11 Masters in Bio & Biomedical Engineering

Biomedical engineering is an interdisciplinary specialisation and serves as a bridge between engineering, biology and medicine. Its aim is, to improve the diagnostics, therapy, care, rehabilitation and life quality by researching and developing therapeutic devices, equipment, implants, medical imaging devices as well as pharmaceuticals.

Bio & Biomedical Engineering

Find and compare 11 Masters in Bio & Biomedical Engineering in Austria. Below is a selection of the available study options. If you're interested in studying Bio & Biomedical Engineering in Austria you can view all 11 Master's programmes. You can also read more about the Bio & Biomedical Engineering discipline in general or about studying in Austria.

Suggested Studies

  • Master in Biotechnology

    Biotechnology constitutes one of the key disciplines of the 21st century, with enormous potential for growth and professional development. On the one hand that is due to progress made in biomedical research, leading to the development of new diagnostic and therapeutic procedures. At the same time the chemical industry is showing a growing interest in biotechnological processes to reduce its environmental footprint and increase the efficiency of the methods employed. In addition to the pharmaceutical, chemical and food industries, which make use of biotechnological processes in varying degrees, there is now a biotechnology-based industry in its own right, in which added value is generated primarily with the help of biotechnological principles.

  • Master in MedTech, Functional Imaging, Conventional and Ion Therapy

    Medicine and technology are separate disciplines but are strongly connected. The study program MedTech wants to bridge the gap thus giving the student a profound education where technology meets medicine in general and radiology and radiotherapy in particular. The study program includes mathematics, physics of medical imaging and radiation therapy, image processing, therapy planning and others. Finally students will be taught in management in health and science.

  • Master in Professional MBA Energy Management

    The energy industry constitutes a powerful catalyst for economic growth and a vital factor for stability in societies. The MBA Energy Management is the only program of its kind worldwide, combining hands-on leadership with the latest management expertise in key markets (oil, gas, nuclear, renewable). Designed and taught by leaders in the energy industry from OPEC and other international organizations, the program provides the knowledge and real-world tools. These are necessary for managers to succeed in today’s globalized industry and to master the energy challenges of tomorrow. Due to its large geographic footprint and participants coming from all 5 continents, the MBA Energy Management has a different module structure and is taught separately from the Professional MBAs.

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