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Jagiellonian University | Kraków , Poland
The School of Medicine in English at the Faculty of Medicine of Jagiellonian University was established by a decision of the Senate of the Jagiellonian University on November 24, 1993. It began to function admitting its first students in October 1994.



The School of Medicine in English at the Faculty of Medicine of Jagiellonian University was established by a decision of the Senate of the Jagiellonian University on November 24, 1993. It began to function admitting its first students in October 1994.

Since then, students have been admitted annually to the medical program in English as the teaching language. The programs offer unique undergraduate medical training to foreign students from professors and teaching staff with long-term training in the US and Canada. Based on tradition and history, the School of Medicine has always adhered to its motto of "Healing and Teaching".

The regulations define the School as a unit of the Faculty of Medicine under the jurisdiction of the Dean. Graduates receive a diploma certifying graduation from the Faculty of Medicine at Jagiellonian University.

The School has its own executive body - the School Council. The Head of the Council is responsible for the School programs. The Council consists of Vice-Rector of the Jagiellonian University, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, Vice-Dean for Foreign Student Affairs and nine academic professors elected by the Faculty Council. The School Council prepares the curricula and syllabi, and supervises the educational affairs.

Within its competence is the establishment international contacts, the definition of the School's financial rules, the distribution of the School's resources, the selection of teaching staff, the preparation of reports, the awarding of prizes and the conferment of honors.

Detailed Course Facts

Application deadline May 9
Tuition fee
  • EUR 11000 Year (Non-EEA)
  • EUR 11000 Year (EEA)

Registration fee - 50 Euro; Admission Fee -200 Euro; First Year Tuition Fee -11 000 Euro; Second Year Tuition Fee- 11 000 Euro; Third Year Tuition Fee -12 500 Euro' Fourth Year Tuition Fee-13 000 Euro; Fifth Year Tuition Fee -13 000 Euro;

Start date
Credits (ECTS) 300 ECTS
Duration full-time 60 months
Delivery mode On Campus
Educational variant Full-time

Course Content

The School of Medicine in English is a part of Medical Faculty at the Jagiellonian University. The school offers students with citizenship other than Polish (presently from 20 countries) a payable medical program. English is an official teaching language. Classes are run in compliance with Polish, European and American standards.

Annually 50-100 students are enrolled for a 4-year and 6-year curriculum. The groups are limited in number to give the students the opportunity to experience full professional care and close personal contact with teaching staff.

Our graduates receive diploma of a physician (Medical Doctor) allowing them to apply for residency in their mother country.

Studying at the School does not mean only hard work. The School of Medicine in English does its best to make students feel at home celebrating together Thanksgiving Day, National Day of Norway and University Day. Those who like sports have an opportunity to win the JU Vice-Rector Cup taking part in annual ski competition in Zakopane. There is also swimming competition - its winners receive the Medical Faculty Dean's Cup.

Studying at the Medical School in English is much more than being among historical buildings, meeting prominent lecturers and attending well-prepared classes. The unique experience combines living in a beautiful and historical educational city with being part of lovely university tradition, meeting other people and making friends.

The School does its best to make its students feel at home and part of the large university family. Students who like the spirit of sports can compete to win the University Vice-Rector Cup skiing competition or take part in a similarly challenging swimming competition. Each academic year begins with a memorable ceremony of the Inauguration Walk, a tradition in which professors, lecturers and students trek from one university building to another.

May 12 is the University Day, which commemorates the institution's establishment in 1364. Each year, university students celebrate this (or, more appropriately, their) day called "Juvenalia," as they are given a symbolic key to the gates of the city. This signals the beginning of several days of joyous festivities (sometimes lasting into the early hours of the morning).

English Language Requirements

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Persons eligible for admission at the studies are the holders of:

1) a document confirming knowledge of English language, provided that secondary education was conducted in language other than English,

2) a high school-leaving examination certificate or diploma of secondary education, which entitles its holder to be considered for admission to medical or dental (MD or DDS) programs in the state it was obtained in,

3) biology and chemistry courses completed during secondary and/or supplementary education and confirmed by a certificate including grade, or by entry in diploma of secondary education,

who will sit for the entrance examination conducted in English.

Candidates from Scandinavia are requested to contact our representative in Norway for detailed information on subjects and documents required and to apply.

Entrance examination in Biology and Chemistry for candidates from Scandinavia will be held in Oslo.

Candidates from Scandinavia applying to the 6-year program please contact our representative in Norway


European Educational Consultants (EEC)

00 47 95 24 29 90



EEC v. Ellen Bergene
Arendal Kunnskapspark

Longum P. O. Box 733



Work Experience

No work experience is required.

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Jagiellonian University, Poland

Poland The Jagiellonian University (Polish: Uniwersytet Jagielloński, often shortened to UJ; historical names: Latin: Studium Generale, University of Krakow, Kraków Academy, The Main Crown School, Main School of Kraków) was established in 1364 by Casimir III the Great in Kraków (district of Kazimierz).

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