24 Agriculture & Forestry Master's degrees in Spain

Agriculture & Forestry

Disciplines included in the general field of agriculture and forestry study soil, animal and plant life and the natural resources they produce. Sub-disciplines include studies in agriculture, horticulture, forestry, aquatic life, crop sciences, and more.

Find and compare 24 Masters in Agriculture & Forestry in Spain. Below is a selection of the available study options in Spain. If you're interested in studying Agriculture & Forestry in Spain you can view all 24 Master's programmes. You can also read more about the Agriculture & Forestry discipline in general, or about studying in Spain.

Suggested Master's Programmes

Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona

Master Calidad de Alimentos de Origen Animal
  • Oct 2016
  • EEA € 46
  • International € 82
  • 12 months

El máster de Calidad en Alimentos de Origen Animal recoge y proporciona contenidos globalizadores sobre control, evaluación y mejora de la calidad y seguridad alimentarias pero circunscribiéndose a alimentos de origen animal y aunando de forma original un enfoque integral que contempla acciones desde la granja al consumidor.

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University of Santiago de Compostela

Master Aquaculture
  • Sep 2016
  • EEA € 2,900
  • International € 10,245
  • 18 months

In this inter-university master's degree where the three Galician universities participate, students will acquire the knowledge, and skills that will enable them to design and develop research in the field of aquaculture, as well as to design, manage and control facilities and in-land and marine facilities, evaluate their environmental impact and cater to the needs of R&D&I, by implementing strategies that allow for the future development of the aquaculture industry.

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Universidad Pablo de Olavide

Master Ecological Agriculture, Stockbreeding and Forestry
  • Nov 2016
  • International € 1,775
  • 12 months

The Masters degree in Ecological Agriculture, Stockbreeding and Forestry aims at developing students' professional careers. Since the programme focuses on beneficial activities that will require the interaction of various areas of knowledge—such as agronomy and natural sciences in general, social and legal sciences, and humanities—, the training adopts a multidisciplinary approach in order to cover them all.

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University of Lleida

M.Sc. Porcine Health and Production
  • Feb 2017
  • EEA € 1,800 per year
  • International € 1,800 per year
  • 10 months

The training objectives are addressed to pupils to acquire some determined competences and a determined professional profile. Some of these competences are: do the analysis and the diagnostic of the installations, housing and necessary equipment for the porcine production; do audits in relation to the conditions of the welfare of animals; to plan feeding programmes; diagnosis and evaluation of the data of technical, economic and sanitary management; to plan the programme of prevention and eradication of illnesses; design and analyse epidemiological studies.

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Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona

Master Biology and Plant Biotechnology
  • Sep 2016
  • EEA € 2,766 per year
  • International € 4,500 per year
  • 12 months

The aim of the master's degree in PlantBiology and Biotechnology is to train professional researchers in the area of plants and fungi. Plants are key elements in the natural landscape and in the functioning of ecosystems, and also form the basis of our food and health, and a wide range of products and processes in the food, farming, fishing, pharmaceutical, and textile and energy industries.

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University of Valencia

M.Sc. Aquaculture
  • Oct 2016
  • EEA € 46 per module
  • International € 46 per module
  • 12 months

The Aquaculture programme at the University of Valencia is a programmeabout products thet are one of the most important animal protein sources in the world. However, while global demand has increased in recent years, the production by extractive fishing remains stable, if not in clear decline.

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The Spanish university system dates back to the Middle Ages. The oldest among Spanish Universities is Salamanca, founded in 1218. The present system, however, is actually descendant of the 19th century liberal university, inspired by the centralized French model.

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