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Studying Web Technologies & Cloud Computing

Web technologies and cloud computing study innovative methods of accessing and sharing resources and information over the internet. Programmes studying web technologies and cloud computing teach students the processes that enable computers to communicate through networks.

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Studying in Denmark

As a student enrolled in a university in Denmark, you will experience some innovative teaching methods, allowing you to acquire the skills to become an independent learner. In the Danish education system, students play the central role and are encouraged to express their opinions freely. Danish universities provide a diverse range of study subjects, and place a great focus on research. Here, you will get hands-on experience in your chosen field of study.

3 Web Technologies & Cloud Computing Master's degrees in Denmark

M.Sc. Networks and Distributed Systems

Do you find satellites, collaborating robots, safety-critical networks between cars and fighting cyber terrorism interesting? Do you want to master advanced technology and obtain a strong technical competence profile, while also learning about team work? And would you like to combine theory with practice? Then you should consider the Networks and Distributed Systems (NDS) programme at Aalborg University.

Faculty of Engineering and Science
M.Sc. Wireless Communication Systems

The master's programme in Wireless Communication Systems at Aalborg University aims to graduate engineers with competencies within wireless communication systems and associated connectivity concepts. Particular focus is given to small terminal behaviour and system radio resource control under dynamic radio channel and traffic conditions.

Faculty of Engineering and Science