Study Philosophy & Ethics in Ireland

Study Philosophy & Ethics in Ireland

Studying Philosophy & Ethics

Philosophy is one of the oldest areas of study that deals with fundamental problems of human life such as existence, knowledge and moral principles by using a systematic approach of rational arguments. Applied philosophy focuses on a certain area such as science, law or religion for example. Ethics is closely related to other branches of philosophy such as deontology, axiology (value theory), or moral and political philosophy.

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Studying in Ireland

From literature to landscape, from innovation to internationalisation, Ireland offers a lot of opportunities in education and research… and the warmest of welcomes from the world’s friendliest nation!

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11 Philosophy & Ethics Master's degrees in Ireland

, M.A. Philosophy and Literature

The MA in Philosophy and Literature (Mary Immaculate College, University of Limerick) is a taught programme, which is designed to provide an additional postgraduate academic qualification for graduates in the areas of Philosophy and English, and to give students a sense of the interdisciplinarity between the areas of Philosophy and English.

Faculty of Arts
, M.A. Philosophy

You will develop your skills of critical analysis in both speech and writing, precision and clarity in your self-expression and a much more nuanced appreciation of central philosophical questions.

School of Philosophy
, M.A. Ethics

This MA in Ethics programme provides participants with knowledge, skills and competence to examine ethical issues, challenges and dilemmas in professional and public life from a wide spectrum of ethical worldviews and theories.

Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences
, M.A. Philosophy (Higher Diploma)

The Diploma and the Higher Diploma in Philosophy are part-time postgraduate programmes in Philosophy and provide students who already possess a third level qualification with a qualification in Philosophy. The courses are open to any student who satisfies the entry requirements: a third-level qualification in any subject or combination. For the Diploma the programme of study will extend over one year and its modules are drawn from the first and second year of the BA Philosophy programme.

Faculty of Arts, Celtic Studies and Philosophy
, M.A. Values & Knowledge

The relation between values and knowledge is a central concern for any society. At present, it is widely assumed that the pursuit of knowledge is valuable only to the degree that it has measurable practical benefits as an outcome. Our MA programme offers a context for detailed consideration of this assumption. We identify and question the issues involved in it at deeper levels of analysis than are available through ordinary discussion.

College of Arts, Social Sciences, & Celtic Studies
, M.A. Philosophy and Sociology on Global Ethics

Global Ethics is the first programmatic area being developed within the joint programmes of the School of Sociology and Philosophy. The MA and Postgraduate Diploma in Philosophy and Sociology address the ethical dimensions of globalization.

School of Sociology and Philosophy
, M.A. Philosophy

The MA Philosophy helps students to advance their general philosophical education while at the same time giving them the opportunity to pursue their own philosophical interest.

College of Arts, Celtic Studies and Social Sciences
, M.A. Philosophy and Public Affairs

The MA in Philosophy and Public Affairs is especially designed for those people with an interest in public policy debates, e.g. in journalism, the civil service, public policy research institutes, etc.. At the same time, it will be useful for any job requiring a subtle understanding of debate and disagreement, or requiring close attention to texts.

School of Philosophy
, M.A. Philosophy and Literature

The MA in Philosophy and Literature will be useful for any job requiring a subtle understanding of debate and disagreement, or requiring close attention to texts, especially in the cultural sector.

School of Philosophy
, M.A. Philosophy

This MA relates discourses and developments in the history in Western philosophy up to the 21st century. It thus aims at carrying out a serious philosophical analysis of some of the underlying cultural themes and philosophical presuppositions of Western self understanding and contemporary society. Building upon the strengths of critical thinking, systematic reflection, and historical awareness developed at undergraduate level, the programme allows the student to explore thematic concerns of philosophers in the Western tradition from medieval times to the 21st century.

Faculty of Arts, Celtic Studies and Philosophy
, M.A. Consciousness and Embodiment

The MA draws on the research interests of philosophers and cognitive scientists in UCD. It brings together expertise from the phenomenological and analytic traditions in philosophy as well as empirical approaches to the study of the mind/brain to offer a unique taught Masters course on a much discussed and important topic.

School of Philosophy