Study Computer Science & IT in Spain

Study Computer Science & IT in Spain

Studying Computer Science & IT

Computer sciences and IT degrees focus on developing the theoretical foundation for information and computer systems as well as the application of those foundations. Computer science students can pursue a broad area of specialisations, in the fields of artificial intelligence, computer networks, IT security, information databases, web technologies, graphics and multimedia, and more.

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Studying in Spain

The Spanish university system dates back to the Middle Ages. The oldest among Spanish Universities is Salamanca, founded in 1218. The present system, however, is actually descendant of the 19th century liberal university, inspired by the centralized French model.

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82 Computer Science & IT Master's degrees in Spain

Master Global Executive Master in Digital Business

The Global Executive Master in Digital Business program from ISDI provides a unique training experience that combines face-to-face learning and online training including three weeks with the finest top-calibre digital experts from around the world.

Master Business Analytics and Big Data

The Master in Business Analytics and Big Data is an innovative gateway degree designed to train the new generation of data-savvy professionals. These detail-oriented individuals, who understand all business functions and also possess highly specialized analytical skills, will play a key role in the upcoming data-driven era. By optimizing performance and driving quality, they will lead companies in the processes of making important decisions to remain competitive in a high-speed changing business environment. On this program you will work on 3 projects with top companies such as, IBM, Telefonica, and BBVA.

IE - School of Human Sciences and Technology
M.Sc. Management (specialization in IT Management)

The Master of Science in Management (specialization in IT management) at UPF Barcelona School of Management is a one-year, full time program entirely taught in English. It provides students with multidisciplinary education to learn how to align technology strategy with business strategy.

International programmes
M.Sc. Data Science (DSC)

The Data Science (DSC) Master’s at EIT Digital Master School offers a unique academic programme, whereby students can study data science, innovation, and entrepreneurship at leading European universities. In this programme, students will learn about scalable data collection techniques, data analysis methods, and a suite of tools and technologies that address data capture, processing, storage, transfer, analysis, and visualization, and related concepts.

Master Transformación Digital y Desarrollo de Negocio

Ell Máster en Transformación Digital y Desarrollo de Negocio de OBS Business School se centra en los aspectos claves tanto desde el punto de vista técnico como humano, para afrontar este nuevo entorno con garantías: el negocio online. Una necesidad para los profesionales y emprendedores digitales de nuestro tiempo.

MBA E-Business

The Master of Business Administration in E-Business at EU Business School prepares you to thrive in an online business context, examining a broad range of topics from online architecture to usability, while covering many of the relevant issues that managers face in internet-based environments.

English Programs
M.Sc. SENSE - Smart Electrical Networks and Systems

Smart electric grids are a critical component in the creation of a more sustainable power supply. MSc SENSE enables you to develop the engineering and entrepreneurial skills needed to understand, design, implement and manage smart grids, while enhancing your understanding of the role played by new ways of thinking, new technologies and new businesses in this changing landscape.

Postgrad.Cert. Business Intelligence and Analytics

In just one year you can become a Business Intelligence and Analytics professional highly specialised in Microsoft Technology. Break your routine and become a successful professional – Expect an amazing today and an extraordinary tomorrow.

Master Computer Engineering

The master's degree in Computer Engineering from Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona is focused on training highly qualified professionals who are capable of coordinating and managing projects, products, processes and installations in all areas of computer engineering. The master's degree aims to bring students into contact with cutting edge technology in order to offer intellectual stimulus and provide a flexible professional profile, consistent with the ample spectrum of research and development opportunities within the field ofcomputer science.

Master Bioinformatics

Master in Bioinformatics is offered by Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona.Bioinformatics is a strategic science essential to understanding the avalanche of newly generated biological data, to explaining how biological systems function and to generating new resources, goods and services produced by this new knowledge and technologies.

Master Software and Systems

Computer software and systems are of prime importance in modern society. Computer software and systems are present in many everyday activities, ranging from mobile telephony, through traffic signalling and vehicle operation, to Stock Exchange securities trading.

Master Artificial Intelligence

The objective of the Master's Degree in Artificial Intelligence is preparing students for innovation in the area of Artificial Intelligence in two ways: the creation of innovative techniques and methods in their own research area of Artificial Intelligence and the incorporation of these techniques and methods to the social and business processes and creating innovative software solutions.

Master Data Science

The master's degree in Data Science is an official full-time, one-year programme, taught fully in English and worth 60 ECTS credits. It is offered by the Barcelona Graduate School of Economics and its lecturers belong to the four academic units which founded the school (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, UPF, IAE-CSIC, CREI).

Business and Economics
M.Sc. New Technologies in Computer Science

The overall objective of the Master Degree in New Technologies in Computer Science is to train students for research, development and innovation in the field of Information and Communications Technology, with a clear awareness of its human, economic, social, legal and ethical dimensions, qualifying the students for the analysis, design, development and research project management applied to the services related to Information and Knowledge Society, as well as for the teaching of Computer Science.

M.Sc. Telecommunications Engineering

The master’s degree in Telecommunications Engineering is a training proposal that is adaptable to the needs of different types of students: those who wish to focus on a professional career and those who wish to pursue a doctoral degree in the area of telecommunications engineering. This programme is offered by Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya · BarcelonaTech (UPC).

M.Eng. Master in Computational Biomedical Engineering

The main goal of this master's degree is the study of computational techniques in the field of biomedical engineering. This comprises the quantitative analysis of biomedical images and signals as well as the modeling of living organisms and health-related products. From the cellular level up to the level of whole organisms, the different analysis and modeling projects will cover the many different scales of biological organization.

Department of Information and Communication Technologies
Master Big Data Solutions

Boost innovation with analytics and big data opportunities. Become an international professional able to discover insights and drive innovation in any organization. The Big Data Solutions programme is offered by Barcelona Technology School.

M.Sc. Telecommunication Engineering

El Máster en Ingeniería de Telecomunicación es un máster profesional que sustituye al título de Ingeniero de Telecomunicación y te capacita para ejercer la profesión de Ingeniero de Telecomunicación, en virtud de lo establecido en la Orden CIN/355/2009, de 9 de febrero.

Electronics Technology
M.Eng. Building Information Modeling

El Master BIM esta orientado a procesos y usos BIM aplicables al diseno, construccion y explotacion de edificios e infraestructuras. La gestion y coordinacion de euquipos en un entorno de trabajo colaborativo BIM/VDC es uno de los aspectos mas requeridos y valorados en un BIM manager.

Master Ingeniería Informática

El Máster Universitario en Ingeniería Informática por la Universidad Autónoma de Madrid tiene como finalidad la adquisición por parte del estudiante de una formación avanzada especializada o multidisciplinar, orientada a la especialización profesional y a la iniciación en tareas de investigación.

Másteres oficiales
Master Theoretical Chemistry and Computational Modelling

This degree, in which 14 Spanish universities from the communities of Madrid, Catalonia, Balearic Islands, Cantabria, Extremadura, Asturias, Castilla y León, Basque Country, Valencia and Galicia participate, provides advanced level training in theoretical chemistry and in the simulation and modelling of chemistry and molecular dynamics.

Master Ingeniería Informática

El título de Máster en Ingeniería Informática de la Universidad de Jaén permite dar una formación completa y actualizada al estudiante de Ingeniería Informática. Los contenidos de este Máster tienen un marcado carácter profesionalizante y se adaptan a las competencias de los títulos oficiales del ámbito de la Ingeniería Informática.

Másteres Universitarios
Master Erasmus Mundus Master in Language and Communication Technologies (LCT)

The massive use of the Internet has increased the need for natural language processing solutions. For example, supplementary linguistic processing is essential to accurately search for the information we are interested in. If you are a philologist or linguist, you probably ask yourself how linguistic knowledge is used in them: lexicon, grammar, word-senses, or how morphological, syntactic and semantic analyses are performed automatically. New researchers (computer scientists and linguists) are required to perform research and development in this field.

Information and Communications Technologies
M.Sc. Advanced Sciences of Modern Telecommunications

The Master in Advanced Sciences of Modern Telecommunications aims at training scientists and technologists with the goal of preparing them for careers in research, innovation and technology transfer. Jointly offered with the UNIVERSITAT POMPEU FABRA (BARCELONA).

School of Engineering
M.Sc. Computer Vision

This Computer Vision master from Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona has been designed to join the research expertise of four Barcelona universities to offer the students an updated program of methods and foundations of an emerging technology as it is computer vision, whose impact is increasing in a wide range of intelligent systems.

Master Cybersecurity

The Master in Cybersecurity at Carlos III University of Madrid offers students a clearly-defined technical and hands-on program (with obvious differences from Master in information security also focused on organizational, administrative and legal aspects), and during the course the teaching methodology is based around on-campus classes, specialized seminars, lectures, case studies, practical sessions in computer labs, tutorials, and independent learning and study.

Graduate School of Engineering and Basic Sciences
M.A. Computer Engineering and Mathematics

The URV-UOC online Master's Degree in Computer Engineering and Mathematics (ECiM) offers interdisciplinary training in the areas of engineering and applied sciences. The ECiM programme includes cutting-edge topics such as computer modelling and simulation, numerical methods, parallel and distributed computing, knowledge representation, networks and graphs, and applied optimisation. The aim of the degree is to prepare students for R&D positions in industry, research centres and universities. It is intended for graduates with various scientific and technical qualifications (computer engineering, mathematics, telecommunications engineering, industrial engineering, statistics, physics, etc.).

School of Engineering
Master Audiovisual Business and Digital Convergence

The audiovisual industry and markets are undergoing a constant, intensive process of change attributable to technological developments, the evolution of globalised markets, and progressive convergence with the IT and telecommunications industries, as well as the more general process entailed by the crisis affecting the entire economy. Business models, professional practices, competition, products and services are all altering to adapt to digitisation, regarded as an ongoing process involving the development of new forms of creativity, new opportunities in relation to distribution and consumption, and new options where financing is concerned.

M.Sc. Computer Vision

The master's degree in Computer Vision investigates the techniques and mathematical models that are used to computationally simulate the visual tasks performed by the human visual system, based on one or more digital images. This Computer Vision programme is offered by Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya · BarcelonaTech (UPC).

M.A. Security of the Information and Communication Technologies

The main aim of this master’s degree is to train specialists in the field of information security who can respond to the growing demand of companies, institutions and universities. Students are provided with specialized knowledge and high-level competencies in three basic areas of the security of the information and communication technologies: network and systems security, security of applications and services, and security management and auditing.

School of Engineering
Master Big Data Analytics

Our Master in Big Data Analytics from Carlos III University of Madrid is oriented towards the (re)training of professionals with responsibilities related to data analytics, and in particular of those involved with the evaluation of very large volumes of data in their companies. These professionals will receive both additional formation in the basic foundations of the analytics methods used for Big Data, and familiarity with their potential applications in different areas of interest.

Graduate School of Engineering and Basic Sciences
Master Intelligent Systems

The education provided on this course falls within the field of intelligent systems. It therefore involves perception, learning and automated decision processes, robotic manipulation, data storage and processing, contextual information, visualisation and interactive environments.

Technology and Experimental Sciences Area
Master Business Intelligence e Innovación Tecnológica

El Máster en Business Intelligence e Innovación Tecnológica está diseñado para formar profesionales en el área de las nuevas tecnologías de la información y Business Intelligence, siempre con la visión de cumplir con lo que demandan las empresas e instituciones en cada momento.

Master Química Teórica y Modelización Computacional

El Máster consta en su totalidad de 120 créditos (ECTS), distribuidos en dos cursos llamados M1 y M2 (60+60). Está estructurado en 6 módulos (módulo 1. Fundamentos (20 ECTS); módulo 2. Métodos (15 ECTS); módulo 3. Optatividad (25 ECTS); módulo 4. Aspectos avanzados (15 ECTS); módulo 5. Modelización avanzada y aplicaciones (15 ECTS); y módulo 6. Trabajo de Fin de Máster (30 ECTS)) dentro de un perfil investigador.

Másteres oficiales
M.Sc. Wireless Communications (WICOM)

The master's degree in Wireless Communications offers advanced training in mobile communications and has a clear research orientation. It provides advanced knowledge of mobile and wireless communication technologies for the design, deployment and maintenance of communication networks in businesses and institutions. As specialists in an emerging economic sector, graduates of the master's degree will be in high demand in the labour market. Those seeking to pursue a research career may become junior researchers.

Master Computational Mathematics

The aim of the Master’s Degree in Computational Mathematics is to train professionals in an integral and integrated manner in the field of mathematical modelling of industry and business problems.

Technology and Experimental Sciences Area
Master Ciencia Y Tecnología Informática

El Máster oficial en Ciencia y Tecnología Informática está orientado a la formación avanzada, de carácter especializada o multidisciplinar, dirigida a una especialización académica o profesional o bien a promover la iniciación en tareas investigadoras.

Escuela de Postgrado de Ingeniería y Ciencias Básicas
Master Química Teórica y Modelización Computacional

El Máster Interuniversitario en Química Teórica y Modelización Computacional pretende otorgar al estudiante una formación avanzada, de carácter especializado y multidisciplinar orientada a promover la iniciación en tareas investigadoras que supla la demanda creciente de personal experto no solo del mundo de la academia, sino también de la industria.

Másteres oficiales
M.Sc. Sound and Music Computing

Sound and music computing is an interdisciplinary field encompassing the entire sound communication process, from the creation and generation of sounds to their transmission and perception.

Department of Information and Communication Technologies
Master Language Analysis and Processing

The massive use of the Internet has increased the need for natural language processing solutions. For example, supplementary linguistic processing is essential to accurately search for the information we are interested in.

Information and Communications Technologies
M.Sc. Innovation and Research in Informatics (MIRI)

Informatics has become a major driving force in many scientific and technological fields. In fact, current socioeconomic progress cannot be understood without considering access to and exchange of information between people and machines and between systems and institutions. There is a growing need for professionals who have strong drive, talent and solid training as provided by the master's degree in Innovation and Research in Informatics. It is designed to provide a solid background in different aspects of research in the fields of Advanced Computing, Computer Graphics and Virtual Reality, Computer Networks and Distributed Systems, High Performance Computing and Services Engineering. This master’s degree has received the International Master’s Programme distinction (2013 call) awarded by the Government of Catalonia’s Agency for the Management of University and Research Grants (AGAUR).

Barcelona School of Informatics (FIB)
M.Sc. Artificial Intelligence

The master's degree in Artificial Intelligence was created as a synergy between the PhD programme in Artificial Intelligence (AI) at the Barcelona School of Informatics of the UPC, the School of Engineering of the Rovira i Virgili University (URV) and the Faculty of Mathematics of the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya · BarcelonaTech (UPC).

Master Computer Networks Engineering

Máster bilingüe conducente a la prestigiosa profesión regulada de Ingeniería de Telecomunicación. El programa de Computer Networks Engineering de la Universidad de Jaén se estructura en tres módulos: tecnologías de telecomunicación, gestión de proyectos y trabajo fin de máster. Se imparte en 3 semestres, el primero de ellos en inglés.

Másteres Universitarios
M.Sc. Geospatial Technologies

The Master program addresses holders of a Bachelor degree with a qualification in application areas of Geographic Information, e.g., geography, ecology, urban, regional and environmental planning, logistics/transportation, energy provision, surveying, computer science, agriculture, forestry.

Department of Computer Languages and Systems
Master Ingeniería Informática

El Máster Universitario en Ingeniería Informática prepara a sus alumnos para ejercer como Ingeniero en Informática, combinando una formación avanzada en aspectos de Dirección y Gestión de proyectos informáticos con otros aspectos de Tecnologías Informáticas.

Escuela de Postgrado de Ingeniería y Ciencias Básicas
M.Sc. Flood Risk Management Erasmus Mundus Programme

Integrated flood risk management aims to reduce the human and socio-economic losses caused by flooding while taking into account the social, economic and ecological benefits from floods and the use of flood plains or coastal zones. The need for the adoption of a holistic integrated approach to managing flood risks has been reflected in the Flood Directive of the European Parliament. This Flood Risk Management Erasmus Mundus Programme is offered by the UNESCO IHE Institute for Water Education.

Master Gestión y Tecnología del Conocimiento

La globalización de la economía y el rápido desarrollo de las nuevas tecnologías han provocado un importante cambio en la manera de hacer negocios en nuestros días. Una organización ya no sólo compite con otras organizaciones locales, sino que se ve inmersa en un mercado global aún más exigente. Esto plantea la necesidad de responder de manera rápida y efectiva a cambios en los mercados, tanto local como global y, a definir, conocer y utilizar estrategias de la competencia.

Escuela de Formación Continua
M.Sc. Bioinformatics for Health Sciences

Bioinformatics is an interdisciplinary field which combines mathematical and computer sciences with biology and/or medicine. With the recent advancements in biomedical research, biologists are frequently overloaded with large amounts of data which need to be managed, understood and analyzed in automated ways. Bioinformatics provides the tools to understand complex biological systems ranging from entire ecological systems, to specific human diseases, to cellular and molecular networks.

Department of Experimental and Health Science
Master Data Science

Barcelona GSE is among the first cutting-edge institutions in the world to offer formal graduate-level training in Data Science. The study program is organized around the following coordinates: Statistics, Machine Learning, Data Warehousing, Business Intelligence, Big Data Analytics, Optimization, Operational Research, Economics, Finance and Policy Making.

Economics and Finance
M.Sc. Erasmus Mundus Master's Degree in Information Technologies for Business Intelligence (IT4BI)

The Erasmus Mundus Master's Degree in Information Technologies for Business Intelligence (IT4BI) provides students with the comprehensive training required for them to understand, learn and acquire BI skills and develop decision-making strategies for business. This programme is offered by Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya · BarcelonaTech (UPC).

Master Informatics Engineering

La Informàtica és la ciència o tècnica relativa a la tecnologia que estudia el tractament automàtic de la informació utilitzant dispositius electrònics i sistemes computacionals. En la informàtica hi convergeixen els fonaments de la ciència de la computació, la programació, les metodologies per al desenvolupament de programari i de les comunicacions.

Faculty of computer science and engineering (EPS)
M.Sc. TCCM - Euromaster on Theoretical Chemistry and Computational Modelling

This Master in Theoretical Chemistry and Computational Modelling was awarded the Eurolabel by the ECTNA in 2007. At the end of the Master the students will be prepared to apply and develop new methods and computational codes, and to follow future doctoral studies in Chemistry, Physics, Life Sciences or Materials Science. They will be also able to develop professional activities as experts in molecular design in the pharmaceutical, petrochemical and new-materials industry, or in any company as computational experts.

Chemistry Department
M.A. Computer Engineering: Computer Security and Intelligent Systems

This master's degree has a dual objective: first, to provide advanced training in computer engineering and cover the syllabus required for this degree; and second, to use the expertise of the URV's research groups in Computer Security and Intelligent Systems to provide advanced training of the highest quality in these areas. Graduates can choose to pursue a career in one of these fields of specialisation or to continue their academic training by undertaking a doctoral thesis in Computer Engineering and Mathematics of Security at the URV.

School of Engineering
M.Sc. Informatics Engineering

The University Master in Informatics Engineering, linked to the profession of Informatics Engineer, combines advanced education in issues on Technology Management and issues in Technical aspects on Informatics Engineering.