Study History in Portugal

Study History in Portugal

Studying History

History belongs to the field of humanities and deals with past events of the world’s countries and civilizations. It is a wide field of study with numerous branches which can be categorised by region, era, or subject. History leads to careers in heritage management, museum education, teaching and others.

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Studying in Portugal

Portugal is one of the oldest nations in Europe; with fine weather, beautiful beaches, rich culture and friendly inhabitants. Seize the opportunity to discover Portugal while you are earning your degree.

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5 History Master's degrees in Portugal

Master History, International Relations and Cooperation

With the Masters degree in History, International Relations and Cooperation, we intend to qualify the students in order to gain the necessary skills in several scientific domains regarding the area of International Relations, according to the level requested by the career possibilities in international cooperation.

Faculty of Arts
Master Teaching History in the 3rd cycle of Basic Education and in Secondary Education

The Masters degree in History and Geography Teaching is a second cycle course which gives professional qualification for teaching History and Geography in basic and secondary education. This cycle of studies promotes the development of the scientific and pedagogical competences necessary to become teacher. Its main goal is to articulate the teaching and learning processes with current teachers qualifications demands, due to transformations in society, in education and in scientific and technological evolution.

Faculty of Arts
Master History and Heritage

The Master’s degree in History and Heritage is divided in three branches of specialization: Local and Regional Studies – Memory Construction, Historic Archives and Patrimonial Mediation.

Faculty of Arts
Master Medieval Studies

The first year of the course, divided into two semesters, corresponds to the Masters Course (not confer a degree) in Medieval Studies, with 60 ECTS credits, whose completion is essential for the transition to the 2nd year.

Faculty of Arts