M.A. International Management Studies

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  • 24 months
  • Free (EEA

    European Economic Area tuition fee is applicable to the students from EU countries, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland.

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University of Flensburg | Flensburg, Germany
The programme equips students not only with the necessary professional knowledge and skills but provides a broad foundation in methodology, critical thinking and social competencies. The curriculum of the Master of Arts in International Management Studies comprises courses that convey key qualifications, specialisations, a number of elective courses and the final master thesis.



In the context of dynamic competitive environments, businesses today have to face the challenge of standing their ground more than ever. Increasing globalization and new information and communication technologies are only two relevant factors of influence which necessitate the continuous examination of managerial tasks and goals.

Against this backdrop, the Master degree course "Management Studies" equips students with the skills necessary to act and decide soundly in dynamic and international business environments as future managers. Our concern is to provide the students not only with profound specialized knowledge but also with professional expertise, methodological competences, a critical faculty and social skills.


  • Degree: Master of Science
  • Length: 4 Semesters (Standard Period of Study), 120 CP
  • Available Places: about 70 per year
  • Start of Studies: Fall Semester/Spring Semester
  • Place of Study: Flensburg
  • Languages of Instruction: German and English
  • Study Coordinator: Prof. Dr. Heiner Dunckel
  • Accreditation: through the Foundation for Int. Business Administration Accreditation (FIBAA)


The Master program "Management Studies" is arranged for four semesters. It is composed of a range of key qualifications, different areas of specialization and the Master thesis. At the beginning of the studies, the key qualifications are in the foreground. This includes teaching intercultural competence, value-centered management, problem-solving ability and capacity for teamwork as well as methodology. In the course of the studies, students can design their own curriculum from four different specializations:

  • The first specialization, "General Management", offers management knowledge broad in scope.
  • The second specialization "Organizational Management" teaches specific organizational skills, which allow strategic and value-oriented reasoning and acting.
  • In order to account for a classification into the international context, the third specialization "International Management" analyzes international developments and factors involved.
  • The fourth specialization "Media & Communication Management" offers profound knowledge in the field of managerial functions in media enterprises. Here, converging media markets, strategic options in media enterprises as well as media marketing are in focus.

The last semester is dedicated to the Master thesis, in which students finally substantiate their subject-specific and academic competences.

Detailed Course Facts

Application deadline 15. January; 15. July
Tuition fee
  • Free (EEA

    European Economic Area tuition fee is applicable to the students from EU countries, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland.


The University of Flensburg does not charge tuition fees. There is only a semester fee (for the cafeteria, the General Students´ Committee and the semester ticket) of currently 100 Euro per semester and an enrolment fee of currently 25 Euro, which is to be paid once with the commencement of studies.

Start date
Credits (ECTS) 120 ECTS
Duration full-time 24 months
Delivery mode On Campus
Educational variant Full-time

Course Content


The master´s programme International Management Studies offers students the possibility to put together an individual portfolio of competences and thus to qualify for a certain vocational field. To this end, four specializations are offered:

Entrepreneurship & Small Business Management (S1)


The specialization Entrepreneurship & Small Business Management is geared towards developing specialist competences that particularly meet the requirements of small and medium-sized enterprises. It aims at teaching fundamental and more specialized insights from those areas of academic organizational and management research that exhibit an explicit connection to the specific issues of the management of small and medium-sized enterprises (entrepreneurship, corporate transitions, growth, innovation etc.).

Competences and Occupational Fields

The master specialization "Entrepreneurship & Small Business Management" qualifies for a career entry on the level of middle management as well as respective positions for junior management trainees in medium-sized companies - both in the fields of for-profit and not-for-profit. It conveys:

  • specialized knowledge and tools from different functional fields of business studies,
  • management-related key competences (leadership competences, decision-making competence, analytical competence, entrepreneurial thinking) as well as
  • those social and personal skills that underlie a conceptualization of management corresponding to the requirements of value-oriented corporate management.

Module Overview

  • Small Business Management (10 CP)
  • Organizational Change and Development (10 CP)
  • Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice (5 CP)
  • Entwicklung zur Gründerpersönlichkeit (5 CP)
  • Decision Making in Organizations (5 CP)
  • Forschungsseminar Small Business Management & Entrepreneuship (5 CP)

Strategy & Organisation (S2)


The specialization Strategy & Organisation focuses on subjects of organizational design and strategy development. Corporate and competitive strategies as well as their analysis and development are the focus of attention.

Competences and Occupational Fields

In the course of the four-semester specialization, students are prepared for a professional occupational or managerial position in the field of strategic management or organizational management in (inter-)national companies. It conveys the necessary tools and concepts for:

  • identifying and systemizing strengths and weaknesses (e.g. in the form of specific resources and capabilities) of the own company and integrating them into strategy development;
  • developing corporate and competitive strategies in different (market-)situations building upon unique competences;
  • effectively implementing and controlling competitive strategies;
  • developing and designing corporate strategies aligned with internal and external circumstances

Module Overview

  • Strategic Management: Theory and Practice (10 CP)
  • Management Strategischer Kooperationen und Unternehmensgrenzen (5 CP)
  • Organisationsgestaltung internationaler Unternehmen (5 CP)
  • Finance (5 CP)
  • Seminar on Industry Studies (5 CP)
  • International Business (5 CP)
  • Strategic Global Business I (5 CP)
  • Strategic Global Business II (5 CP)
  • Europe in the Global Economy (5 CP)
  • International Development (5 CP)
  • Comparative Economic Systems (10 CP)
  • Distance Learning Project on Cooperation (5 CP)
  • Forschungsseminar Strategie und Organisation (5 CP)

Organisational Behaviour & Human Resource Management (S3)


Within the scope of this specialization, essential approaches and insights from the field of behavioural scientific management and organizational research are examined. Beginning with the communication of central theoretical approaches and empirical findings, fundamental as well as current issues of corporate human resource practice will be taken up and discussed regarding the possibilities of their active organization through management.

Competences and Occupational Fields

In the course of the four-semester master specialization "Organisational Behaviour & Human Resource Management" students are prepared for a professional occupational or managerial position in the field of human resource management in inter- and transnational organizations.

  • It is geared towards conveying basic and further insights from the area of industrial and organizational psychology.
  • In addition to the primarily actor- or group-centered theoretical perspective, the supra-individual effects of social systems regarding their formative agency for organizational occurrences will be addressed through the discussion of sociological or organizational theoretical approaches.
  • Finally, the specialization promotes the students´ active organizational competence through a critically-reflecting and simultaneously practically oriented discussion of relevant management concepts and tools

Module Overview

  • Organizational Behaviour (5 CP)
  • Human Resource Management (5 CP)
  • Organisationssoziologie (5 CP)
  • Industrial Relations and Law (5 CP)
  • Methods of Analysis and Design (5 CP)
  • Life Domain Balance (5 CP)
  • Expatriation and Repatriation (5 CP)
  • Gruppen in Organisationen (5 CP)
  • Health and Stress at Work (5 CP)
  • Management Consulting I (5 CP)
  • Management Consulting II (5 CP)
  • Forschungsseminar Organizational Behaviour & Human Resource Management (5 CP)

Marketing & Media Management (S4)


Against the backdrop of a strong market orientation, the specialization Marketing & Media Management is devoted to issues of customer communication, media planning and advertising with a special focus on new media.

Competences and Occupational Fields

Through the connection of media and marketing knowledge, the specialization prepares for different tasks in the marketing and media sector. The range encompasses all actors that are typically engaged in marketing processes:

  • Advertising companies as customers of communication services
  • Media companies offering customer contacts
  • Marketing and media agencies as intermediaries and consultants

Module Overview

  • Medien- und Kommunikationsmanagement (10 CP)
  • Strategic Marketing (5 CP)
  • International Marketing (5 CP)
  • Business Marketing (5 CP)
  • Consumer Marketing/Behaviour (5 CP)
  • Unternehmenskommunikation (5 CP)
  • Medienökonomie (5 CP)
  • Medienrecht (5 CP)
  • Marketing and Media Ethics (5 CP)
  • Forschungsseminar Marketing und Medien (5 CP)

English Language Requirements

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The following degrees, completed with at least a good grade point average, qualify for the admission to the Master´s degree "International Management Studies" at the University of Flensburg: A Bachelor´s degree in "International Management" obtained at the University of Flensburg or a completed equivalent education of at least six semesters from a University or a University of Applied Sciences with a business focus, for example:

  • Degrees from a University of cooperative education with a business focus
  • Degrees from Universities of Applied Sciences with a business focus
  • Master of Arts with a business connection

In case of a non-business-related degree, there is still the possibility of restricted admission with certain conditions. These conditions depend on the amount and the kind of lectures completed in the areas of business management and economics as well as research methods and statistics. In some cases, lacking courses in the Bachelor´s degree "International Management" can be made up for parallel to the Master´s degree. This may prolong your studies.

The lectures in the Master´s course "International Management Studies" are held in German and English. Sufficient English skills are presupposed. A formal proof is therefore not required for admission. Nevertheless, we require the willingness to close possible knowledge gaps independently.

Non-native speakers have to prove German language skills on the level of B2 (which corresponds to DSH2 and Test Daf: 3) with an official language certificate.

Work Experience

No work experience is required.

More Information


  • Accreditation: through the Foundation for Int. Business Administration Accreditation (FIBAA)

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University of Flensburg, Germany

Germany The Europa-Universität Flensburg is a small and dynamic university located at the very edge of Northern Germany. It is an innovative and international university which offers many interesting programmes, such as European Studies or International Management Studies.

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