M.Sc. ENTECH - Energy Technologies

KIC InnoEnergy Master School

Application deadline: February 28th (Application Round 1) & April 30th (Application Round 2)
Tuition fee:
  • Free (EEA)
  • € 8,000 / Year (Non-EEA)
Start date: September  2015, October  2015
Credits (ECTS): 120 ECTS
Duration full-time: 24 months
Partnership: Joint
  • English
Delivery mode: On Campus
Educational variant: Full-time
More information: Go to university website

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MSc ENTECH is a programme for engineering students who want to create the energy technologies of the future. With its interdisciplinary set-up, ENTECH brings together students and teachers from different engineering backgrounds all focused on the future of the energy industry. Our programme offers a wide range of key specialisations in the energy industry. With classes dedicated to innovation and entrepreneurship, this programme will provide you with an excellent background for meeting future energy challenges.

Programme Description

Meeting the challenges of future energy technologies – reliability, sustainability, efficiency and environmental compatibility – requires well-trained engineers with a profound knowledge of all the innovative opportunities available today.

In contrast to engineering education of the past, which was typically restricted to one particular aspect like electrical or mechanical, ENTECH focuses on delivering the interdisciplinary knowledge you need to cope with the complexity of future energy systems. It gives you a wide range of hands-on opportunities to apply your knowledge and skills both in theory and in practice. What’s more, the programme strongly emphasises integrating creative, entrepreneurial and leadership skills to foster the creation of new ideas and turn them into innovative products, services, processes and policies.

MSc ENTECH gives you the ability to meet challenges in the design, development, operation and analysis of future energy technologies. By enrolling in this programme, you will gain:

  • In-depth knowledge in two fields of energy engineering
  • A profound knowledge of the overall field
  • The ability to work in interdisciplinary teams
  • Skills in project management and innovation

This enables you to:

  • Design new processes and energy systems
  • Develop new technologies beyond current state-of-the-art
  • Evaluate the feasibility and impact of new technologies
  • Implement developed ideas
Competencies Obtained

Students who successfully complet ENTECH will acquire a wide range of basic engineering skills in the field of energy technologies. A key competence of this programme is the ability to recognise interdisciplinary problems and challenges and to approach them with innovative solutions. Thanks to our collaboration withthe industrial partners of the universities, graduates are particularly qualified to develop innovations, both on their own,as members of interdisciplinary teams and in cooperation with business partners with the focus of converting inventions into innovations. Students will be quick to recognise new market trends and will have the knowledge to occupy and maintain their position through innovative ideas and projects of their own.

Career Opportunities

MSc ENTECH offers its graduates many career opportunities. You may choose further research and a doctorate degree, or reap the benefits of your profound engineering skills and knowledge directly within the industry. In each case, you will capitalise on the numerous industry contacts and experiences gathered throughout your studies. Employers from industry and research institutions alike will certainly appreciate your additional entrepreneurial skills. Moreover, the knowledge you will gain from studying the business creation processes will make it easier for you to enter the labour market as a future entrepreneur.


ENTECH’s scope is energy technologies in a broad sense. As students come from different backgrounds, the initial training (Basic Courses) will bring you all to a common level of energy engineering knowledge. This requires a modular class structure and a ‘Learning Agreement’ developed on an individual student basis.

Subsequently, and based on the respective basic courses, several specialisations (Main Subjects) are offered. Topics, which differ between the collaborating universities, cover fields like electrical energy systems, transport and storage of energy, energy conversion, energy economics and energy system analysis. You select two main subjects to pursue in depth.

Special emphasis is put on innovation and management processes; you learn the basics of product development and how innovations can be realised in companies (Innovation & Entrepreneurship). Topics dealt with in project work and later on, particularly in the master thesis, are primarily industrial issues of practical relevance, or part of a larger research project carried out together with an industrial partner. Your studies also cover economic as well as legal and ecological aspects of different energy technologies and their implementation.

A complementary training programme, running throughout your two years of study, provides a learning process to master personal and social skills. It is specifically designed to learn how to handle the complex issues businesses deal with today, including increasing cross-functional, -cultural, -country, or -company cooperation, plus fast-changing requirements and know-how.


Our ENTECH master programme is aimed at outstanding students with an above-average Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering or Chemical Engineering. Admission of students with a different background in a related field may be possible after careful assessment.


As KIC InnoEnergy nurtures high expectations for the career trajectories of its select group of first–rate students, it strives at promoting their education, the launching pad of their future as impactful energy engineers, in every possible way. Therefore, KIC InnoEnergy chooses to heavily invest in unique activities that turn the KIC InnoEnergy Master School trajectory into an extraordinary and extremely valuable episode in its students’ training to become an entrepreneurial player in the energy field. Part of the costs for your education will be borne by you and part by KIC InnoEnergy. Costs related to events integrated in the curriculum, e.g. Kick-off, innovation seminars and summer schools are covered by the programme, and included in the participation fee.

For European* Students applying to programmes

  • For all admitted European students, there is a participation fee waiver, courtesy of KIC InnoEnergy.
  • Scholarship possibility. Excellent students can be nominated for a monthly allowance of up to €750/month for a maximum of 24 months.
  • You can be nominated for this scholarship independently of your application being received during either the first or the second application round.

For Non-European* Students applying to programmes

  • The participation fee is 8000 €/year.
  • Scholarship possibility: Excellent students can be nominated for a scholarship including both a participation fee waiver, and a one-time travel and installation support of up to €1000**, and a monthly allowance of up to €750 for a maximum of 24 months.
  • You can be nominated for this scholarship only when applying in the first application round (closes on February 28th).

* By ‘European applicants’ applicants with citizenship in one of the EEA countries (all EU member states and Norway, Liechtenstein and Iceland) or Switzerland are meant. ‘Non-European applicants’ are thus all applicants who do not comply with the above definition of a ‘European applicant’.

** Only applicants conforming to the definition of “non-European” above can be eligible for the one time travel and installation support.

Please note: A scholarship paid in Poland is presently subject to taxation in accordance with the provisions of Polish law. Subject to certain conditions, benefits paid by an entity having its registered office outside of Poland may be exempt from tax on the basis of Article 21 points 39, 40 and 40b of the Act of 26 July 1991. AGH shall endeavour to arrange a tax exemption for the Student. However, a final decision in this regard is issued by the Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education in accordance with the binding provisions on personal income tax (Journal of Laws of 2012 No. 361 as amended).



KIC InnoEnergy Degree Concept

Upon successful completion of all programme requirements, students will receive a double degree; one from each of the two institutions attended. The actual names of the degrees awarded depend on the study locations and can be seen in the table above.

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