27 Electrical Engineering Master's degrees in Germany

Electrical Engineering

Electrical engineering is a field of engineering that deals with the different aspects and applications of electricity-related phenomena. Important sub-disciplines of electrical engineering are power engineering, systems and control engineering as well as signal processing and telecommunications.

Find and compare 27 Masters in Electrical Engineering in Germany. Below is a selection of the available study options in Germany. If you're interested in studying Electrical Engineering in Germany you can view all 27 Master's programmes. You can also read more about the Electrical Engineering discipline in general, or about studying in Germany.

Suggested Master's Programmes

Optics & Photonics M.Sc. Optics & Photonics
  • Oct 2016
  • EEA € 100 per semester
  • 24 months

If you are looking for a master program that spans the bridge between undergraduate optics classes and the in-depth knowledge that is essential for cutting-edge research, then you have come to the right place.

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SENSE - Smart Electrical Networks and Systems M.Sc. SENSE - Smart Electrical Networks and Systems
  • Aug 2016
  • EEA € 0 per year
  • Non-EEA € 8,000 per year
  • 24 months

MSc SENSE develops your skills in electrical power engineering, innovation processes and entrepreneurship in the emerging field of Smart Grids. Its industry involvement gives students a broad industrial network plus the ability to combine engineering and entrepreneurship and develop their ability to analyse possibilities and risks from both a technical and business perspective.

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RWTH Aachen University

M.Sc. Electrical Engineering, Information Technology and Computer Engineering (Electrical Power Engineering)
  • Dec 2016
  • Not specified
  • 24 months

Electrical engineering and information technology greatly influence our everyday life with their technical innovations. Whether cell phones, microchips, batteries for electric cars, robot controls, energy supplies in wind power plants, or intelligent data compression during image transmission, all are equipment, parts, or process, that were invented with the help of electrical engineering and information technology. The course of study also accounts for the diversity of the subject.

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University of Ulm

M.Sc. Communications Technology
  • Mar 2016
  • EEA € 0 per year
  • Non-EEA € 0 per year
  • 24 months

Communications Technology, a two-year Master of Science Program which teaches a research-oriented curriculum with up-to-date content from telecommunications, optoelectronics, microelectronics, and microwave engineering has been preparing international students for exciting careers in today's global information society.

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Universities in Germany are famous for excellent education, not only in engineering. German degrees are recognized all around the world and have a strong international focus. Various scholarships and special support for international students are available.

English-Taught Education

Many universities in Germany offer study programmes taught in English. Studying abroad in English-taught classes makes it easier to transfer your acquired knowledge to other countries. Furthermore, English-taught education will ensure international career opportunities in the future. Before starting a programme, you need to have a basic knowledge of the English language. Find an English course on Language Learning Portal or assess your level of English by taking the IELTS language test.

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