Study Design in Italy

Study Design in Italy

Studying Design

Design can fulfil functional as well as aesthetical purposes while also considering economical and social aspects. Design studies can have a very different focus and scale. Whereas industrial design is focused on designing products, urban design is considering the arrangement, appearance and functionality towns and cities.

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Studying in Italy

Italy is a highly-developed country with the 7th-highest GDP and the 17th-highest Human Development Index rating in the world. It is a member of the G8 and a founding member of what is now the European Union (having signed the Treaty of Rome in 1957), of the Council of Europe and of the Western European Union.

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59 Design Master's degrees in Italy

Master Fashion Styling

A breathtaking program to create the Fashion Stylist. The Fashion Styling at Polimoda Institute of Fashion Design and Marketing is a master of the image, who’s able to dictate visuals through understanding the language of today’s aesthetic paradigms and shape the collective imaginary of tomorrow. This is an icon-maker, who works closely with designers, video-makers, photographers and artists.

Business & Communication
M.A. Interior Design

The 2-year NABA MA in Interior Design at Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti Milano (NABA) offers an interdisciplinary pathway characterized by specific methodological and technical approaches for the designing of interiors and outfitting.

Master Brand Design and Management: Food, Wine and Tourism

The Master in Brand Design and Management: Food, Wine and Tourism from Istituto Europeo Di Design (IED) is designed to train professionals in the construction and management of formats and services in the hospitality sector alongside management and communication experts in the Food & Wine sector.

Florence, School of Communication
Master Accessories Design

Accessories Design at Polimoda Institute of Fashion Design and Marketing is an effective program teaching how to design and produce collections of accessories based on the long-standing, sophisticated, Italian legacy of craftsmanship. Accessories designers interpret the fetishism of fashion whilst maintaining their artistic integrity and communicating the power of a product made by hand.

Master Product Design

A good product began as a need that a designer identified and brought to life in the form of an object or mechanism. It is a reflection of society. It is about potentiality, adaptation, discovery. Domus Academy offers the Master in Product Design.

Design Department
Master Transportation Design - IED Turin

The Master in Transportation Design - IED Turin offered by the Istituto Europeo Di Design (IED) - in Italy and Spain sets itself up as an incubator for tomorrow's professionals and, thanks to an ongoing relationship with Companies closely involved in this sector, it intends to contribute to the creation of very sought after and highly specialised professionals.

Turin, School of Design
Master Jewelry Design - IED Rome

The objective of the Master in Jewellery Design is to form professionals who will be able to enter and succeed in the complex world of jewellery, a sector evolving over the past two decades which has been subject to important transformations and that, as such, requires a thorough understanding of all its aspects. The jewel designer must be able to operate in different areas of the jewellery (watches, fine jewellery, precious stones, fashion accessories, metals ...) with an open mind for creative aspects, as well as those operative (from centenary techniques to more sophisticated tools such as three-dimensional modeling). The Master also offers a broad and strategic vision on trends and market developments, in order to interpret and give an original character to collections, in line with future scenarios.

Rome, School of Fashion
Master Information Design

Information Design at Domus Academy is a growing discipline strongly required by private companies, social enterprises and government agencies to crunch, interpret and visualize data for effective internal communications and public relations.

Master Creative Direction

Creative Direction at Polimoda Institute of Fashion Design and Marketing is a wide and deep program shaping the newest evolution of the fashion designer, the Creative Director. This is one who leads a design studio, the identity of a fashion brand, as well as specials project in the society of the spectacle, with the typical sensorial and conceptual approach required from art management.

Master Interaction Design

Interaction Design is about creating a product, service, or space that interacts with the body or the mind through innovative technology. The Master in Interaction Design is delivered at Domus Academy.

Design Department
Master Animation Design - IED Milan

The Master in Animation Design - IED Milan at Istituto Europeo Di Design (IED) - in Italy and Spain aims first of all to consolidate and upgrade skills in animation concept design with a focus on the topics, contents and styles that characterize the current production.

Milan, School of Design
M.A. Product Design

The 2-year MA in Design – specialization in Product Design at Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti Milano (NABA) allows students to become 360-degree designers, able to manage the most advanced techniques with an awareness of the latest product developments and trends.

M.A. Eco-social Design

The two-year Master of Arts in Eco-Social Design at Free University of Bozen-Bolzano focusses on the potentials of local communities and economies, and on how to unfold them in a globalized world

Faculty of Design and Art
Master Business Design

The Master in Business Design program from Domus Academy creates new connections between the worlds of business and design. You’ll work on projects relating to the business of design—and the design of business.

Business Design Department
Master Luxury Brand Management

If you imagine yourself working in the world of luxury—of fine, distinctive products and experiences—the Master in Luxury Brand Management from Domus Academy may be your program. It’s a program that turns participants into inspired managers and marketers within the highly competitive fields of luxury fashion, jewelry, cosmetics, hospitality, gastronomy, beauty, or art.

Fashion Department
Master Urban Vision and Architectural Design

Cities are experimental laboratories where humans formulate and refine responses to our basic needs: for shelter, relationships, movement, commerce. In the Master in Urban Vision and Architectural Design program from Domus Academy, you will learn strategies for transforming a city, from private developments to public space.

Architecture Department
Master Visual Brand Design

The concept of branding has evolved far beyond company logos and colors. Today, branding incorporates several disciplines, from visual design to sound design; from storytelling to consumer psychology to marketing. The Master in Visual Brand Design course is delivered at Domus Academy.

Design Department
Master Service Design

The Master in Service Design program at Domus Academy is meant to foster storytelling and prototyping skills, the problem-solving and business design approach to help students develop innovative service ideas.

M.Sc. Digital and Interaction Design

Responding to the development of Information and Communication Technologies in the last decades, the programme will provide knowledge and design experiences in all the application fields of digital technologies: interactive and connected products, responsive environments, tangible and multimedia interfaces, personal artifacts. The focus is on design for experience through the innovation of artefacts, spaces and services.

School of Design
M.Sc. Communication Design

The Master of science programme in communication design prepares a designer able to cope with strategic communication problems, providing innovative solutions and coordinating all the roles and competences involved in a complex communication project.

School of Design
M.Sc. Yacht Design

The M.Sc. Yacht Design degree will supply you with the method of study and the basic scientific skills required to keep updated your training in time. The Yacht Design programme is offered at the University degli Studi di Genova.

M.Sc. Design & Engineering

The programme created by the cooperation in the educational project of the disciplinary areas of Design, Mechanical Engineering and Materials Engineering, has the objective of specialist training in three fundamental areas: Design, Process and Industrial Production; Design Materials; Representation and Prototyping.

School of Design
Master Basic Course in Visual Design

The OneYear course aims at consolidating the basics of visual design thereby allowing a critical approach to the design stage. The study plan includes lessons on Basic Design alongside general training. The first of these provide an historical, cultural and scientific background to visual design focusing in particular on visual processes, also studied from a theoretical and physiological point of view.

Visual Design Master Course
Master Architectural Design

The aim of the Master’s course in Architecture is the advanced training of Architects according to the requirements of knowledge and skills as defined by the European Union Directive EC 1985/384 and subsequent 2005/36/EC.

Master Social and Collaborative Housing

This Specializing Master is organized by Politecnico di Milano consortium, with the support of the Politecnico di Milano Design School and the School of Architecture, Urban Planning and Construction Engineering at the Politecnico di Milano.

Master Yacht Design

The Politecnico di Milano Design School jointly offers this Specializing Master with the, Consorzio del Politecnico di Milano. The program was founded to meet the strong demand for training in the pleasure-cratf segment. The yacht's market requires professionals with specialist post-university training.

Master Graphic Design - IED Florence

The master in Graphic Design - IED Florence from Istituto Europeo Di Design (IED) - in Italy and Spain offers a path that is developed in a continuous relation between different fields, integrating the knowledge of the tools and technologies, the project culture and methodology with a sensibility towards Visual Communication and its representations.

M.Sc. Human Computer Interaction and Design (HCID)

The programme in Human Computer Interaction and Design (HCID) at EIT Digital Master School focuses on study, design, development and evaluation of novel user interfaces and interactive systems taking into account human aspects, at the cognitive and sensory-motor levels, technological aspects, as well as business aspects.

Master Service Design

The Specializing Master in Service Design was created in response to the growing demand by firms and the public sector for specific professionals (designers, consultants, and creative directors) able to handle the complexities of designing a service.

Master Car and Transportation Design Master Course

The Master programme embraces the entire design development process by researching into new experiential concepts, redefining architectural solutions and moving forward with new criteria for comfort and efficiency. Today’s design paradigm must be brought into question in order to better interpret new aesthetic and social trends.

Product Design
M.A. Luxury Interior Design

The Luxury Interior Designer is the creative mind who is responsible for designing the interior spaces of a myriad of different environments: prestigious boutiques, select clubs, exclusive resorts, private residences or luxury yachts.

The Master courses
Master Curatorship of Architecture and Design

The Master Curatorship of Architecture and Design from Universita IUAV di Venezia aims to train professionals capable of developing curatorial projects with a solid foundation in theory and critical thinking with a vast knowledge of strategies in exhibition making.

Master Accessory Design

Today, accessories make fashion. Shoes, jewerly, handbags and hats are the icons of style and taste, symbols of distinction and identity but also witnesses of the made in Italy quality. For this reason the major fashion brands always give more importance to accessories in its multiple interpretations requiring dedicated professionals. Accessories also intersect with the high-tech performance materials.

Master Color Design & Technology

The Specializing Master in Color Design and Technology aims to provide advanced training to professionals, so as to enable them to understand and manage the many technological and design issues, often across many disciplinary areas, typical of all those professional and research sectors in which the use and management of color are essential.

Master Fine Art Program: Communication Design

SACI’s MFA in Communication Design program provides students with a unique opportunity to explore intensively and expand exponentially their personal practice through direct exposure to historical and contemporary 2D design approaches rooted in Europe and international in scope. Active participation and critical dialogue are fostered through frequent exchanges with SACI faculty members, visiting instructors, and guest lecturers.

Master Basic Course in Product Design

The OneYear Course is aimed at providing basic training for product and interior designers. This aim is achieved through a well balanced teaching programme that solidifies the necessary methodological tools for approaching a project. Topics covered in the course are included in the study plan so as to consolidate historical and cultural backgrounds and provide a conceptual framework to refer to.

Product Design
Master Digital Strategy

Master in Digital Strategy Boost your future, now. Digital Strategy is a first level university Specializing Master of the Politecnico di Milano, an evolution of "Specializing Master SNID - Social Network Influence Design", which was created with the objective of training professionals to plan, coordinate, and monitor digital marketing and communication strategies.

Master Lighting Design & Led Technology

The master aim to form professionals able to follow the lighting design plan: in interior architecture, in exteriors, on live stage and show, in museum setup, in relation with the productive reality and technological innovation of the field. The result of the master is an innovative professional with proficiencies on the main lighting design activities for the manufactures, design offices and public administration.

Pre-Master Domus Academy Pre-Master’s Program

The Domus Academy Pre-Master’s Program is a four-month intensive postgraduate course that will prepare you to enter a Master’s program in the field of Design, Fashion, Architecture or Business, at Domus Academy.

M.Sc. Product Design

The Master of Science in Product Design is a studio-based program for students who wish to hone their ability to innovate. Candidates should be interested in the integration of design, technology, culture and business. The course encourages creative thinking and critical reflection as fundamental design tools for the development of new objects and ideas to improve people’s lives.

Faculty of Architecture