Study Agriculture & Forestry in Spain

Study Agriculture & Forestry in Spain

Studying Agriculture & Forestry

Agriculture and forestry study soil, animal and plant life and the natural resources they produce. Sub-disciplines include studies in agriculture, horticulture, forestry, aquatic life, crop sciences, and more.

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Studying in Spain

The Spanish university system dates back to the Middle Ages. The oldest among Spanish Universities is Salamanca, founded in 1218. The present system, however, is actually descendant of the 19th century liberal university, inspired by the centralized French model.

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9 Agriculture & Forestry Master's degrees in Spain

Master Ecological Agriculture, Stockbreeding and Forestry

The Masters degree in Ecological Agriculture, Stockbreeding and Forestry aims at developing students' professional careers. Since the programme focuses on beneficial activities that will require the interaction of various areas of knowledge—such as agronomy and natural sciences in general, social and legal sciences, and humanities—, the training adopts a multidisciplinary approach in order to cover them all.

M.Sc. Integrated Pest Management

Formation for the integrated control of plagues, diseases and weeds in agriculture so that they socially know his principles and methods for an economic and technically efficient and acceptable production.

Faculty of Agro-Food Science And Technology
Master Integrated Crop Protection

This master’s degree fulfils the need for the agricultural sector to have professionals capable of making decisions on pest, disease and weed control by applying financial, toxicological and environmental criteria.

Technology and Experimental Sciences Area
Specialization International Agri-Food Policy

Enrolment open: last days! This Specialisation in International Agri-Food Policy at Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC) is a mandatory component of the Master's in International Agri-Food Governance and the Postgraduate Diploma in Food Systems and Governance.