25 Masters in Area and Cultural Studies

In this inter-disciplinary field, one usually specialises his studies on a certain culture such as Asian studies, African American studies, Latino studies but also childhood studies for example.

Area and Cultural Studies

Find and compare 25 Masters in Area and Cultural Studies in Sweden. Below is a selection of the available study options. If you're interested in studying Area and Cultural Studies in Sweden you can view all 25 Master's programmes. You can also read more about the Area and Cultural Studies discipline in general or about studying in Sweden.

Suggested Study Programmes

  • Master in Applied Ethics

    Applied ethics is a growing interdisciplinary field that studies ethical issues in different areas such as politics, medicine, research, technology, as well as different forms of professional ethics. Questions such as global justice, ethical implications of new technologies in healthcare and environmental responsibility for future generations are some of the issues that applied ethics is dealing with. The subject has its disciplinary basis in moral philosophy and ethics but also requires area knowledge and expertise in different fields of application.

  • Master in Euroculture

    The Master Programme in Euroculture at Uppsala University offers great opportunities for students interested in understanding and helping to shape the future of European integration. Recognised by the European Commission as an Erasmus Mundus Programme of Excellence, Euroculture is for students who realise that Europe’s future will be moulded not only by economics and politics, but also through struggles over identities, values, and heritage - in a word, culture. Our interdisciplinary approach combines coursework in at least two countries. We will prepare you to make a difference in fields like diplomacy, international business, journalism, cultural management, and the European institutions.

  • Master in Scandinavian Studies

    The Master Programme in Scandinavian Studies invites students to perform close and critical examination of issues concerning historical and contemporary cultural expressions, as well as the differences and similarities between the Scandinavian languages and literatures. This programme is for students with a Bachelor’s degree in Scandinavian Studies or the equivalent. Upon completion, students have career possibilities within the area of cultural communication, e.g. as translators, interpreters, or information officers within government administration as well as as in organisations and international companies. The programme also opens career paths in compulsory and upper-secondary schools (language teacher), and for graduate studies.

  • Master in Early Modern Studies - Northern Europe 1450-1850

    The fascination of studying early modern history consists in trying to understand cultures and societies that are at the same time familiar and foreign, to see the consistencies while acknowledging the contradictions. It is the task of the historian to understand and accommodate these seemingly diverging characteristics. The purpose of the Master programme is to provide you with knowledge of, and insights into, the early modern history of Northern Europe (c. 1450–1850).

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