M.Sc. Joint European Master in Food Innovation and Product Design

AgroParisTech - Institut des Sciences et Industries du Vivant et de l'Environnement | Paris , France
The Joint European Master in Food Innovation and Product Design is scheduled over two academic years. FIPDes has been developed to train students who wish to contribute to the development of innovative, sustainable and healthy food products. Study within 4 top-ranking European Universities: AgroParisTech within Université Paris Saclay (France), Dublin Institute of Technology (Ireland), University of Naples Federico II (Italy) and Lund University (Sweden).
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Study within 4 top-ranking European Universities:

  • AgroParisTech within Université Paris Saclay - France
  • Dublin Institute of Technology - Ireland
  • University of Naples Federico II - Italy
  • Lund University - Sweden

The overall objective of the Joint European Master FIPDes is to provide top-level and up-to-date education that qualifies the graduates to cope with the huge challenges in the sector of food innovation along with product design and packaging.

  • FIPDes qualifies you to contribute to the development of innovative, sustainable and healthy food products.
  • FIPDes puts you in a truly international environment with students from all over the world.
  • FIPDes invovles you in exiting projects with international industrial and academic partners.
  • FIPDes gives you the skills, experience and networks to cope with the huge challenges in the sector of food innovation along with product design and packaging.
  • Food innovation comprises “functionalization” in order to endow products with specific health-enhancing properties, calling upon new processing techniques and packaging decisions.
FIPDes is part of the elite Erasmus Mundus Programme, renowned for its academic excellence and international mobility.
Young people interested in the field of food product design need a tailored programme merging food science and technology, managerial and consumer science as well as health and sustainability issues. The Joint European Master - FIPDes has been developed to match these needs. Succesfull FIPDes students will obtain a double or triple degree (according to their study track), i.e. National Master Degree certificates with a Joint Diploma Supplement from the highly renowned European Partner Universities and a FIPDes diploma which encapsulate the jointness of the programme by including the logo of each FIPDes institution as well as the signature of their representative.
The official language of the FIPDES course is English with ample opportunities to learn the local language and culture. In France some standard modules shared with national courses are in French.

Detailed Course Facts

Application deadline before February 1st
Tuition fee
  • EUR 9000 Year (Non-EEA)
  • EUR 4500 Year (EEA)
  • For non-EU students, the subscription fees are € 9.000 per academic year / € 18.000 for the whole master course.
  • For EU students, the subscription fees are €4.500 per academic year / €9.000 for the whole master course.
Start date
Credits (ECTS) 120 ECTS
Duration full-time 24 months
Delivery mode On Campus
Educational variant Full-time

Course Content

FIPDes adopts a holistic and cross-disciplinary approach to food innovation: from concept through prototypes to consumption, from raw materials to packaged goods. Scientific, technical, entrepreneurial and culinary knowledge is applied at many scales, from the research labs to the pilot plants.

First year: modules, projects and summer school in France and Ireland + Summer Internships Worldwide

Students attend courses in Paris (France) and Dublin (Ireland)

They acquire cutting-edge knowledge in food science and technology, sustainability, culinary innovation and business. Students undertake open-innovation projects such as the Junior Projects (engineering oriented) or the Food Prototype module (culinary oriented) and finally participate in a showcase challenge. The Joint FIPDes Summer School provides students with advanced sensory and consumer science modules and tutorials, while the international summer internship allows them to experience a new professional environment.

Second year: students specialize in one of three options in France, Italy or Sweden, + MSc. Thesis Worldwide

  • Healthy Food Design in Italy
  • Food Design & Engineering in France
  • Food Packaging Design & Logistics in Sweden

Students increase autonomy and enquiry attitudes, learn by doing team work, research-oriented projects and hands-on training. During the fourth semester, they carry out the FIPDes MSc Thesis according to the specialization path and their professional plans, leading to an industrial or research-based placement in international private bodies or academic laboratories.

Throughout the Master programme, students participate in numerous transversal activities which allow them to share and build new knowledge from different perspectives and different places, continuously interacting with alumni, local students, professionals and teaching staff (Introduction modules, FIPDes Day, transversal innovation modules, innovation challenges or IT-based sharing platforms).


Who chooses FIPDes ?

Young women and men from all the planet!

Open-minded, ambitious, friendly, respectful, food-enthusiast, ingenious, Earth-lover, globetrotter, intrapreneurs, entrepreneurs, happy, bright, pro-active, autonomous, positive, team-player, doer, thinker, connected, connecting, dynamic, committed, creative, motivated, enthusiastic…


The FIPDes admission team pre-selects students that meet the following formal admission conditions:

  • Background: BSc degree or equivalent degree of at least 180 higher education credits in food science and technology, biotechnology, process engineering, biochemistry or related fields with a number of prerequisites (e.g. chemistry, biotechnology, process technology/engineering, biochemistry, mathematics, statistics) representing at least three years of study from a foreign institute of higher education
  • English language proficiency level ("B2 level" according to CEFR, advanced)

See whole Admission criteria here: http://www.fipdes.eu/?Selection-Procedure-52

Work Experience

No work experience is required.

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