe

How were Christianity, Judaism and Islam formed? How did these three religions and their interaction shape the emerging European culture and society? These are pivotal questions addressed in the Aarhus University MA programme on the Religious Roots of Europe.