Study Environmental Engineering in Denmark

Study Environmental Engineering in Denmark

Studying Environmental Engineering

Environmental engineering applies the theoretical background provided by the environmental sciences using engineering principles. The aim of an environmental engineer is to sustain or improve the natural environment in order to guarantee a good and healthy life quality for human beings as well as for other organisms.

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Studying in Denmark

Whatever you choose to study in Denmark, you can expect outstanding quality - with leading international research and education in areas like biotech, meditech, cleantech, IT, architecture and design. Studying in Denmark is an investment in your future career. It is also a time of fun and new friendships - in a safe, friendly and international environment.

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11 Environmental Engineering Master's degrees in Denmark

M.Sc. Environmental Science

The Environmental Science programme at Aalborg University offers you the opportunity to participate in the development of new processes and technology, which can form the base for sustainable energy production and resource management.

Faculty of Engineering and Science
M.Sc. Engineering - Environmental Engineering

Massive climate challenges and scarce natural resources threaten our future. Therefore, we need environmental engineers to turn the tide– and this could be you. This Engineering - Environmental Engineering programme is offered by the University of Southern Denmark.

Mads Clausen Institute, Faculty of Engineering
M.Sc. Indoor Environmental and Energy Engineering

An engineer specialising in Indoor Environmental and Energy Engineering at the Aalborg University is responsible for creating an ideal environment for work as well as leisure: that is, an environment that considers the need for well-being and comfort of the individual. Construction and operation of buildings are responsible for more than 40% of the energy and material consumption in the world today.

Faculty of Engineering and Science
M.Sc. Computer Engineering

Students in the MSc in Computer Engineering at Aarhus University can specialise in relevant fields of study connected with system and instrument development involving software, hardware and communication technology.

Graduate School of Science and Technology