M.Sc. Economics and Business Administration - Business Relationship Management

  • On Campus
  • 24 months
  • EUR8500 per Year (International

    Tuition fee for the international students.

    Free (EEA

    European Economic Area tuition fee is applicable to the students from EU countries, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland.

  • English ( Take IELTS test or Find a course )
| Sønderborg, Denmark
The study in MSc in Economics and Business Administration - Business Relationship Management provides a frame of reference that enables the student to be able to see the value creation of company in a broader perspective, from sub-supplier to end-user. The interaction and relations between the individual players in the supply chain (sub-supplier, producer, customer/distributor, end-user) will be considered in great detail.



The aim of the programme is to qualify the student to solve problems in B-t-B Marketing, Supply Chain Management and International Marketing Management. Therefore, these three courses are compulsory and core courses of the study.

A special feature of the study programme is the students close interaction with the companies. This means that the student will be closely affiliated with a company during the study, and the student can select a company internship for the third semester.

Career opportunities

The study is intended for jobs that require a general knowledge of a companys value creation system and an in-depth understanding of B-t-B marketing, logistics and sourcing as management tool. Possible jobs are:

  • Supply chain coordinator
  • Logistics employee
  • International marketing coordinator
  • Purchaser
  • Seller on the B-t-B market

Detailed Course Facts

Start dates and application deadlines

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    Deadline was:
  • ( International

    Deadline applies if you do not have the same nationality as the university.

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    Deadline applies if your country of nationality is in the EEA (European Economic Area)


Dates reflect the university's timezone.

Tuition fee
  • EUR8500 per year ( International

    Tuition fee for the international students.

  • Free ( EEA

    European Economic Area tuition fee is applicable to the students from EU countries, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland.


Only students with a non-EU/EEA-citizenship or non-Swiss-citizenship have to pay tuition fees.

Credits (ECTS) 120 ECTS
Duration full-time 24 months
Delivery mode On Campus
Educational variant Full-time

Course Content

First semester – 30 ECTS

Module 1: Global value chain

  • Business Marketing
  • Supply Chain Management
  • International Marketing Management

Second semester – 30 ECTS

Module 2: Methodology and External Environment

  • Social Research and Methodology
  • Business Environment
  • Organizational Management & Strategy

Third semester – 30 ECTS

Module 3: Optional courses

The third semester is the ‘elective’ semester where the student has the following three possibilities:

  • - Study abroad semester: Here all the 30 ECTS are earned abroad by passed exams from foreign universities. Before going abroad the course programme has been approved by the study coordinator
  • - Company internship: The internship has a credit load of 10 ECTS (Internal evaluation - passed/not passed). Based on the internship students have also to write a theoretical seminar paper related to the practical experiences from the internship. Students are required to hand in the two reports before the start of the 4th semester (20 ECTS in total). The last 10 ECTS should then be secured by choosing one SDU elective course.
  • - Elective courses at SDU: If the student chooses this option, all the 30 ECTS are secured by passing three of the elective courses offered at SDU Sønderborg (or at one of the other SDU campuses – however, this requires an exemption from the local study board).

Examples of elective courses offered:

  • Business Plan
  • Human Resource Management
  • International negotiation
  • E-Business Strategy
  • Theoretical Seminar
  • Supply Chain Dynamics

Fourth semester – 30 ECTS

Master's thesis


The admission places are allocated to applicants belonging to three different groups according to specific criteria.


Group 1

Applicants with a BSc in Economics and Business Administration from the University of Southern Denmark are guaranteed admission to this master programme within the first year of having completed the BSc.

Group 2

Other applicants from Danish universities (including CBS) who have passed a BSc in Economics and Business Administration or a BSc in Economics and Business Administration from the University of Southern Denmark with a degree older than one year are qualified for admission to the master programme.

Other applicants from or a are qualified for admission to the master programme.

Group 3

Other educational backgrounds

If the university evaluates that an applicant possesses comparable academic qualifications to those acquired with a BSc in Economics and Business Administration, thereby enabling the applicant to complete the program, the applicant may be admitted. The university may require that the applicant pass supplementary courses and/or exams prior to enrolment.

In order for a degree to be deemed as having similar qualifications to those of the BSc programme in Economics and Business Administration, it must be a bachelor degree from a university. The programme must include 75 ECTS courses covering the disciplines within economics and business administration.

This means that the following subjects must be included with the stipulated number of ECTS:

  1. 5 ECTS Microeconomics or Managerial Economics
  2. 5 ECTS Accounting
  3. 5 ECTS Corporate Finance
  4. 5 ECTS Marketing
  5. 5 ECTS Organizational Theory
  6. 5 ECTS Statistics
  7. 5 ECTS Theory of Science and/or Scientific Methodology and Methods. This demand is fulfilled if the bachelor degree is acquired at a university
  8. 5 ECTS Methods for analysis of data (qualitative and/or quantitative. Collection of data may be a small part of this)
  9. Additional 35 ECTS subjects within the area of business economics and business administration

Applicants with another basis for admission, for example a professional bachelor’s degree from Denmark or another country, may be admitted after an individual assessment. The applicant’s bachelor degree must cover the areas stipulated above and be of the same academic depth.

In case the above requirements are not fulfilled, the applicant must pass additional tests and/or courses prior to enrolment in order for the applicant to obtain qualifications similar to those of the admission requirements.

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University of Southern Denmark

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