Study Informatics & Information Sciences in Spain

Study Informatics & Information Sciences in Spain

Studying Informatics & Information Sciences

Informatics is the science of information, engineering of information systems and information processing. It is the multidisciplinary field which deals with the information analysis, its collection, transmission, storage, utilization and dissemination. Informatics degrees prepare IT specialists to find solutions to current technology demands.

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Studying in Spain

The Spanish university system dates back to the Middle Ages. The oldest among Spanish Universities is Salamanca, founded in 1218. The present system, however, is actually descendant of the 19th century liberal university, inspired by the centralized French model.

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9 Informatics & Information Sciences Master's degrees in Spain

M.Sc. Management (specialization in IT Management)

The M. Sc. in Management (specialisation in IT Management) at Barcelona School of Management is a multidisciplinary degree, where students learn how to combine business managing with modern technology. With courses ranging from computer sciences and telecommunications to economics and business administration, the Master’s prepares students for the added internship and the final thesis.

International programmes
Master Business Analytics and Big Data

The Master in Business Analytics and Big Data is an innovative gateway degree designed to train the new generation of data-savvy professionals. These detail-oriented individuals, who understand all business functions and also possess highly specialized analytical skills, will play a key role in the upcoming data-driven era. By optimizing performance and driving quality, they will lead companies in the processes of making important decisions to remain competitive in a high-speed changing business environment. On this program you will work on 3 projects with top companies such as, IBM, Telefonica, and BBVA.

IE - School of Human Sciences and Technology
M.Sc. Computer Vision

This Computer Vision master from Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona has been designed to join the research expertise of four Barcelona universities to offer the students an updated program of methods and foundations of an emerging technology as it is computer vision, whose impact is increasing in a wide range of intelligent systems.

M.Sc. Wireless Communications (WICOM)

The master's degree in Wireless Communications offers advanced training in mobile communications and has a clear research orientation. It provides advanced knowledge of mobile and wireless communication technologies for the design, deployment and maintenance of communication networks in businesses and institutions. As specialists in an emerging economic sector, graduates of the master's degree will be in high demand in the labour market. Those seeking to pursue a research career may become junior researchers.

M.Sc. Informatics Engineering

The University Master in Informatics Engineering, linked to the profession of Informatics Engineer, combines advanced education in issues on Technology Management and issues in Technical aspects on Informatics Engineering.

M.Sc. Innovation and Research in Informatics (MIRI)

Informatics has become a major driving force in many scientific and technological fields. In fact, current socioeconomic progress cannot be understood without considering access to and exchange of information between people and machines and between systems and institutions. There is a growing need for professionals who have strong drive, talent and solid training as provided by the master's degree in Innovation and Research in Informatics. It is designed to provide a solid background in different aspects of research in the fields of Advanced Computing, Computer Graphics and Virtual Reality, Computer Networks and Distributed Systems, High Performance Computing and Services Engineering. This master’s degree has received the International Master’s Programme distinction (2013 call) awarded by the Government of Catalonia’s Agency for the Management of University and Research Grants (AGAUR).

Barcelona School of Informatics (FIB)