Study Communication Sciences in Sweden

Study Communication Sciences in Sweden

Studying Communication Sciences

Communication sciences concentrate on human behaviour, through the impact and influence on mass media and messages to people and culture. Graduates of a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in communication sciences can build a career in journalism, market research, education, human resources, advertising and many other fields.

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Studying in Sweden

Swedish universities are renowned for their investigative research and independent thinking, and this reputation is cemented with nationally certified degrees and rigorous quality control. As a country, Sweden is an open and multicultural society with a long tradition of welcoming international students.

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7 Communication Sciences Master's degrees in Sweden

M.Sc. International Communication

International Communication is a programme designed for students who are interested in working in an international media and communication environment. This programme is offered by Jönköping University.

School of Education and Communication
M.Sc. Media and Communication Studies

The focus of this international Master’s programme in Media and Communication Studies from Lund University is to question and understand global media structures and processes in modern life. Media can be a starting point to understand global events, such as news reporting of environmentalism and natural disasters, political culture and social movements, or imagination and storytelling in popular culture.

Faculty of Social Sciences
M.Sc. Communication

Communication is essential to human beings. Human life and social organization depend on it. In this Communication programme at the University of Gothenburg you will study all aspects of communication and acquire an advanced understanding of communication issues in various contexts and advanced knowledge about theories and methods useful in studies of communication in its context.

IT Faculty
M.Sc. Strategic Communication

Lund University offers a Master of Science in Strategic Communication that aims to develop independent, critical and creative communication strategists with the will and determination to work and succeed on the highest management levels.

Faculty of Social Sciences
M.A. Media and Communication Science

Are you highly motivated to specialize further in your field academically? Our Master by Research programme in Media and Communication Science at Mid Sweden Universityoffers an individualized programme, which targets students interested in developing skills and knowledge for a future career in academic research or in industrial or public R&D.

Master Communication for Development

This Communication for Development programme at Malmö University is an interdisciplinary field of study and practice, combining studies on culture, communication and development and integrating them with practical fieldwork. It explores the use of communication – both as a tool and as a way of articulating processes of social change – within the contexts of globalisation.