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Chemistry is part of physical science and studies composition, properties, structure and changes that matter goes through. Graduates of chemistry degrees develop skills that lead them to employment in engineering, science, toxicology, pharma and other fields. They may work as analytical chemists, engineers, researchers or healthcare scientists.

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The Kingdom of Belgium (Dutch: Koninkrijk België; French: Royaume de Belgique; German: Königreich Belgien) is a country in northwest Europe bordered by the Netherlands, Germany, Luxembourg and France and is one of the founding and core members of the European Union.

6 Chemistry Master's degrees in Belgium

M.Sc. Chemistry

Do you want to discover new molecules or develop advanced materials with specific properties, at a university, a public or industrial research lab? Do you want to work on energy-efficient and environmentally friendly materials and processes? The Chemistry programme is delivered by Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB).

Faculty of Science and Bio-engineering Sciences
M.Sc. Chemical and Materials Engineering

You are interested in the development of new materials and chemical processes and in the production of useful commoditiesYou are someone with the ambition to become a skilled engineer who can meet the technological challenges of the future. The Chemical and Materials Engineering programme is delivered by Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB).

Faculty of Engineering
M.Sc. Chemicals and Materials Engineering

This Master in Chemical and Materials Engineering, University of Liège offers an engineer in chemical and in materials sciences a large range of careers: the design of new installations in engineering and design departments, the construction and starting up of new factories, exploitation of production workshops and, increasingly, research and development work. In effect the chemical and para-chemical industries devote a greater percentage of their turnover to research than every other industry.

Faculty of Applied Sciences
M.Sc. Chemistry

Are you looking for a career as an academic or industrial chemist? If so, your search stops here. Aiming to train the next generation of researchers, KU Leuven's MSc in Chemistry puts the globally recognized expertise and authority of its twenty-nine professors and their four research divisions at your disposal.

Faculty of Science