Study Management, Organisation & Leadership in Italy

Study Management, Organisation & Leadership in Italy

Studying Management, Organisation & Leadership

Management, organisation and leadership sciences deal with all the operations and their coordination towards reaching goals set by organisations. As part of business administration studies, the field involves areas such as human resources, organizational behaviour, business strategy, entrepreneurship, innovation, performance management, communication.

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Studying in Italy

Italy is a highly-developed country with the 7th-highest GDP and the 17th-highest Human Development Index rating in the world. It is a member of the G8 and a founding member of what is now the European Union (having signed the Treaty of Rome in 1957), of the Council of Europe and of the Western European Union.

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70 Management, Organisation & Leadership Master's degrees in Italy

M.Sc. Management

This MSc aims to help students develop problem-solving skills, acquiring the competencies, abilities and aptitudes required to operate as managers in companies and consulting firms, or as entrepreneurs.The Management programme is offered at Università Commerciale Luigi Bocconi.

Master Programs
M.Sc. International Management

This challenging study program gives students the tools required to understand the global world we live in, training prospective managers and entrepreneurs to make a major contribution to the performance of organizations of all types around the world, while applying the ideas of responsible and sustainable futures to business operations in practice.The International Management programme is offered at Università Commerciale Luigi Bocconi.

Master Programs
M.Sc. Political Marketing

Working in politics has never required as many professional competencies as in this historical period. Playing an active role in an electoral campaign on in the life of a party, but also writing about politics on a daily basis, are activities that, without specific training and without the mastery of the most up-to-date techniques, risk being unproductive.

Master Brand Design and Management: Food, Wine and Tourism

The Master in Brand Design and Management: Food, Wine and Tourism from Istituto Europeo Di Design (IED) is designed to train professionals in the construction and management of formats and services in the hospitality sector alongside management and communication experts in the Food & Wine sector.

Florence, School of Communication
M.Sc. Management

The Management program at the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore (UCSC) is a two-year course designed for students wishing to concentrate their career to assume an active role in managerial processes typical of companies operating in a global scenario.

M.Sc. International Luxury Management

The MSc in International Luxury Management is a unique double degree programme offered by NEOMA Business School and created jointly by NEOMA Business School and MIP Politecnico di Milano. We associated our complementary academic and professional skills and practices to deliver a curriculum specialised in how to understand, create and manage value in a luxury firm.

Postgraduate Studies
Master Economics and Management of the Public Sector

This two-year Economics and Management of the Public Sector Master programme, belonging to the class ‘Public Administration Sciences’ (LM-63), taught at the Free University of Bozen - Bolzano aims to create professionals who will be able to react to the new demands for efficiency, efficacy and economy in complex administrative structures. It is based on a multidisciplinary approach and provides students with transversal analytical skills.

Faculty of Economics and Management
Master Fashion Management

Analyze. Strategize. Manifest. The Master in Fashion Management at Domus Academy is a multi-disciplinary program for dynamic individuals who wish to enhance both their creative and managerial skills within the world of fashion.

Fashion Department
M.Sc. Master in Arts and Culture Management

Training of excellence, paid internships, career service, international networking and many others benefits for your professional and personal development. Teaching formulas for every demand. The Rome Business School’s Master’s Degree in Arts and Culture Management is an exclusive programme designed for motivated international participants aiming at getting world-class competencies and at developing a successful global career in the fields of arts and culture.

Master Luxury Goods Management - EMLUX

The Master in Luxury Goods Management - EMLUX at the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore (UCSC) is aimed at those students who wish to begin their career path in the luxury industry, a sector that requires both an understanding of the process of creativity and a solid managerial approach in order to succeed in an international multifaceted environment.

M.Sc. Marketing Management

Marketing has become a major driver of both performance within organizations and organizational decisions. The program allows students to develop wide-ranging professional know-how in the area of marketing management, thanks to a unique combination of course contents. The Marketing Management programme is offered at Università Commerciale Luigi Bocconi.

Master Programs
M.A. Arts Management - IED Rome

The Master in Arts Management is a 11-month full-immersion interdisciplinary course, that is truly featured by unique itinerant formula. The study plan is divided in the three prestigious locations of Florence, Rome and Venice, to engage students in a grand tour of contemporary art and education, with a focus on the jobs of the future.

Rome, School of Communication
Master Arts Management

The Master in Arts Management at the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore (UCSC) offers a unique learning experience preparing students to embark on a management career in the arts and creative industry. The one-year program aims at developing skills and providing tools to deal with the new challenges of the domains of both the visual and performing arts, with an international perspective.

Master Fashion Culture and Management

The second cycle degree course in Fashion Culture and Management – FCM – is an innovative programme developed by the University of Bologna and totally delivered in English. It focuses on two main academic platforms, one based on the tradition of cultural studies, the other covering economics disciplines.

School of Arts, Humanities, and Cultural Heritage
M.Sc. International Master in Multichannel Marketing Management

The International Master in Multichannel Marketing Management at MIP Politecnico Di Milano is a programme that aims to provide a solid background to face the challenges of contemporary marketing practice: digital marketing, mobile marketing, non-conventional marketing, multichannel communication, quantitative and (big) data-driven marketing, matching between brand management, creativity and content marketing and data analysis, modeling and accountability.

Master Programmes
M.Sc. Business Administration, Curriculum International Management (CLAMDA IM)

Business Administration, Curriculum International Management (CLAMDA IM) from the University of Bologna is a Laurea Magistrale - 2 year Master Degree programme. It is a graduate course that preparesstudents for a professional career, shaping professional figuresqualified to assume managerial positions in an international environment.

School of Economics, Management, and Statistics
M.Sc. Industrial Engineering and Management

The MSc in Industrial Engineering and Management at Polytechnic University of Turin aims to train engineers who can fully understand systemic issues that affect the life of enterprises. The purpose of the program is to qualify a graduate who is equipped both from a technological and from an economic and management perspective.

M.Sc. Innovation and Organization of Culture and the Arts (GIOCA)

Graduates of this Innovation and Organization of Culture and the Arts (GIOCA) course from the University of Bologna will be professional figures with advanced management training, qualified for working in cultural organisations and able to collaborate competently with the artistic-cultural dimension of these organisations.

School of Economics, Management, and Statistics
M.Sc. Tourism Economics and Management (TEaM)

The Tourism Economics and Management (TEaM) Master from the University of Bologna aims to prepare managers and professionals able to tackle the global challenges of contemporary tourism: being, at the same time, engine of economic growth, key-player of sustainable development, and promoter of the cultural heritage.

School of Economics, Management, and Statistics
Master Global Entrepreneurship Economics and Management (GEEM)

The master programme in Global Entrepreneurship Economics and Management (GEEM) at the University of Insubria is focused on entrepreneurship and innovation in an international perspective. This is strictly linked to the ever changing working context and the requirements of national and international companies. GEEM is entirely taught in English.

Master Congress Management & Marketing Degli Eventi

Congress Management & Marketing Degli Eventi (SESEF) - Organizzare un evento, un convegno, una convention o un meeting, promuovere un marchio, un'azienda o avviare una campagna pubblicitaria è un lavoro estremamente stimolante, che coinvolge e richiama le capacità progettuali e creative di chi è coinvolto nella realizzazione.

Master in Congress Management & Marketing degli Eventi - Barcellona
Master MFB - Management in Food & Beverage

The Master of Management in Food & Beverage (MFB) is a full-time, international, one-year program that is taught entirely in English and attracts students from all over the world. The program focuses on management of F&B and related companies, such as restaurants, hotels, resorts and advanced retailers, from an innovative and effective perspective. MFB has a multidisciplinary approach and adopts an experiential method.

Specialized Masters
M.Sc. Management

The Master in Management at European School of Economics - Florence aims to provide students with a comprehensive view of international management, exploring the critical factors for cross-national business success, the impact of globalisation on the international business environment, trade theories, and internationalisation strategies.

Master Brand Management and Communication - IED Milan

Today the Brand Manager represents a key figure of the company, and should be a connoisseur of the brand, an innovator prepared and competent and a skilled tactician. The Master in Brand Management and Communication - IED Milan from Istituto Europeo Di Design (IED) - in Italy and Spain forms professionals able to create, develop and manage a brand awareness through all the tools of marketing and communication.

Master Public Procurement Management

The International Master in Public Procurement Management is a full-time, advanced level, one-year postgraduate Master programme with classroom lectures running from March to July in Rome, Italy, followed by distance-learning and a mandatory professional traineeship in a company or institution, whether in Italy, in the student's home country or elsewhere.

Master International Management

The Masters degree programme in International Management is designed to meet the growing demand of businesses and organisations for specialised graduates capable of assuming operational and managerial roles in internationalisation processes. The profound changes and increasing competitiveness within international markets have lead companies to hire new professionals to promote innovative and more effective methods for dealing with emerging markets.

M.Sc. Global Business Management

The Global Business Management programme from Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore (UCSC) aims to endow students with the listed skills so as to enable them to quickly adapt to an international environment, whilst understanding the dynamics, and knowing how to effectively identify solutions to managerial problems in such settings.

Economics and Law
M.A. Arts Management

This M.A. shapes a new breed of professionals in the arts management field by offering Liberal Arts, Humanities, Fine Arts, Film, Media and Communication graduates the opportunity to acquire the appropriate management and business skills, thus enabling them to capitalize upon their previous grounding within the arts.

Master Servizi Avanzati (Ms. in Management)

Il Master in Management ti offre un'opportunità per coniugare le proprie valenze culturali con competenze manageriali. Lavorare in team e acquisire tecniche di gestione aziendale per preparare i nuovi manager a fronteggiare le sfide competitive dei nuovi scenari economici.

Master Universitari
M.Sc. Business Management

The Masters of Science in Business Management aims to provide students with the knowledge, skills and know-how that is necessary for managerial and entrepreneurial roles in firms, as well as business consultants.

Faculty of Economics
Master Entrepreneurship and Innovation

The Degree Course Entrepreneurship and Innovation, entirely held in English, aims at offering knowledge and tools to understand the trends related to the global economy, with special attention to innovation dynamics and the growth of new and established firms. The Entrepreneurship and Innovation programme is offered at University of Padova.

Master International Food and Beverage Management

The Master in International Food & Beverage Management at ESCP Europe is a 1-year, full-time postgraduate programme across 2 Countries for those aiming for a successful career in the Food & Beverage sector as Managers, Executives and Entrepreneurs. It is taught in English and takes place at our Turin and Paris campuses, the perfect starting points to experience the excellence of Italy and France.

Master's Programmes
Master Sales and Marketing Management

Il Master in Sales and Marketing forma manager con un profilo completo di competenze nell’area marketing, fornendo le chiavi per entrare in azienda dalla porta principale: quella commerciale e delle relazioni con il mercato.

Master Management in the Energy Industry

The idea of the master in Management in the Energy Industry from LUISS Business School is to transform and leverage students’ background, building competences towards the functional tasks and a solid knowledge of the ecosystem.

Master Tourism Management

The Master in Tourism Management at Luiss Business School offers an enthusiastic learning experience to make your attitude towards Tourism Industry a competitive capability on the job market.

Master Management

This two-year, full-time general Management Master programme provides the opportunity to study in up to four countries, with options ranging from ESCP Europe Business School's own six European campuses to our 70 partners worldwide.

Master's Programmes
Master Global Luxury Goods and Services Management

The Global Luxury Goods and Services Management is a new program that offers a gateway to highly rewarding careers in luxury management, delivered by SP Jain School of Global Management in collaboration with MIP Politecnico Di Milano Graduate School of Business. Candidates study in the luxury capitals of the world – Milan & Mumbai – and two of the world’s top business schools, to graduate with a degree that is recognized all over the world.

M.Sc. Business Administration and Management

The degree programme aims to provide all the specialist knowledge, both theoretical and practical, necessary to assume top positions within corporations, as well as to operate freelance in the area of management of new ventures and internationalisation. Particular attention will be focused on topics related to internal and external audits of public and private companies of all sizes.

School of Economics, Management, and Statistics
Master Port Economics and Management (PEM)

The International Master PEM, presented by Ca’ Foscari University with the collaboration of Venice Port Authority, aims to provide the students with the knowledge and the instruments that are needed to become the port manager of tomorrow.

Ca' Foscari Challenge School
M.Sc. Management of Development

The Programme provides participants with the knowledge and skills for effective participation in the management of development projects. It explores the evolution of development theories and how successful national development needs to be founded on the integration of sound socio-economic analysis with an enabling legal environment. The contents aremulti-disciplinary, ranging from exploration of key topics in development economics, to the rule-of-law and the foundation pillars for the creation and effective operation of development institutions. In addition, the Programme imparts a full spectrum of competencies needed for project cycle management (PCM).

Turin School of Development
Master Product and Programme Management

The Master’s Course in Product and Programme Management at Accademia del Lusso aims to build a professional figure who has the strategic skills to penetrate the production side of fashion and luxury business and work as a manager in the product area of the luxury goods and fashion sectors.

Master Attività Industriali (Ms. in Management)

Il Master in Management consente ai laureati in discipline scientifico tecnologiche un più veloce inserimento nel mondo del lavoro attraverso il completamento delle proprie competenze tecniche con l'acquisizione di skill manageriali orientati alla gestione di collaboratori e di progetti di grande impatto economico.

Master Universitari
Master Management Engineering

The Master's Degree in Management Engineering is part of the "International Programs" of the University of Bergamo and it is a two year Course offered both in Italian and in English. The admission criteria are the same for the Italian-taught and the English-taught paths. The choice of the path takes place at pre-enrolment.

Department of Engineering and Applied Sciences
M.Sc. International Management, Entrepreneurship and Finance

The International Management, Entrepreneurship and Finance degree at the University of Bergamo is addressed to students who seek a multidisciplinary and international managerial preparation (finance, international trade, international business, management, Leadership & HRM, marketing and entrepreneurship) and an environment where to develop multidisciplinary competences, operative and behavioural skills through training and hands-on learning.

Faculty of Economics and Business Administration
M.Sc. International Management - MIM

MIM - the Master in International Management of the University of Trento - is a two-year full-time program ('Laurea Magistrale') that equips home and international students with refined business knowledge, practical experience and personal skills. Specifically, it provides a sound knowledge in management with solid foundations in economics and law, together with a quantitative orientation and the exposure to a mixture of world-wide cultures.

Faculty of Economics
MBA International Management

The MBA in International Management is a one-year, two-country full-time programme which provides young professionals with the business skills and mindset for a successful international career. You will join a cohort of students from around the world with diverse educational and professional backgrounds.

M.Sc. Health Management

The Master of Science in Health Management is taught fully online in the English language and has been designed by the International Telematic University Uninettuno in order to provide the necessary knowledge and expertise to senior managers and leaders of the health sector. The emphasis is on health management in an international and local setting and the program draws on an emerging body of knowledge and evidence to allow comparisons across different countries.

M.Sc. Management

The MiM is a two-year, full-time program that weaves academic excellence, pivotal location, and superb networking prospects, to help graduates kick-start their international careers as responsible managers, finance executives, entrepreneurs, or business consultants.

Department of Business and Management
Master EMiLUX - Executive Master in Luxury Management

The EMiLUX - Executive Master in Luxury Management programme from SDA Bocconi School of Management is a post-experience, modular program, taught over 13 months. Without having to leave their job, participants will start opening doors they never knew were there, to meet their goals successfully.

Executive Masters
Master Finance, Insurance And Risk Management

The Master in Finance, Insurance and Risk Management at Collegio Carlo Alberto aims at preparing students for high level careers in investment, private and commercial banking, securities design and trading, risk and asset management, risk management, asset allocation and actuarial sciences with the strong quantitative background in view of the challenges posed by solvency II.

Master's programmes