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Mathematics is one of the fundamental sciences that is not only taught at many ages but also has applications in many academic fields. After graduating, students can become researchers, teachers, or even work in many branches of engineering.

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Russia is surface-wise the largest country in the world, occupiying all of northern Asia and fourty percent of Europe. It has the world's highest forest, mineral and energy reserves and 25% of th world's fresh water resources. Russia neighbours 16 other countries and is the fastest growing major ecenomy of the world.

14 Mathematics Master's degrees in Russia

Master GNSS algorithms and hardware

Samara National Research University offers this GNSS algorithms and hardware master program for students, who want to become experts in GNSS area. Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) penetrates into many important elements of contemporary human's life. Being an expert in GNSS means, that you are on the edge of state-of-art technologies of electronics and computer science.

Institute of IT, Mathematics and Electronics
Master GNSS positioning algorithms and applications

The aim of the GNSS positioning algorithms and applications program at Samara National Research University is to prepare highly qualified specialists, capable to develop efficient algorithms and software for GNSS data processing, adapt typical solutions for specific purposes, implement new algorithms of data processing for positioning based on GNSS like GPS, GLONASS, Galileo.

Institute of IT, Mathematics and Electronics
M.Sc. Mathematics

The Mathematics programme at National Research University - Higher School of Economics (HSE) aims at training professional researchers in mathematical sciences and experts in mathematical education. Students will be prepared for Ph.D. qualifying tests in Algebra, Topology and Analysis, have own research agenda and experience and have teaching experience at university level.

M.Sc. Advanced Cybernetics

The programme is based around lectures, tutorials, and hands-on practical work (mastering the basic methods of modelling and simulation). In preparation for their research projects, students will obtain in-depth knowledge and practical skills within the chosen research area.

M.Sc. Mathematics and Computer Science

Master’s degree programme in mathematics and computer science aims at developing professionals for systems integrators and software companies, large and medium-sized enterprises with their own IT departments, research organizations conducting research and development in the field of high technology.

M.Sc. Big Data Analytics

The innovative project-oriented training in Data Science led by the minds that envision and hands that shape the future of Big Data World. Your diploma from Novosibirsk State University will read Master of Science. Only because our "Wizard" degree is not yet official.

Faculty of Information Technologies
Master Theoretical and Mathematical Physics

The Theoretical and Mathematical Physics programme at RUDN University provides specialists with analytical, critical and creative skills, essential for students to become competitive professionals in the field of applied and theoretical physics, and in high-techindustry and management spheres — everywhere modern IT are used.