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Health sciences include applied scientific activities aiming to provide and preserve healthcare. Sub-fields within the general area of health sciences include medicine, pharmacy, dentistry, nutrition, therapy, clinical practice and even alternative medicine.

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The Netherlands (also known as Holland) was the first non-English-speaking country to offer degrees in English. Therefore, various programmes are taught in English and are very internationally oriented.

46 Health Sciences Master's degrees in Netherlands

Master Applied Data Science

The general aim of this Postgraduate Applied Data Science Master’s programme at Utrecht University is to prepare you to apply current and upcoming data science methods and techniques within the health domain on an academic level.

Graduate School of Life Sciences
M.Sc. Health Sciences

This Health Sciences MSc programme offered by Erasmus University Rotterdam focuses on training students who are well educated in research methodology. The programme provides you with a solid theoretical, methodological and statistical basis for designing and implementing a research project and will teach you how to best publish the results of your research project.

Erasmus University Rotterdam - Netherlands Institute for Health Sciences (NIHES)
M.Sc. Health and Society

In the specialisation Health and Society, offered at Wageningen University and Research, students become context-sensitive experts in the domains of science and health promotion. Health and Society studies the social and behavioural aspects of health and health promotion, but also other factors that affects health, for instance the organization of the food system and the interaction between individuals and the physical environment.

Society & Economics
M.Sc. Health Sciences

The M.Sc. in Health Sciences at University of Twente is a practically oriented research programme that focuses on methods and techniques to improve the health care system in terms of organisational processes and public policies. The Master’s degree includes topics about trends in healthcare, innovative solutions in health services and treatments.

School of Management and Governance
M.Sc. Neuroscience and Cognition

Are you interested in doing research engaged with understanding normal and pathological brain function? Do you want to become a specialist in the field of neurosciences? The interdisciplinary Master’s programme Neuroscience and Cognition at Utrecht University offers you the opportunity to investigate numerous areas of brain functioning that make the neuroscience and cognition field uniquely intriguing and challenging.

Graduate School of Life Sciences
M.Sc. Social, Health and Organisational Psychology

The courses in this Master's programme in Social, Health and Organisational Psychology from Utrecht University are deeply rooted in international scientific literature. On top of that, you can do your internship abroad and write your thesis there.

Graduate School of Social and Behavioral Sciences
M.Sc. Toxicology and Environmental Health

As a graduate of this Toxicology and Environmental Health programme at Utrecht University, you will be qualified to assess the impact of toxicological agents on populations or work environments by applying the principles of environmental and occupational epidemiology.

Graduate School of Life Sciences
M.Sc. Nutrition and Health

Are you interested in nutrition and health? Then Nutrition and Health programme at Wageningen University and Research is the right place for you. This two-year fulltime MSc programme gives you the chance to study two important concepts of our nowadays lives, that is the impact of nutrition on our health.

Technology & Nutrition
M.Res. Health Sciences

This Research Master programme in Health Sciences at Erasmus University Rotterdam aims to provide students with a thorough understanding of methods in clinical research and sufficient knowledge of clinical specialist areas, for example medical technology, immunology or molecular biology. 

Erasmus University Rotterdam - Netherlands Institute for Health Sciences (NIHES)
Master Medical Imaging

The field of medical imaging is evolving rapidly, since medical diagnosis and treatment are increasingly supported by imaging procedures. The Medical Imaging programme is offered at Utrecht University,

Graduate School of Life Sciences
M.Sc. Medical Biology

The Master’s programme in Medical Biology starts with a fascination towards the human system. It focuses strongly on molecular and cellular life processes at the cutting edge of fundamental biology and medical scientific research. The programme is unique because it is a combination of fundamental research and the translation of its findings into clinical applications. There are five Master's specialisations: Clinical Biology, Medical Epigenomics, Neuroscience, Science in Society and Science, Management and Innovation.

Faculty of Science
M.Sc. Human Movement Sciences: Sport, Exercise and Health

Are you interested in optimizing sports performance, helping people with impaired motor functioning, or gaining a fundamental understanding of how we move? Then the Master’s in Human Movement Sciences is the ideal programme for you! You will learn to translate multidisciplinary scientific knowledge to applications in sports and healthcare practice.

Faculty of Behavioural and Movement Sciences
M.Sc. Clinical and Developmental Psychopathology (research)

In a small scale teaching setting, as a student at the Research Master’s in Clinical and Developmental Psychopathology (research) from Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam you will learn about the etiology, the development and course of psychopathology and cutting edge psychologically informed methods for its prevention and treatment.

Faculty of Behavioural and Movement Sciences
M.Sc. Vitality and Ageing

Our ageing society challenge to innovation. This master offers you the opportunity to study 'vitality and ageing' during 1 year from a combination of biological, individual and societal perspectives.

M.Sc. Biomedical Sciences

During the Master's degree programme in Biomedical Sciences you will learn how to find answers to these questions. The programme is strongly oriented towards the scientific background of health and disease and preclinical research. You will study life processes, and their abnormalities within the intact organism.

Faculty of Mathematics & Natural Sciences
M.Res. Cardiovascular Research

Cardiovascular Research is one of the focus scientific areas of the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam Medical Center. The program is embedded in the Cardiovascular Research Institute (ICaR-VU) and School of Medical Sciences.

Faculty of Medicine
M.Sc. Mental Health

The programme is characterised by a multidisciplinary, scientific approach to mental health issues and further builds on the knowledge and skills already acquired regarding psychological disorders, theoretical models and therapeutic approaches developed during the bachelor's phase.

Faculty of Health, Medicine and Life Sciences
M.Sc. Biomedical Sciences

While pursuing a Master’s degree in Biomedical Sciences from Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam you can opt to study a combination of different specializations. The research-oriented specializations will enable you to embark on a career in research. The societal specialization will equip you for a position as a policy officer.

Faculty of Earth and Life Sciences
M.Sc. Health Food Innovation Management

Are you interested in developing new food and nutrition solutions to optimize health and prevent and treat disease? Would you like to know how a health food product goes from being just an idea to being launched in the market? And would you like to be involved in creating commercially viable foods that are both tasty and healthy? Then Health Food Innovation Management could be just the programme for you.

Faculty of Health, Medicine and Life Sciences
M.A. Philosophy of Neurosciences

Are you interested in the conceptual basis and the social, legal and ethical implications of neuroscience research? In this programme you will study the conceptual foundations and the broader implications of neuroscientific research from different philosophical perspectives. 

Faculty of Humanities
M.Res. Human Movement Sciences: Sport, Exercise & Health (Research)

The Research Master’s Human Movement Sciences: Sport, Exercise & Health (research) is a two-year full-time programme that aimed at integrating fundamental scientific research with relevant questions from clinical and sports practice. This Human Movement Sciences: Sport, Exercise & Health (Research) programme is offered by VU Amsterdam.

Faculty of Behavioural and Movement Sciences
Preparation Course Vet Main Program

The main programme of the VET education is for students who have either completed the basic VET programme or have completed their Higher Commercial Course studies. The main programme combines academic studies at school with a paid trainee position at a company.

Vocational Education and Training
M.Sc. Clinical Research

Patient care and clinical research: what a combination. Learn both how to produce the best diagnoses and provide the best treatment, and get ready for a dual career as a clinician and a researcher.

Erasmus MC - Graduate School
M.Sc. Health Professions Education

Health professionals play an important role in preventing, treating and curing disease and in promoting health at the individual and societal levels. It is essential to ensure that those who train healthcare professionals create effective educational programmes that result in high quality health services.

Faculty of Health, Medicine and Life Sciences
M.Sc. Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy Sciences

In the last 10 to 15 years, research in physiotherapy has increased exponentially, both in volume and quality. Many clinicians are consumers of research when reading the literature to stay up-to-date. But to really understand the ins and outs of research, you have to conduct research yourself. At least once. Producing science is a lot more exciting and satisfying than consuming it.

Faculty of Behavioural and Movement Sciences
M.Sc. Europubhealth and European Master in Public Health

With the Europubhealth and European Master in Public Health programme at EHESP School of Public Health you are choosin global health and intercultural work through multicultural team work, problem-based learning and a mandatory internship or practicum; a large network in public health composed of academics and professionals with high expertise in the field.

M.Sc. Global Health

Do you want to help minimise the global impact of epidemic diseases or illnesses that spread after a natural disaster? Or are you driven to address the worldwide inequities in access to healthcare? Then Global Health could be just the programme for you. 

Faculty of Health, Medicine and Life Sciences
M.Sc. Medical Natural Sciences

The Master’s programme in Medical Natural Sciences from Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam is a multidisciplinary programme that combines natural sciences with medicine. This combination will introduce you to innovative ways of conducting medical research. A multidisciplinary background like this will equip you perfectly for tomorrow’s approaches to medical research, in all their complexity.

Faculty of Sciences
M.Sc. Management, Policy-Analysis and Entrepreneurship in Health and Life Sciences

This master's programme in Management, Policy-Analysis and Entrepreneurship in Health and Life Sciences from Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam received a ‘Good’ from the Dutch-Flemish Accreditation organization (NVAO). ‘The teaching staff is very motivated and engaged. They effectively succeed in the learning process of the students. Also the preparation for the labor market is excellent. The graduates have very good opportunities at the labor market.

Faculty of Earth and Life Sciences
M.Sc. Sport Sciences

How can you identify the great athletes of the future? How do you optimize athletic performance? And what influence does physical activity have on a child's development? This programme will show you.

M.A. Philosophy, Bioethics and Health

The two year Master's specialization in Philosophy, Bioethics and Health will provide you with the theoretical and practical tools to deal with ethical issues in health care. You will learn how to reflect on practical problems from a medical, moral, legal, political and economic perspective. 

Faculty of Humanities
M.Sc. Health Sciences

In the Master’s programme in Health Sciences (Dutch: Gezondheidswetenschappen) from Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, you will learn to analyse the various complex factors that contribute to health. You will go beyond individual health issues to tackle health problems in different ways.

Faculty of Earth and Life Sciences
M.Sc. Research Master in Health Sciences

The programme covers broad range of subjects, from prevention of illness, diagnosis and care, to cure and maintenance of good health. Upon graduation, you'll have all the skills needed to continue a career as a PhD or professional researcher.

Faculty of Health, Medicine and Life Sciences