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Studying Area & Cultural Studies

Area and cultural studies is an interdisciplinary study that analyses all aspect of a certain culture, as well as its interaction with other cultures. Cultural studies usually cover the Asian, African, American or Latin regions, from a historical, political, sociological and artistic point of view. Graduates of cultural studies degrees may find career opportunities in marketing or education.

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Studying in Netherlands

The Netherlands (also known as Holland) was the first non-English-speaking country to offer degrees in English. Therefore, various programmes are taught in English and are very internationally oriented.

88 Area & Cultural Studies Master's degrees in Netherlands

M.A. Historical, Literary & Cultural Studies

Whether you are interested in the ancient world, political history or religious history; the Research Master’s programme in Historical, Literary and Cultural Studies offers something for each and everyone. There are three Master’s specialisations: Historical Studies, Literary Studies or Art and Visual Culture. Each programme has their own focus. Historical Studies focuses mainly on the visual and material culture from the Antiquity. Literary studies focuses on classical and modern languages like German, Spanish, French and English. Art and Visual culture focuses on visual and material culture from Antiquity to the present.

Faculty of Arts
M.A. Tourism and Culture

By combining historical, literary, art-historical and other disciplinary approaches, and by integrating academic research with practical challenges, this brand new Master’s specialisation will make you an academic expert in cultural tourism.

Faculty of Arts
M.A. Art, Literature and Society

What critical role do artists, philosophers, writers and poets play in today’s society?  What is the point of art in public spaces? What can your role as a future student of culture mean to society? If you are passionate about such issues, the master’s programme in Art, Literature and Society from Maastricht University could be the programme for you.

Faculty of Arts and Social Science
M.A. Cultural History of Modern Europe

The M.A. in Cultural History of Modern Europe at Utrecht University will help you understand the historical and cultural context of how European nations were formed and have developed in time. The Master’s degree covers topics about the cultural history of art, culture in the modern world and offers possibilities for international internships and practical research.

Graduate School of Humanities
M.Sc. Social and Cultural Science

In the Research Master’s programme in Social and Cultural Science you’ll learn how to make new discoveries that will contribute to a better understanding of the historical, social political and cultural processes that shape societies. We look into the degree of inequality, cohesion and modernisation in both Western and non-Western societies. Also, you’ll learn more about subjects like radicalisation, development studies or anthropology and mobility.

Faculty of Social Science
M.A. Arts and Heritage - Policy, Management and Education

What is the societal and academic significance of 'art', 'heritage' and 'culture'? Why do we value certain works of art, heritage or cultural practices and not others? If you are interested in finding the answers to questions like these, the master’s programme Arts and Heritage: Policy, Management and Education from Maastricht University might be the right choice for you.

Faculty of Arts and Social Science
M.A. Intercultural Communication

Intercultural Communication at Utrecht University teaches you how to approach and promote linguistic and cultural diversity in various international contexts.The multidisciplinary and multilingual programme will equip you with the tools to apply theory to international practice. After graduation, your skills as a multilingual and intercultural expert will contribute to mutual understanding within Europe or abroad and to the strong worldwide relationships that are so important in our era of globalisation.

Graduate School of Humanities
M.Sc. History and Philosophy of Science

The Master’s programme in the History and Philosophy of Science (HPS) at Utrecht University offers a unique opportunity to study the foundations, practices, and culture of the sciences and humanities from a historical and philosophical perspective. Our two-year research programme addresses the historical development of scientific thought and practice with a broad approach that investigates the interplay of science or the humanitites with cultural, social, and institutional factors.

Graduate School of Natural Sciences
M.A. European Studies on Society, Science and Technology

Are you a socially conscious, critical thinker? Are you interested in politics and technology? And does the connection between innovation and society intrigue you? Then the master’s European Studies on Society, Sciences and Technology from Maastricht University might be what you are looking for.

Faculty of Arts and Social Science
M.A. Asian Studies

The Master of Arts in Asian Studies at Leiden University provides you the option to tailor your degree course and specialisation by selecting an Asian country or region you want to focus your studies on. The Master’s programme gives you a broad overview on the history, literature, cultural and religious studies, linguistics, or politics of an Asian nation.

Faculty of Humanities
M.A. Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology

The M. A. in Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology at Leiden University combines the study of cultural differences within societies and critical perspectives on globalisation. The Master’s degree helps students acquire practical perspectives over globalising developments, by analysing how large-scale globalisation influences small-scale experiences of people worldwide, and vice versa.

Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences
M.A. African Studies

The Master’s programme in African Studies at Leiden University is an advanced area studies qualification that combines world-class scholarship with practice-based learning.

Faculty of Humanities
M.A. East Asian Studies

East Asia is the foremost dynamic region in the world. This Master's track is organized around the achievements, opportunities and challenges facing East Asia. The East Asian Studies is offered by the University of Groningen.

Faculty of Arts
M.A. Religion, Conflict and Globalization

How are religion, conflict and peace related? How does globalization affect local religious traditions? How do religious and secular actors interact in local and global debates on migration and gender? The Religion, Conflict and Globalization programme is offered by University of Groningen.

Faculty of Theology and Religious Studies
M.A. English Literature and Culture

The English Literature and Culture programme is offered by the University of Groningen. Literary study is socially relevant: from the medieval to the modern, it maps the forces which divide and unite people. English is the global language of cultural exchange and experiment.

Faculty of Arts
M.A. Asian Studies (2 Years)

The MA in Asian Studies at Leiden University is your opportunity to earn a specialised qualification from one of the leading centres for Asian studies in Europe.

Faculty of Humanities
M.A. Arts and Culture - Arts of the Netherlands

The two-year Research Master's programme Arts of the Netherlands focuses on the artistic tradition of the Netherlands from circa 1400-1900, comprising the fields of early Netherlandish art, Dutch and Flemish art of the Golden Age, and modern art from the 19th and early 20th Centuries.

Graduate School for Humanities
M.A. Arts and Culture

The Masters programme in Arts and Culture at Leiden University is a programme in art history with a focus on museums, heritage and collections, global perspectives, and agency and reception. 

Faculty of Humanities
M.A. Heritage Studies

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Faculty of Humanities, is the only faculty in Europe that, departing from a spacial perspective, offers an interdisciplinary programme problematizing the tensions between maintenance, memory and renewal in the transformation of heritage. The Heritage Studies programme is offered by the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam.

Faculty of Humanities
M.A. European Studies - Governing Europe

In the one-year Master's programme Governing Europe you study contemporary Europe and the EU, unraveling the political, legal, economic and historical patterns that affect contemporary international governance and policy in Europe and its border regions.

Graduate School for Humanities
M.A. Contemporary Art History

Contemporary Art History at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam is a specialization focusing on visual, process-based, and digital art since the 1960s. Far from being restricted to the classical art forms of painting, sculpture, and graphics, today’s art includes installation art and site-specific projects, digital or new media art. 

Faculty of Humanities
M.A. Christianity and Society

The impact of Christianity on society can be felt around the world - in international politics, economy, arts and cultural ideologies. The opposite is true as well. Christianity and society thus mutually shape and guide each other, with implications for the lives of people everywhere in the world.

Faculty of Theology
M.A. Archaeology - Landscape and Heritage

The M.A. Archaeology - Landscape and Heritage from Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam deals thematically with archaeological landscapes and heritage in many different societies, and has no geographical or chronological limits. The strong tradition of landscape studies at the VU is combined with current perspectives on archaeological heritage. 

Faculty of Humanities
M.A. Arts and Culture (Research)

The Arts and Culture research master at Leiden University is unique in offering a two-year programme that integrates art history and theory with literary studies and media studies.

Faculty of Humanities
M.A. Ancient Studies

In order to answer any question about ancient civilizations you need more than one type of evidence. The one year master track Ancient Studies from Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam teaches you to combine written sources and archeological material.

Faculty of Humanities
M.Sc. Contemporary Asian Studies

Contemporary Asian Studies offers an intensive one year Master in which you explore the inside understandings of Asia, through state-of-the-art theories and lectures.

Faculty of Social and Behavioral Sciences
M.A. Literary and Cultural Studies

Are you curious, eager to learn and ready to shape the role of the arts and the media in society and culture? Then you are the right person for the Literary and Cultural Studies programme offered by the University of Groningen.

Faculty of Arts
M.Sc. Cultural Geography

Would you like to understand how the characteristics of places relate to the quality of life and wellbeing of people and communities? The Cultural Geography Master from the University of Groningen teaches students how to make a useful contribution to improving place-related liveability, quality of life and wellbeing in society. 

Faculty of Spatial Sciences
M.A. Culture and Politics

In the Leiden University master’s specialisation in Culture and Politics you consider the cultural dynamics of power, dominance, and resistance, and more generally explore critical perspectives on the complexities of culture as an inextricable part of global politics.

M.A. African Studies (Research)

The Research Master's programme in African Studies at Leiden University is unique in continental Europe for the interdisciplinary range of subjects offered and the variety of perspectives.

Faculty of Humanities
M.A. Archaeology - Mediterranean Archaeology

The Master's programme Mediterranean Archaeology is based on the long, yet innovative, disciplinary traditions of the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and the University of Amsterdam that has a strong focus on objects but also creators and users, and the many ways people, goods and ideas interconnect. 

Faculty of Humanities
M.A. Comparative Cultural Analysis - Arts and Culture

In the Master’s programme Comparative Cultural Analysis you will explore works of art and literature, cinema and new media, as well as academic and popular culture in relation to contemporary issues such as globalisation, mobility, gender identities, and social and cultural conflicts.

Graduate School for Humanities
M.Sc. Cultural Geography and Tourism

Understanding and interpreting advanced theories and practices of leisure and tourism and the interaction between tourism and the social, cultural and physical environment. Tourism is based on the cultural appreciation and value of the cities and landscapes tourists visit. Tourism also has a major economic, social and environmental impact on places and regions. This Master's specialisation allows you to understand the processes involved and how to use them in practice. In this specialisation you will mainly learn to understand and interpret advanced theories and practices of leisure and tourism and their influence on the social and physical environment. Since tourism is mainly about experiencing places and events, you will learn to understand where these experiences come from, what effects they have and how they can be influenced.

Nijmegen School of Management
M.A. Middle Eastern Studies

The Middle Eastern Studies Department at Leiden University is among the largest of its kind in Europe and a leading centre for academic research. The MA Middle Eastern Studies capitalises on this expertise in every way.

Faculty of Humanities
M.A. Asian Studies (Research)

The research master's programme in Asian Studies gives you access to Leiden University's leading expertise in the countries of Asia from their politics and literature to their languages.

Faculty of Humanities
M.A. Euroculture

Euroculture offers great opportunities if you are interested in understanding—and shaping—today's Europe. The Euroculture programme offered by the University of Groningen is ideal for students who understand that Europe's future will be shaped not only by economics and politics, but also by struggles over identities, values, and heritage.

Faculty of Arts
M.A. Design Cultures

In today’s culture design is a dynamic concept which continues to grow in importance.  As a field of academic study, however, design cultures were long neglected by the Arts and Humanities. This, however, has changed. Since September 2010, the Faculty of Arts of Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, offers the accredited and internationally-oriented Master’s programme Design Cultures.

Faculty of Humanities
M.Sc. Culture, Organization and Management

The innovative Culture, Organization and Management programme at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam teaches students how, in this age of globalization and fast cultural dynamics, organizations can suffer serious economic and social consequences as a result of inherent cultural bias, continuous change programs, and underestimation of the cultural dimension.

Faculty of Social Sciences
M.A. Latin American Studies (Research)

The two-year multi-disciplinary MA in Latin American Studies (Research) addresses cutting-edge debates on the social and cultural issues in present-day Latin America and the Caribbean region.

Faculty of Humanities
M.A. Theology and Religious Studies (Research)

How can we interpret the influence of religion on local and global developments? What are the relationships between religion and other cultural domains such as science, philosophy and politics? In this Theology and Religious Studies (Research) Master's Programme from the University of Groningen you will study how religion is embedded in present-day and in historical cultural contexts. 

Faculty of Theology and Religious Studies
M.A. Management of Cultural Diversity

The aim of our programme is, first, to equip students with the necessary expertise, tools and skills to analyze cases of cultural diversity in organizations and societal fields like education, health care, labour market and arts and culture. Second, based on such an analysis they will be able to design management interventions to neutralize the risks and to take advantage of the opportunities stemming from cultural diversity.

Faculty of Humanities