Study Environmental Engineering in Germany

Study Environmental Engineering in Germany

Studying Environmental Engineering

Environmental engineering applies the theoretical background provided by the environmental sciences using engineering principles. The aim of an environmental engineer is to sustain or improve the natural environment in order to guarantee a good and healthy life quality for human beings as well as for other organisms.

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Studying in Germany

Universities in Germany are famous for excellent education, not only in engineering. German degrees are recognized all around the world and have a strong international focus. Various scholarships and special support for international students are available.

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13 Environmental Engineering Master's degrees in Germany

M.Sc. Cartography

Spatial context is relevant to an enormous amount of questions, problems and decisions. Maps and cartographic communication processes are keys for enabling humans to deal with all kind of spatial data in an efficient way. The domain of cartography can be seen as by definition very broad and interdisciplinary.

Faculty of Computer Science
M.Sc. Environmental Engineering

This Master program is devoted to all relevant skills on the quality of the environment and to the technologies for its conservation. It involves the basic theoretical and practical training from civil engineering programs and chemical engineering, microbiology, hydrology, and chemistry. It aims to broaden students‘ perspective on potential solutions to environmental problems.

International Academic Programmes
M.Sc. Resources Engineering

The accredited water-oriented Master Study Program "Resources Engineering" is aimed at educating students who will engage in water stewardship around the globe. The Resources Engineering programme is offered by the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT).

Department of Civil Engineering, Geo and Environmental Sciences
M.Sc. Management and Engineering in Water

This M.Sc. programme provides the educational base and professional foundation for water specialists. Water specialists that stand out for their ability to integrate scientific principles, engineering knowledge and management techniques for innovative problem solving. The programme consists of two semesters of lectures, exercises and practical courses in engineering at the RWTH Aachen University in combination with an eighteen-week management training at the Maastricht School of Management (MSM) in the Netherlands.

M.Eng. Engineering and International Business

Our interdisciplinary Master's programme is aimed at students who wish to get a business education while extending their technical knowledge and skills in the area of renewable energies, sustainable water supply and sustainable waste management. Students receive a profound management education and learn how to combine different technologies in order to develop tomorrow’s sustainable solutions.

M.Sc. Environmental Engineering

Environmental Engineering is devoted to the study of the quality of the environment and to the technology of its conservation. It involves the basic education and training from civil engineering programs and chemical engineering, microbiology, hydrology and chemistry in order to broaden their perspective on potential solutions to environmental problems.

M.Eng. Environmental Engineering (non-consecutive)

Master Environmental Engineering is an integrated study course offered by the faculties of applied sciences and civil engineering. MaEE has been designed as non-consecutive international full-time study-course of 3 semesters with 90 CP (ECTS). The language of instruction is English (proof of English language proficiency, e.g. TOEFL, IELTS is required).

International Masters Programs