Study Business Administration in Spain

Study Business Administration in Spain

Studying Business Administration

Business administration degrees involve various aspects of managing scarce resources in a business entity and supporting a business by production/planning, decision making, project management as well as allocating human resources and finances while, at the same time, carrying out organisational goals, policies and procedures.

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Studying in Spain

The Spanish university system dates back to the Middle Ages. The oldest among Spanish Universities is Salamanca, founded in 1218. The present system, however, is actually descendant of the 19th century liberal university, inspired by the centralized French model.

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45 Business Administration Master's degrees in Spain

Master Business Management

The educational content of the Master in Business Management offered by the ESERP Business School in Madrid is adapted to the requirements of the European Higher Education Area, offering 60 ECTS credits, thereby ensuring an ongoing effort to improve management skills, as well as to provide for the optimal development of such personal qualities as initiative, teamwork or critical thinking.

Master Business Innovation

The Master Business Innovation degree programme from the University of Deusto is an Executive Master, taught in collaboration with Cambridge Judge Business School and Orkestra (Basque Institute of Competitiveness). The programme is unique in its field, integrating theory and practice and reinforcing the idea of innovation through action.

Master Banca, Mercados Financieros y Gestión Patrimonial

El Máster de OBS en Banca, Mercados Financieros y Gestión Patrimonial tiene como objetivo formar a profesionales del mundo del asesoramiento financiero y patrimonial con competencias, habilidades y capacidades para desarrollar sus actividades en el entorno global, diverso y multidisciplinar.

MBA Global Executive MBA

Los procesos continuos de cambio, la globalización, los mercados emergentes y el aumento de la competencia son varios de los rasgos que caracterizan el comportamiento actual de la economía. Por otro lado, la actual crisis económica representa para muchas empresas una oportunidad de reinventarse. La empresa del futuro operará en un mercado globalizado de clientes, competencia y proveedores, donde las oportunidades pueden estar en la otra parte del planeta.

MBA Master of Business Administration

The objective of the Full-Time Master of Business Administration is to empower each participant with strong leadership skills in an international and multicultural context. Students will acquire at the UCAM - "Catholic University of Murcia" knowledge and competencies about business administration, consulting as well as companies’ evaluation, hereby being able to apply their gained skills in real situations.

Master European Business

The Master in European Business (MEB) from ESCP Europe Business School is an intensive general management programme taught over 1 year across 2 countries of your choice. Based on an MBA-style curriculum with a cross-cultural approach, the MEB is a life-changing programme which concludes with a business degree at an international level.

Master's Programmes
Master Dirección de Empresas de Comunicación

El Máster en Dirección de Empresas de Comunicación de EAE está diseñado para desarrollar las competencias necesarias en la dirección de proyectos empresariales de empresas de comunicación, pero siempre con la visión global necesaria para desarrollar la actividad directiva con la máxima eficacia, creatividad y responsabilidad social.

Master Business Project Management

The objective of the Master in Business Project Management from ESCP Europe Business School is to prepare participants to boost their careers in international business development and project management.

Master's Programmes
Master European & International Business Management

The Master European & International Business Management programme from the University of Deusto trains professionals to promote and lead the development of business projects - especially those with international or multicultural connotations – in collaboration with the objectives of a company and promoting its success in a committed, responsible and ethical fashion, in order to improve its competitiveness in a globalised environment.

MBA Online MBA

To keep up with today’s busy schedules and upward corporate mobility trends, in 2012, EU Business School opened its online campus. Its flagship Online MBA program adapts its onsite counterpart to fit online needs with an easy-to-use web platform, acclaimed professors with experience in online education and on-campus weeks for a true blended experience.

English Programs
M.Sc. Business Research

The MSc in Business Research from the University of Barcelona is designed to provide students with advanced training in the research skills, techniques and methodologies that they will need to conduct their own research in business. Therefore, the programme is aimed at students with a strong research orientation. It is also the main way to gain admission to the PhD in Business.

UB Business
MBA Administración de Empresas (MBA)

Los Programas Administración de Empresas (MBA) (Master in Business Administration) de la Universidad de Jaén son los más demandados en el mercado americano y europeo de estudios de postgrado y son un tipo de formación consolidada a escala mundial que ofrece una visión global y profunda de la administración y dirección de empresas y un dominio teórico y práctico de las herramientas, métodos y técnicas necesarias para operar en el entorno altamente competitivo de la empresa dentro de un contexto internacional.

Másteres Universitarios
Master International Business Administration

The Master in International Business Administration at Carlos III University of Madrid trains professionals able to promote the internationalization of firms, designing, implementing and driving the opening process of new markets, through commercial trade or foreign direct investment. Bilingual professionals make a difference in the labor market.

School of Continuing Education
Master Gestión y Dirección de Empresas

Este Máster puede ser homologado internacionalmente. La UC3M te pone en contacto con la entidad notarial que te ayudará a gestionar el procedimiento de homologación de tu título. El precio del trámite es de 75 euros. Si el pago es por transferencia bancaria el precio es de 95 euros.

Escuela de Formación Continua
M.A. Business Administration

The overall objective of this course is to train students to become professionals/researchers with advanced knowledge in the field of business administration. The professional track aims to enable students to work in management positions in any functional area of a company and in general management of different types of businesses. The research track aims to provide students with the research tools necessary to carry out a research project in the field of business economics.

Faculty of Economics and Business
Master Masters Degree in International Financial Management and Accounting

A globalisation process has been taking place for the last years in the world of business. The consequence is that a large number of businesses are immersed in process of internationalisation in order to participate in more markets and reach more potential clients. And the city of Barcelona is attracting a significant number of international companies. All this process is generating good opportunities for well trained professionals with a good level of languages.

Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences
Master European Master in Business Studies

The EMBS - European Master in Business Studies is a Master’s degree in Management officially integrated in the new European Bologna system of higher education. It is composed of 4 semesters in 4 different European countries - Italy - France - Germany - Spain, representing a total of 120 ECTS.

Master Audiovisual Business and Digital Convergence

The audiovisual industry and markets are undergoing a constant, intensive process of change attributable to technological developments, the evolution of globalised markets, and progressive convergence with the IT and telecommunications industries, as well as the more general process entailed by the crisis affecting the entire economy. Business models, professional practices, competition, products and services are all altering to adapt to digitisation, regarded as an ongoing process involving the development of new forms of creativity, new opportunities in relation to distribution and consumption, and new options where financing is concerned.

Master Executive MBA (Online)

El Executive MBA está diseñado para fortalecer la capacidad de liderazgo y dirección de personas a través de un diseño educativo propio, pragmático y participativo, que aúna la capacidad de análisis con la pasión por la innovación.

MBA Master of Business Administration

The ESE MBA takes a distinctive approach to business education and leadership by combining the most current business management theory with best business practices with a special focus on helping students to achieve their dreams and aspirations.

MBA Master of Business Administration
Master Dirección Internacional de Empresas

El Master in International Business (MADI-UC3M) es un programa que tiene como objetivo formar profesionales capaces de promover la internacionalización de sus empresas, diseñando, implantando y dirigiendo el proceso de apertura de nuevos mercados, bien a través del comercio exterior o mediante la implantación empresarial.

Escuela de Formación Continua
MBA International MBA

The Global MBA develops international leaders in the fields of entrepreneurship and business management. It allows our students to control their own destiny enhancing their values-based leadership, their ethics and technical skills.

MBA (Business Administration)

El Programa MBA se dirige a titulados universitarios superiores con poca experiencia empresarial o sin ella que desean hacer de la dirección de empresas su propia actividad profesional.

General Management
MBA Masters Degree in Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Technology

We live in the age of innovation and entrepreneurship. The Master’s Degree in Technology, Innovation and Entrepreneurship is a professional programme that trains people in initiating and managing projects in start-ups, SMEs and large companies of various sectors, ranging from highly technological to traditional in restructuring, or socially and environmentally responsible.

Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences
M.Sc. Business Process Planning and Management

The concept of business management is a very broad one and therefore the training of managers must embrace such diverse areas as the Company Organisation and Management, Statistics and Operational Research, Information Technology, and Organisational Engineering.

Department of Statistics and Operations Research
MBA Master's Degree in Business Administration and Production System (OFFICIAL)

The internationalisation of technological development and applications is generating major changes in the field of business administration; the UIC Master’s Programme in Business Administration and Industrial Production provides specialised training that reflects these changes and offers students the essential skills and credentials for working in today’s business world: proficiency in multiple languages, the tools for working efficiently in production and service companies within a global environment, expertise in technological tools, and the ability to adapt quickly to rapidly-changing situations.

Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences
MBA International Business Administration

University Master in International Business Administration (MBA) (M123) - Los objetivos de este Máster se ajustan a los espec ificado en el Marco Español de Cualificaciones para la Educacion Superior (MECES) y garantiza la adquisici ón de las competencias basicas exigibles para otorg ar un título de Master, de acuerdo con el artículo 3.3 de l Anexo I del R.D. 1393/2007.

Master´s Programmes
Master Business and Finance

The Master in Business and Finance at Carlos III University of Madrid offers research-oriented masters with specializations in Accounting, Finance, Management, and Marketing. These separate but overlapping specializations provide students with the solid theoretical and empirical tools needed to prepare students for the PhD and careers in research and teaching.

Graduate Business and Economics School
MBA Executive

The Executive MBA is a top-ranked program for experienced professionals seeking to advance their career development. This program allows participants to solidify their business acumen without setting aside their personal and professional commitments in a highly diverse environment, while building lasting relationships with a strong professional network around the world.

IE - Business School
Master Sustainable Development and Corporate Responsibility

Among the first of its kind in Spain, International Master in Sustainable Development and Corporate Responsibility is a flagship programme of EOI. It combines both academic and practical perspectives on the contemporary global issues of Corporate Responsibility, Business Ethics and Sustainability.

Master Business Consulting

General purpose of this Business Consulting programme at Carlos III University of Madrid: Acquire, through its practice, core competencies for professional development in the field of business consulting (project management, collection and analysis of information, analysis processes, team management, basic financial analysis, management of people, processes Instead, presentations, feasibility analysis, computer analysis tools to support the process ...)

School of Continuing Education
M.Eng. Business & Building Engineering

La situación actual de crisis y la evolución del mercado obligan a replantear los modelos tradicionales de trabajo dentro del sector de la Edificación. Para dar respuesta a los retos que plantea el futuro, es necesario dotar a los profesionales de una mayor preparación, que les permita dominar la práctica y resolver problemas con eficacia. El MBBE se estructura sobre un modelo formativo avanzado que integra el amplio conocimiento de las instalaciones de la Edificación, con una dirección de proyectos eficiente y la adquisición de herramientas propias del mundo de la empresa. Sus participantes adquirirán una visión global que les permitirá afrontar con garantías los nuevos retos de su trayectoria profesional.