M.Sc. Quality Management and Business Excellence. EOI - Aenor (in Spanish)

  • On Campus
  • 12 months
  • EUR12870 Year (Non-EEA)
  • Spanish (Find a course)
EOI Business School | Madrid, Spain
Know, optimise and improve business and organisation processes.

Description of Quality Management and Business Excellence. EOI - Aenor (in Spanish)


The programme aims to train experts in optimising the management of organisations, so that they confidently walk towards excellence. It combines theory with practical application and the experience of professionals in the teaching staff, fostering management skills to ensure the professional success of participants. And all this with the pledge of this master's advisory council: a guarantee of a job in the sector.

  • Know how excellence models work in Europe
  • Competently handle the tools of quality systems
  • Solve problems in production and services

Detailed Course Facts

Tuition fee
  • EUR 12870 Year (Non-EEA)
  • EUR 12870 Year (EEA)
Start date October  2016
Credits (ECTS) 70 ECTS
Duration full-time 12 months
Delivery mode On Campus
Educational variant Full-time

Course Content

Academic workload+ Project (700 hours)

Compulsory subjects (100 hours)

Fundamentals for corporate action

  • Environmental analysis and business management fundamentals
  • Innovation management and sustainability in the company
  • Entrepreneurship in the global economy
  • Developing management skills

Core subjects (470 hours)

Processes, people and policies

  • Management Systems
  • Excellence Models
  • Customer
  • Managing processes and improving on them
  • Management skills
  • Practical experience

Electives (30 hours)

In-depth aspects of quality and excellence

5S methodology, agreed quality, environmental risks, costs of lack of quality, accessibility, FUNDIBQ model, etc.

Area of electives aimed at deepening concrete and specific aspects of quality and excellence.

Project (100 hours)

Final dissertation

End of master degree project

During the final term participants will carry out, by working in teams, a technical end of master degree project, in which they will apply the knowledge they have acquired. We learn by doing, taking a project and making the successes (and failures) that are part of the day to day life of any company. Each project is developed with the support of the advisory council of one of the companies of this master programme, under the tutorship of a professional from these companies who guides the students. The project is always based on a real case, in which students work handling real information, to achieve a defined objective. The project is defended before a panel of referees and this is a prerequisite for obtaining a master's degree.

English Language Requirements

Before starting a programme, you need to have a basic knowledge of the Spanish language. Find Spanish courses on Language Learning Portal.

Requirements for Quality Management and Business Excellence. EOI - Aenor (in Spanish)

Entrance tests, lasting approximately 2 hours, consists of:

  • Test designed to assess general skills and personal attitudes: Numerical critical reasoning test: this measures ability to make correct decisions based on quantitative information. Its main objective is to evaluate comprehension and decision-making skills rather than calculation speed.
  • English proficiency written test: this mainly assesses general understanding of the English language, vocabulary and grammar. Note: The test is not discriminatory apart from bilingual programs in which candidates must demonstrate advanced knowledge of English. This test is not compulsory for candidates who provide documentary evidence that they hold an official degree or a certificate determining their level of English at the start of the master program.
  • Specific test linked to the candidate's area of interest: This test aims to assess candidates’ ability to make a case, verbal reasoning, involvement with their area of interest and skills to successfully complete the program.

Candidates who are not Spanish residents:

  • On-line test geared towards assessing the candidate’s work personality. So you can comfortably complete the process without having to go to Madrid or Seville, the Admissions Department will e-mail you instructions to complete the process online.

Work Experience for Quality Management and Business Excellence. EOI - Aenor (in Spanish)

No work experience is required.

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EOI Business School, Spain

Spain A Business School that promotes the value of people in a global economy, based on solidarity, social responsibility and business ethics. A Social School, in which competition does not come in conflict with cooperation. An Open School, that believes change is possible and necessary. A Digital School, where technology is naturally integrated, promoting a participative and collaborative spirit. A Green School, that fosters the transition to a sustainable economy. A Creative School, committed to identify talent. And finally, an Active School, that believes in experience as a relevant source of learning. Nuestra experiencia nos convierte en un referente en la formación en Gestión Empresarial y Medio Ambiente. Nuestro compromiso y visión nos empuja a educar a personas capaces de transformar empresas e iniciar proyectos en un mundo más social, sostenible y digital.

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