M.Sc. Transportation and Logistics

  • On Campus
  • 22 months
  • EUR13500 Year (Non-EEA)
  • English (IELTS accepted)
Technical University of Denmark (DTU) | Copenhagen, Denmark
The DTU Master is one of the few full MSc courses in Europe dedicated to transport and logistics. The engineering approach to transport and logistics implies mathematic modeling and computer-based solutions to optimize transport and logistics.

Description of Transportation and Logistics


Logistics and transport are essential to modern society. Engineers have always participated in the creation of new infrastructure, but technological and societal developments have made infrastructure problems increasingly complicated. Now logistics planning and management have developed into separate scientific disciplines and specialisations.

The DTU MSc in Engineering in Transportation and Logistics is one of the few full MSc programmes in Europe dedicated entirely to transportation and logistics. The engineering approach to transport and logistics implies mathematical modelling and computer-based solutions to optimise transport and logistics.

The students obtain in-depth knowledge about traffic, transportation and logistics in combination with skills in software technology, data analysis and statistics, operations research, geo-informatics, economics, planning theory and management.

The student may choose to focus mainly on one mode, e.g. road or rail transportation, or the focus can be multi-modal.

The study can focus on applications used for real-life problems, and the MSc thesis project is often completed in cooperation with private firms or public authorities. The focus can also be on methods and research so that graduates wishing to pursue a PhD and research career will be prepared for this.

This degree programme enjoys a wide network of contacts among both private enterprises and public authorities with which projects can be undertaken during the course. It also has links with international universities, enabling students to spend one semester studying abroad.

Detailed Course Facts

Application deadline Non-EU/EEA citizens: January 15; EU/EEA citizens: March 1
Tuition fee
  • EUR 13500 Year (Non-EEA)
  • Free (EEA)

The tuition fee for non-EU/EEA students enrolled in a DTU study program is DKK 102,500/EURO 13,500 per academic year. However, the six-month traineeship portion of the B Eng costs DKK 10,600.

Start date September  2015, February  2016
Credits (ECTS) 120 ECTS
Duration full-time 22 months
  • English
Take an IELTS test
Delivery mode On Campus
Educational variant Full-time

Course Content


The degree program comprises a number of subjects within these disciplines:

  • Methods and Models
  • Traffic and Transport
  • Supply Chains and Business Logistics

Each individual program of study spans these disciplines and their subjects and the Master Thesis will typically be confined to the contacts own field of specialization.

Methods and Models Subjects within the discipline of methods and models constitute a methodological platform for the degree program in transportation and logistics. This degree program, however, does not comprise recommended programs of study in methods and models since more logically under the program "Mathematical Modeling and Computation". The individual areas of expertise, lodged with DTU Informatics and DTU Management Engineering are:

  • Computer Science
  • Data Analysis and Statistics
  • Operations Research

Traffic and Transport The subjects under traffic, transport, logistics and urban planning are all applied subjects, but with varying emphasis on planning, methods and models. Programs of study focused on traffic and transport are normally geared towards an MSc thesis at DTU Transport. However, the program is organized jointly with DTU Informatics and DTU Management Engineering. In addition, subjects in urban planning and road building may be relevant for study programs in traffic planning and traffic technology. The individual areas of expertise within this discipline are:

  • Traffic Planning and Traffic Technology
  • Traffic and Transport
  • Logistics and Transportation

Supply Chains and Business Logistics The subjects under supply chains and Business Logistics are all applied subjects. They span a wide array of disciplines relevant for incorporation and integration in planning and implementation of technological changes. Within individual study programs, students can combine the subjects that best support the technological area concerned. The subjects lead to a Master Thesis at DTU Management Engineering as well as supporting programs of study at DTU Transport. The individual areas of expertise within this discipline are:

  • Supply Chains
  • Business Logistics

Programs of Study

The degree program consists of four programs of study, each of which is assigned a contact person and often additional academic supervisors:

  1. Railway Technology
  2. Traffic and Transport Modeling
  3. Traffic Planning and Traffic Technology
  4. Transport and Business Logistics

Before commencing their final MSc Thesis, students are expected to have completed a program of study or have had their studies approved by their director of studies as being academically commensurate with the discipline of the Master Thesis. In addition, a completed B.Eng. in Traffic and Transport gives direct access to the degree program.

Requirements for Transportation and Logistics

To earn the title MSc in Transportation and Logistics, the student must fulfill the following requirements:

· Have passed a minimum of 30 ECTS credit points in the group of General Competencies.

· Have passed a minimum of 30 ECTS credit points in the group of Technological Specialization courses.

· Have completed and passed a MSc thesis equaling at least 30 ECTS credit points within the program´s disciplines.

· Have completed a number of optional courses that when combined with the MSc thesis they total 60 ECTS credit points.

Language requirements are:

According to the Danish Ministry of Science Order no183 (23rd February, 2010), all applicants who apply for admission to English taught MSc programs are required to provide documentation of English language proficiency comparable to English B-level from a Danish upper-secondary school.

This can be documented in the following four ways:

1. By an IELTS, TOEFL or Pearson test (recommended)

· TOEFL paper-based: 573

· TOEFL computer-based: 230

· TOEFL internet-based: 88

· IELTS: 6.5

· Pearson: 59

The test must not be older than two years. Only tests that are sent directly from the test centre will be considered. Test results should be received no later than the first day of studying. The TOEFL-code of DTU is 1684. There is no code for IELTS or Pearson tests.

We do not accept any other language test than IELTS, TOEFL or Pearson.

2. By documentation which proves that your bachelor degree has been fully taught in English and that your final thesis was written in English. (This must be a certified copy on headed university paper, with original stamp and signature).

3. Nordic citizens can also document their English proficiency in the following way:

By documentation from your upper secondary school/ high school stating that you have successfully completed at least 210 hours of English lessons (1 hour = 60 min) during your final three upper secondary/high school years. You must enclose an upper secondary/high school certificate as well as an academic transcript and description of your English language course.

4. DTU Students:

If you are a current or former exchange student at DTU for at least 3 months, you do not need to submit an English language test.

Work Experience for Transportation and Logistics

No work experience is required.

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