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Communication sciences concentrate on human behaviour, through the impact and influence on mass media and messages to people and culture. Graduates of a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in communication sciences can build a career in journalism, market research, education, human resources, advertising and many other fields.

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The Netherlands (also known as Holland) was the first non-English-speaking country to offer degrees in English. Therefore, various programmes are taught in English and are very internationally oriented.

37 Communication Sciences Master's degrees in Netherlands

M.A. International Business Communication

The Master’s specialisation in International Business Communication is a combination of communication studies, applied linguistics, international management and intercultural communication. Nowadays organisations seek to create communication strategies that support their overall strategy and objectives. In the Master’s specialisation in International Business Communication, you’ll learn about the all factors, including cultural and linguistic ones, that play a role in professional communication and need to be taken into account in order to create effective communication strategies.

Faculty of Arts
M.Sc. Communication Studies

The M.Sc. in Communication Studies at University of Twente teaches students how to approach communication strategies from different angles and for different purposes. The Master’s programme covers research work where you can study linguistic aspects, and can specialise in three areas: corporate communication, marketing communication, technical communication.

Behavioral Sciences
M.A. Intercultural Communication

Intercultural Communication at Utrecht University teaches you how to approach and promote linguistic and cultural diversity in various international contexts.The multidisciplinary and multilingual programme will equip you with the tools to apply theory to international practice. After graduation, your skills as a multilingual and intercultural expert will contribute to mutual understanding within Europe or abroad and to the strong worldwide relationships that are so important in our era of globalisation.

Graduate School of Humanities
M.A. Language and Communication (Research)

The Research Master’s in Language and Communication (Research) focuses on the connection between language and communication. In the programme subjects like intercultural communication, persuasive communication, language technology and language diversity, will be treated. Also, the programme is quite unique as it also focuses on empirical research and in doing so works closely together with different research environments.

Faculty of Arts
M.A. International Communication Management (MICM)

International Communication Management (MICM) from The Hague University of Applied Sciences is not just any master. Apart from the in-depth material on international communication you will acquire during lectures, the real MICM experience is learning from your peers in the international classroom. MICM students typically differ in terms of occupation and nationality and this always inspires them to discuss burning questions about communication during course lectures.

Master Studies
M.Sc. Communication and Deafblindness

Would you like to analyse and improve the communication possibilities of deafblind people? Then this is the programme for you. The Communication and Deafblindness programme is offered at the University of Groningen.

Faculty of Behavioural and Social Sciences
M.Sc. Science Education and Communication

The M.Sc. in Science Education and Communication at the University of Twente offers insights in the specific communication methods used in secondary education. This Master’s course helps you acquire valuable teaching abilities, with the opportunity to specialise in fields like math, chemistry, physics, computer science, or combine two fields like research and design or life and technology.

Behavioral Sciences
M.Sc. Communication Design - MSc Specialisation in CIS

One of the essential ways in which information is transferred and communicated is through text, whether verbal or written. Texts should inform or convince, depending on the communication objectives. Communication designers research different factors that can affect a text in order to create an effective communication tool.

Faculty of Humanities
M.Sc. Business Communication and Digital Media - MSc Specialisation in CIS

In the English-taught Master's specialization in Business Communication & Digital Media, you will focus on communication issues in the area of business communications. You will research how people communicate with one another using a variety of means, and how they process information through language, pictures, sound and computers.

Faculty of Humanities
M.A. Scientific Illustration

The Master Scientific Illustration is an international study programme in which you will meet students from European countries and beyond. Unique in Europe. It is cooperation between the Faculty of Arts at Zuyd University of Applied Science in Maastricht and the Faculty of Health, Medicine and Life Sciences at Maastricht University.

M.A. Communication & Information Sciences (CIS)

The MA in Communication and Information Sciences offers a unique programme in which you learn how people exchange information, and how new means of communication can be used in a creative way. The approach of Tilburg School of Humanities is unique because of its multidisciplinary approach: you will explore the linguistic, cognitive, and social psychological aspects of communication.

Faculty of Humanities
M.Sc. Communication and Information Sciences - New Media Design

The Master's track in New Media Design makes you an expert in the strategy, design and evaluation of content within a new media environment. You will also learn to understand current and predict upcoming trends in communication and media consumption based on wider technological and social developments.

Faculty of Humanities
M.Sc. Chemistry: Chemistry and Science Communication and Society

The MSc specialisation Chemistry and Science Communication and Society offers students the opportunity to combine previous research training with programmes in different aspects of science communication, such as journalism, new media, museology and information visualisation.

Faculty of Natural Sciences, Mathematics and Computer Science
M.A. Communication and Information Studies

The Master's in Communication and Information Studies has one English-taught specialisation: International Business Communication. You will profit from a combination of communication studies, applied linguistics, international management and intercultural communication designed to cover all factors that play a role in professional communication.

Faculty of Arts
Master International Communication

The Master in International Communication (MIC) from Hanze University of Applied Sciences, Groningen is an ambitious double degree programme for those who aspire to an international career as a communication practitioner in senior managerial or consultancy positions, responsible for the external and internal communication of an organisation.

School of Communication & Media