Study Language Studies in Netherlands

Study Language Studies in Netherlands

Studying Language Studies

Language studies are part of the broader area of linguistics (also known as formal studies of human language). Language degrees analyse the rules we use words to use and create spoken as well as written language. Students gain academic knowledge on issues related to the nature of language such as phonetics, morphology, phonology, syntax, pragmatics, semantics and linguistics of history.

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Studying in Netherlands

The Netherlands (also known as Holland) was the first non-English-speaking country to offer degrees in English. Therefore, various programmes are taught in English and are very internationally oriented.

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16 Language Studies Master's degrees in Netherlands

, M.A. Language and Communication (Research)

The Research Master’s in Language and Communication (Research) focuses on the connection between language and communication. In the programme subjects like intercultural communication, persuasive communication, language technology and language diversity, will be treated. Also, the programme is quite unique as it also focuses on empirical research and in doing so works closely together with different research environments.

Faculty of Arts
, MRes Clinical Linguistics (EMCL) (EM)

How is language stored in the brain? What effects can brain damage have on our ability to use language? And why do some children have difficulty learning language? Find it out in Clinical Linguistics (EMCL) (EM) programme at the University of Groningen.

Faculty of Arts
, M.A. Middle Eastern Studies (Research)

This research programme allows you to focus on a region, such as the Arab world, North Africa, or Turkey, or on a discipline, such as history, politics, religion, or language and literature.

Faculty of Humanities
, M.A. Applied Linguistics (Teaching English as a Foreign Language)

This one-year Master's programme focuses on foreign language teaching. It offers theoretical insights to help assess language-teaching methods and applied linguistics research. You will study the process of learning and the use of second languages. The programme allows you to focus your research on yourlanguage of choice, for instance Dutch as a second language, but also French, German, Swedish, Chinese, or any other language.

Faculty of Arts
, M.A. General Linguistics

The General Linguistics Master’s at Radboud University offers a wide range of advanced topics in fields as diverse as psycholinguistics, sociolinguistics, second language learning, language description, language testing and linguistic diversity. All our courses offer a nice mix of theoretical and practical knowledge: courses situate insights from linguistic and language acquisition theory within the context of everyday communication and contemporary language use.

Faculty of Arts
, Pre-Master Programme

The Pre Master Programme is especially designed for international students and will combine intensive academic English language training, study skills and academic subjects to ensure a swift adaption to Stenden’s Master’s programmes. Students will build greater confidence in expressing themselves and engaging with fellow particpants, lecturers and professors in the Master’s programmes.

Master Programmes
, M.A. Literary and Cultural Studies

The degree programme offers an in-depth, integrated training in the academic study of the arts and their function in culture and society (by arts is meant literature, film, drama, music, and the new digital arts) with a focus on knowledge, skills and insight.

Faculty of Arts