3 Masters in Pharmacy

Pharmacy is a branch of life sciences but also closely linked to chemistry. Pharmacists deal with the development and production of pharmaceutical drugs and ensure their safe and effective use.


Find and compare 3 Masters in Pharmacy in Sweden. Below is a selection of the available study options. If you're interested in studying Pharmacy in Sweden you can view all 3 Master's programmes. You can also read more about the Pharmacy discipline in general or about studying in Sweden.

Suggested Study Programmes

  • Master in Infection Biology

    Infections are a serious threat to the survival of humans, animals and plants on Earth. Our knowledge of the processes that govern microbial life and evolution must increase if we are to solve acute problems of antimicrobial resistance. There is also a great need to predict and control threatening pandemics and the spread of infectious diseases. The Master Programme in Infection Biology integrates human and veterinary medicine, drug development and food safety, enabling co­operation and crosstalk between different areas of infection biology. This is of particular importance for developing countries where microbial infections are more widespread and might have devastating consequences.

  • Master in Biomedicine

    Are you interested in biomedical research? Do you want to use your knowledge in biomedicine to develop new medicines? The Master Programme in Biomedicine enables you to choose your own career in for example research, clinical trials or drug development. You will obtain in-depth knowledge about some of our major diseases and about the brain, both healthy and diseased. You will follow the process of developing new drugs from finding new targets to the final product.

  • Master in Molecular Biotechnology

    In the Master Programme in Molecular Biotechnology, you will encounter several of the scientific fields where Uppsala University has world-leading research. With a focus on biomolecules, areas of study include molecular biology, genomics and biochemistry. Uppsala University has a long tradition and experience in biotechnology development. The cooperation between Uppsala University and the biotechnical industry is a unique factor that has contributed to the region being the strongest in Sweden in Life Science.

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