Cambridge First Student

The perfect foundation in English for study abroad

Cambridge English: First, also known as First Certificate in English (FCE), can help you to gain the confidence to live and study independently in an English-speaking environment. It is developed by Cambridge English (part of the University of Cambridge) and is the most in-depth and focused exam available at Level B2 of the CEFR.

Your Cambridge English: First certificate can be used to apply for foundation and higher education courses taught in English around the world.

Prove your ability

Show you have the language skills to succeed at foundation, pathway or pre-sessional courses taught in English with a certificate that proves you can:

  • deal confidently with reading different types of text and understand the main ideas
  • communicate effectively and maintain a conversation on a fairly wide range of topics
  • produce clear, detailed writing, expressing opinions and differing points of view.
A globally accepted qualification

Cambridge English: First is:

What Cambridge English: First offers you:

Choice in how you take the test

You can choose whether you take your test on paper or on a computer.

Choice in where and when you take the test

Choose from 1,400 exam centres worldwide monthly exam dates. You can register just 1 week before taking the computer-based exam.

Fast results

Get your results in as little as 2 weeks for the computer-based version.

From January 2015, Cambridge English: First results have been reported on the Cambridge English Scale.

Cambridge English Scale Score Grade/CEFR CEFR level
180-190 Grade A C1
173-179 Grade B B2
160-172 Grade C B2
140-159 Level B1 B1

Test format

Cambridge English: First is made up of four papers:

  • Reading and Use of English (1 hour 15 minutes)
  • Writing (1 hour 20 minutes)
  • Listening (40 minutes)
  • Speaking (14 minutes)

Download free sample papers at