M.Sc. Environmental Fluid Mechanics

Université Joseph Fourier (UJF)

Application deadline: 30 April 2015 for non-European students, 20 June 2015 for French and European students.
Tuition fee:
  • € 500 / Year (EEA)
  • € 500 / Year (Non-EEA)
Start date: September  2015
Credits (ECTS): 60 ECTS
Duration full-time: 12 months
  • English
Delivery mode: On Campus
Educational variant: Full-time
More information: Go to university website

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The Master's program in Environmental Fluid Mechanics (EFM) is a high level one-year (M2) training in fluid dynamics of natural media, complemented with numerical and experimental methods. Natural fluid media involve lakes, rivers, the ocean from the coast to the abyss or the atmospheric boundary layer.

An important part of the program deals with environmental applications, through lectures or research internship subjects. Examples are sediment transport, pollution and air quality, waste water treatment or the impact of wind and marine turbines on the ambient medium.

The program is based on the broad expertise available in Grenoble with internationally recognized researchers in the fields of fundamental fluid mechanics closely linked to observations and modelling of natural media.

The program is organised as follows :

  • First semester : lectures and tutorials
  • Second semester : a five month research internship in a French laboratory (for foreign students) or in a laboratory abroad (for French students)

Opportunities for graduates :

  • PhD thesis in France or abroad
  • A career in industry or in environmental agencies


Mandatory course
  • * Turbulence, diffusion and transport
Optional courses
  • * Atmospheric bounday layer: from fundamentals to air quality
  • * Buoyancy driven flows and mixing
  • * Dynamics and bio-geochemistry of lakes
  • * Exchanges across air-water interface
  • * Geophysical fluid dynamics
  • * Ocean dynamics
  • * Sediment transport
  • * Waves in fluids and applications

Tools and methods

Mandatory courses

  • * Language course (English or French)
  • * Numerical methods and models or Signal and information processing in fluid mechanics
Optional courses
  • * Data assimilation
  • * Flow measurement science and technology


  • Pr. Eric Barthelemy, LEGI, Grenoble
  • Pr. Christophe Baudet, LEGI, Grenoble
  • Dr. Emmanuel Chaljub, ISTerre, Grenoble
  • Dr. Eric Chaxel, Air Rhone-Alpes, Lyon
  • Dr. Jean-Martial Cohard, LTHE, Grenoble
  • Dr. Emmanuel Cosme, LGGE, Grenoble
  • Dr. Philippe Frey, IRSTEA, Grenoble
  • Pr. Sergey Gulev, P.P. Shirshov Institute of Oceanology, Russian Academy of Sciences
  • Dr. David Hurther, LEGI, Grenoble
  • Dr. Paolo Laj, LGGE, Grenoble
  • Dr. Philippe Larroude LEGI, Grenoble
  • Dr. Nathanael Schaeffer, ISTerre, Grenoble
  • Dr. Joel Sommeria, LEGI , Grenoble
  • Pr. Chantal Staquet, LEGI, Grenoble
  • Dr. Laure Vignal, LEGI, Grenoble
  • Dr. Achim Wirth, LEGI, Grenoble
  • Pr. Alfred J. Wuest, EPFL & EAWAG, Switzerland



A large number of scholarships are available, whose list can be found on the web site of Campus France : http://www.campusfrance.org/fria/bourse/index.html#app=faac&193-si=0

A synthesis has been prepared by the University of Grenoble, for European students and for non-European students.We remind you that, in accordance with French regulations, no tuition fees are charged. Annual registration fees are about 500 € and include medical care. The purpose of the scholarships below is therefore to cover living expenses in Grenoble. These scholarships are available for candidates who are of outstanding merit and in need of financial support.Predoc program funded by University Joseph FourierA few grants are available through the Predoc program funded by the University. The annual amount is 8000 €.

Please first apply on-line to the University: the final page of your on-line application, once printed, is an application form to the Predoc program.Deadline for application: end of March 2015 (to be updated later) Grants allocated to the Master's program by the program LABEX Osug@2020 (managed by University Joseph Fourier)A few scholarships with annual amount of 4000 € are also allocated by the Master's program.

Please contact Chantal Staquet if you wish to apply.Deadline for application:30 April 2015


A new law in France states that a research internship student should receive a grant of 450 €/month if the research internship is longer than 3 months. For the present Masters' program, this amounts to a grant of 2200 €.

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