Study Management, Organisation & Leadership in France

Study Management, Organisation & Leadership in France

Studying Management, Organisation & Leadership

Management, organisation and leadership sciences deal with all the operations and their coordination towards reaching goals set by organisations. As part of business administration studies, the field involves areas such as human resources, organizational behaviour, business strategy, entrepreneurship, innovation, performance management, communication.

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Studying in France

Except for universities for architecture, arts and design as well as engineering & management, France is also famous for its good food and wine. The French universities offer a broad range of programmes, no matter if you study in Paris, Nancy or Bordeaux.

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148 Management, Organisation & Leadership Master's degrees in France

, Master International Master in Management

Join some of the brightest innovators from around the world at Audencia Business School. In the International Master in Management (IMM) programme at Audencia Business School, you’ll take courses led by global experts within a highly international campus and curriculum.

International Masters
, M.Sc. Management - Grande Ecole

By joining the MSc in Management - Grande Ecole at emlyon business school, you will learn how to think, manage and operate effectively in today's global business environment, and along the way acquire the tangible evidence to show it.

International Programmes
, Master European and International Business Management

Prepare to thrive in today’s constantly changing global business environment. Join the elite one-year European and International Business Management Master (EIBM) programme at Audencia Business School for complete trilingual training in international management and entrepreneurship.

International Masters
, M.Sc. Management and Entrepreneurship in the Creative Economy

Join our diverse academic community for a year of challenges and collaborations that will help you change and shape your career trajectory. Our students are driven designers, architects, visual and fine artists, performing artists, writers and others who work in the creative and cultural industries. This Management and Entrepreneurship in the Creative Economy program is offered by Audencia Business School.

International Masters
, Master Management (MiM)

Novancia’s two-year Master in Management Programme boosts student potential by equipping a new generation of Business Development managers with dual expertise in both entrepreneurship and commerce. Our students learn to anticipate and comprehend global and local demand with a view to setting up organisations to enhance business performance. This Management (MiM) programme is offered by Novancia Business School Paris.

, Master Corporate Strategy

The Master in Corporate Strategy is the one-year program from Sciences Po for young graduates interested in corporate strategy, entrepreneurship and humanities. It is the ideal program for serious students aspiring to become truly specialized corporate strategists in consulting firms or “in-house”, within firms.

Sciences Po Department of Economics
, M.Sc. Maritime - Commercial & Logistics Optimization

Recognised as the leading French training institution in International Trade with a unique focus on the maritime industry, this Maritime, Commercial & Logistics Optimization programme at KEDGE Business School boasts 57 years of experience and expertise in the fields of logistics and business optimisation, drawing its strength from deep links with the corporate world, its particular history and the high quality of its teaching.

, M.Sc. International Luxury Management

The objective of this MSc International Luxury Management program offered by Institut Français de la Mode is to prepare a small group of select students to pursue their careers on an international level, within the global headquarters, regional headquarters, or national subsidiaries of French or other worldwide luxury companies.

, M.Sc. Global Management

The M. Sc. in Global Management course from NEOMA Business School is designed to enlighten your international outlook, while sharpening your hard skills in strategy, marketing, logistics, human resources, corporate and market finance.

Postgraduate Studies
, M.Sc. International Luxury and Brand Management

The Master in International Luxury and Brand Management at Rennes School of Business has been designed to prepare students for effective luxury and brand management getting thorough understanding of the international luxury market its current and future trends, students will be able to develop and implement effective strategies, introduce inovative products and services in different luxury segments.

, M.Sc. Vintage, Vine, Wine and Terroir Management

The objective of the Vintage, Vine, Wine and Terroir Management master course at Groupe ESA - École Supérieure D'Agriculture D'Angers is to help students develop both technical and marketing skills on an international scale and to acquire in-depth knowledge in the fields of viticulture, oenology, terroir and wine marketing (wine terroir and firms).

Departement of viticulture and oenology
, Master Management - ICN International Programme in Management

The Master In Management - ICN International Programme in Management at ICN Business School trains tomorrow's professionals to be able to perform across the boundaries between management and other disciplines. Students receive a thorough grounding in management disciplines. This gives them the confidence to confront, after many experiences both in the classroom and off-campus, a wide range of challenging and unique situations to which they will be asked to provide innovative solutions.

International Programmes
, M.Sc. Luxury and Design Management

Enter the Design and Luxury universe and become a creative manager! This MSc in Luxury and Design Management is the result of cooperation between the 3 Schools of the Artem Alliance: École nationale supérieure d'art de Nancy (School of Art), ICN Business School (School of Management) and Mines Nancy (School of Engineering).

International Programmes
, M.Sc. Marketing Management

The objective of the Marketing Management major at ISA Lille - Graduate School of Agriculture and Bioengineering is to have a general overview of the topic, from statistics and international marketing to business development and digital communication. This Marketing Management programme is offered by ISA Lille - Institute of Life Sciences.

International Master’s degrees
, M.Sc. International Luxury Management

The MSc in International Luxury Management is a unique double degree programme offered by NEOMA Business School and created jointly by NEOMA Business School and MIP Politecnico di Milano. We associated our complementary academic and professional skills and practices to deliver a curriculum specialised in how to understand, create and manage value in a luxury firm.

Postgraduate Studies
, M.Sc. Arts and Cultural Management

The MSc in Arts and Cultural Management from Groupe ESC Dijon Bourgogne - Burgundy School of Business is an English-taught postgraduate program that aims to train future arts and cultural managers, who will be able to work in the dynamic and market of cultural and creative industries, both at a national and international level.

, M.Sc. International Management - MIEX

This innovative International Management - MIEX MSc at ICN Business School intends to prepare students for a fast-pace, ever changing international business context. We offer a comprehensive learning experience that anticipates to the classroom the challenges of international business that will certainly be faced by our students when they become international managers.

International Programmes
, MBA International Management (MBAIM)

The International Management launched in September 2008 by the University of Rennes1’s Graduate School of Management (IGR-IAE de Rennes) is a one year course leading to a Master's Degree, equivalent to a second year French Master's degree, Bac+5.

, Master General Management

With this Master in General Management offered by IAE Pau-Bayonne, you will be involved in the challenges of today's global business with analytical, rigorous thinking and gain the tools to solve the most important problems facing international business today. You will learn how to describe, to understand, to react and to make decisions considering all the dimensions and stakeholders of a management problem.

, M.Sc. Global Business Management

The MSc in Global Business Management at Rennes School of Business is geared towards students with a first degree (bachelors), with or without professional experience in management. It offers an understanding of economic and human management in today's global and fast-moving environment.

, M.Sc. Luxury and Fashion Management

The Luxury and Fashion Management MSc at SKEMA Business School is international in its orientation, reflecting the industry itself: international manufacturing and distribution, cross-border ownership, and global branding and communications.

Master of Science Programs
, M.Sc. International Management

The MSc International Management programme at Rennes School of Business aims to provide students with fundamentals in business and management (Marketing, Finance, Organisational Behaviour, Information Technology, Strategy) in order to enable them to access to the advanced level of learning experiences in a specialized fields: Marketing, Digital Marketing, Finance, Human Resources, Innovation Management or Supply Chain.

, M.Sc. International Master in Luxury Management

The International Master in Luxury Management is a 12 month Master’s programme on offer from MIP Politecnico di Milano and Neoma Business School, that seeks to instruct students on managerial topics relevant to the Luxury Management industry.

Master Programmes
, M.Sc. Global Luxury Management

The MSc Global Luxury Management at SKEMA Business School is taught at the NC State University, Raleigh campus, August to December, and at the SKEMA Paris campus, January to May.

Master of Science Programs
, M.Sc. Business Management

This Master of Science programme in Business Management from IPAG Business School is designed for students who have graduated from a broad spectrum of business programmes and who wish to upgrade their skills and update their knowledge for the new global business world.

International Programmes
, M.Sc. Corporate Financial Management

The Corporate Financial Management programme at SKEMA Business School aims at providing participants with solid technical knowledge and skills, as well as the transversal competencies which are required to manage complex financial situations in an international environment. Special emphasis is placed on innovative tools and practices.

Master of Science Programs
, Master Wealth Management and Private Banking

Students enjoy an exceptional environment at Dauphine due to its human scale and consolidation on a single site for all types of activities: educational, scientific, associative. Many conferences, cultural events and festivals, and community life rhythm of daily life and provide many opportunities to broaden their scientific training to culture and sports.

, Master Management : Business Management Track

Business Management is taught on our Lille campus. It is a unique educational track designed to prepare high potential students to top management careers. Students acquire both managerial and technical skills and are prepared for the demands of the international job market. One programme option is the European Apprenticeship Track that provides an opportunity to study while gaining valuable professional experience.

International Admissions
, M.Sc. Management, Action Éducative Internationale et Interculturelle

Le corps des enseignants est issu de la Faculté de Sciences Sociales et Economiques de l’Institut Catholique de Paris et l'ISFEC LaSalle Mounier, en lien avec le réseau de l’Association Internationale des Universités Lasalliennes (AIUL). Il est constitué d’universitaires, de professionnels de terrain dont des formateurs et éducateurs.

Faculté de Sciences Sociales et Economiques
, MBA International Management

The MBA in International Management is a one-year, two-country full-time programme which provides young professionals with the business skills and mindset for a successful international career. You will join a cohort of students from around the world with diverse educational and professional backgrounds.

, M.Sc. International Management

The International Management program at Studialis is complemented by visits to global policy making centers e.g. International Energy Agency, UNESCO, and European Parliament in Strasbourg.

Full degree programs
, M.Sc. Management Public (MAMAP) - M2

La spécialité Management Public a pour objectif principal de préparer les étudiants à l'exercice des métiers liés au management dans les structures administratives publiques ou d'acquérir des connaissances/compétences nécessaires aux entreprises dont l'activité est liée à la sphère publique.

Université Nice Sophia Antipolis - IAE Nice, Graduate School of Management
, M.Sc. Economics and Management of Innovation

The objective of this Master's course is to offer candidates the opportunity to acquire in-depth training over a period of two years (M1 and M2) on Industrial Organization and Economics and Management of Knowledge and Innovation. The programme addresses firms as actors in a complex environment ; industrial organization, classical and contemporary (economics of knowledge, creation and evolution of networks); models of behaviour in industrial organization.

Faculty of Economics and Management
, M.Sc. Reporting and Management Control

Reporting & Management Control remains a pivotal role in the coordination and steering of organizational activities, meriting its clout in the management field. Consequently, it must create and develop a system to evaluate performance, ensuring a coherent implementation of strategies. The contours of performance no longer remain strictly financial. Value management leads to a joint optimization of costs and quality, implying management control is largely the process of orientation.

MSc's Degrees
, MBA Food Business

IPAG’s MBA programmes offer a valuable opportunity for students and professionals to enrich their knowledge in the fields of business and management in order to improve their career prospects in today’s dynamic and competitive world.

MBA programmes
, M.Sc. International Management

The MSc in International Management is a flexible yet structured degree program taught at The American University of Paris that provides you with the advanced skills to navigate the complex national, cultural and socio-economic contexts in which all of today’s business and other organizations operate.

Graduate Programs
, M.Sc. International Finance Management

The aim of the International Financial Management specialty is to prepare students for positions in this renewed financial atmosphere. Thus, it includes strategy, the institutional environment, practices and tools that will enable them to contribute to the success of their firms.

MSc's Degrees
, M.A. General Management Program

The General Management Programme (Master of Management and Business Administration), IAE fl agship degree, offers an overall vision of Business Administration and Management to students from Humanities or from scientific or technical backgrounds : engineers, doctors, lawyers, etc.

, MBA Wine Marketing and Management

Wine Marketing and Management program, with a strong international orientation, welcomes students from diverse academic backgrounds (business schools, universities, engineering school, etc.) as well as professionals from the wine industry.

Master's Programmes
, M.Sc. Commerce et Management des Affaires internationales M2

La spécialité Commerce et Management des Affaires Internationales constitue, avec les spécialités « Commerce et Management pour l'Asie Orientale », « Intelligence, Stratégie, Compétitivité Internationale », « Management Financier des Entreprises Internationales » et « Global e-business », une composante de l'Espace Comex. Cette spécialité forme des cadres polyvalents du management international. Elle contribue à leur maîtrise de la dimension internationale des affaires, par l'acquisition de connaissances théoriques et méthodologiques ainsi que par des expériences pratiques.

Droit, Economie, Gestion
, M.Sc. Fashion Management

This program offers a specialized fashion management education in Paris, a renowned fashion capital. It is a mix of case studies, company visits, and guest speakers. The students will be benefit from relevant international partnerships and network with those working in the industry.

, M.Sc. Marketing

HEC Paris MSc Marketing is a unique program in marketing combining traditional knowledge with innovative courses on social and digital marketing.

, Master Management- Programme Grande Ecole

Join the Master in Management- Programme Grande Ecole degree programme offered by NEOMA Business School become a high-level manager, with solid cross-functional skills, a cutting-edge specialisation, able to unite individuals and rethink dominant models.

Postgraduate Studies
, M.Sc. Management

The 2-year Master of Science in Management aims to develop students’ personal skills that will allow them to be operational managers with a strategic perspective. They will be capable to act in an international and multicultural environment contributing to change management processes.

, M.Sc. Arts & NGO Management

The MSc in Creative Business (Arts, Entertainment, Media & Social Innovation) responds to the growing economic importance of creative industries. Taught in English on our Lille campus, the programme is entirely in tune with the expanding creative sector.

International Admissions
, M.Sc. Data Mining and Knowledge Management

The sheer amount of numerical data, textual documents, images, video, Web sites available today is overwhelming, and cannot satisfy, per se, the emerging knowledge society. It is indeed necessary to extract, from this wealth of information, the knowledge hidden inside. Only this ability could guarantee a better future to the individuals and the society, as well as a sustainable economical development and competitiveness.

Faculty of Economy and Management
, M.Sc. Management des Entreprises du Secteur de la Santé M2

Former des étudiants, cadres et professionnels de la santé désireux d'acquérir ou de conforter des connaissances en gestion diversifiées et complémentaires leur permettant soit d'être plus performant dans leur domaine d’action, soit de réorienter leur carrière vers des fonctions d’encadrement et de direction dans le secteur de la santé que ce soit dans le domaine du marketing (industrie pharmaceutique, prestataires, agences conseil) ou de la gestion des structures de soins ou établissements médicaux-sociaux.

Droit, Economie, Gestion
, Master Management: Ethique et Organisations

Des futurs doctorants souhaitant s’orienter vers l’enseignement et la recherche soit à l’Université, soit dans les Grandes Ecoles de Commerce ou d’Ingénieurs, ou envisageant d’exercer l’activité de consultants internes ou externes dans les organisations privées ou publiques et les collectivités

Science, Technologies, Santé
, Master Management: Pratique et Politiques de L'exportation

Cette formation à la fois pluridisciplinaire et pratique (incluant notamment le management des risques, techniques du commerce international, droit douanier, droit fiscal…) a pour objectif de former des praticiens du commerce international et des investissements internationaux, des cadres du secteur privé en France et à l’étranger, ainsi que des cadres des administrations nationales et internationales centrées sur les échanges internationaux.

Droit, économie, gestion
, Master International Food and Beverage Management

The Master in International Food & Beverage Management at ESCP Europe is a 1-year, full-time postgraduate programme across 2 Countries for those aiming for a successful career in the Food & Beverage sector as Managers, Executives and Entrepreneurs. It is taught in English and takes place at our Turin and Paris campuses, the perfect starting points to experience the excellence of Italy and France.

Master's Programmes
, MBA Luxury Brand Management

Luxury is going through a phenomenon much akin to the Big Bang our Universe has experienced billions of years ago. It is in perpetual movement and the core ideas defining its framework are being dismantled one by one. Is it still accurate to equate luxury with rarity when 94% of Japanese Women in their twenties are said to own a Louis Vuitton bag? Should we still assume that Luxury brands invariably utilize a price skimming strategy when Hermes was forced to hold its first ever sale in Hangzhou China in 2014?

Postgraduate Programmes
, Master EBS - International Business Management Specialization

The International Business Management specialization corresponds to a growing demand from graduates in their fifth year of higher education, with expertise in the techniques and practice of international business. The program focuses on strategy and competitive intelligence, which will provide students the necessary dimension to enter management positions at the international level.

Programme post-bac, BAC+ 5 visé
, Master Lab Science Trading

The Lab Science Trading programme is offered at the Université Grenoble Alpes (UGA). Students from all over the world attend this course. Lectures will be entirely in English. The student must have at least a M1 scientific level (or equivalent).

, M.Sc. Management - European Triple Degree - Grande Ecole

The In Management - European Triple Degree - Grande Ecole - Taught Fully in English programme - a triple advantage to start your career in global management. A triple degree from leading European institutions - emlyon business school (France), Ludwig Maximilian Universität (Germany) and Lancaster University Management School (United Kingdom), a 2-year multicultural experience, worldwide career opportunities!

International Programmes
, M.A. Public Policy (Dual Degree with the Graduate School of Public Policy at the University of Tokyo(GraSPP))

This two-year program, built on the complementary approaches of two prestigious members of the Global Public Policy Network (GPPN), combines the study of economics, public administration, global health and management. It is designed for young professionals who want to gain an expertise on the management and evaluation of public policy in the European context and at the heart of two major European capitals.

Sciences Po School of Public Affairs
, M.Sc. Business Analytics (University of London Institute in Paris)

Available to study at QMUL’s Mile End Campus in London or at the University of London Institute in Paris The MSc in Business Analytics is a new, block taught MSc that will be available both in Paris and in London. The MSc is offered in collaboration with QMUL’s School of Mathematics and is aimed at students who are highly numerate and have a strong interest in developing statistical and business skills required to succeed in the digital economy.

Business Management