Study Criminal Law in Switzerland

Study Criminal Law in Switzerland

Studying Criminal Law

Criminal law deals with punishing human acts that harm the well-being and safety of others, and can affect the overall stability of the state. Criminal law studies criminal codes, defining the acts considered crimes, and procedural law, which establishes the appropriate punishments for crimes.

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Studying in Switzerland

Switzerland is a federal Republic in western Europe. It comprises 26 cantons and has four official languages: German (predominant), French, Italian and Romansh. Switzerland is not member of the European Union and has the swiss franc as currency. It is the country with the highest wealth per adult in the world.

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4 Criminal Law Master's degrees in Switzerland

Master Legal Issues, Crime and Security of Information Technologies

The Master of Law in Legal Issues, Crime and Security of Information Technologies results of a collaboration between the Faculty of Law, Criminal Justice and Public Administration, the Faculty of Business and Economics (HEC Lausanne) and the School of Criminal Justice of the University of Lausanne.

Faculty of Business and Economics (HEC Lausanne)
M.Sc. Traceology and Crime Analysis

The Master of Science in Traceology and Crime Analysis teaches students interrelated skills in criminology and forensic science necessary for the use of traces in the analysis, prevention and management of a range of criminal phenomena.

L.L.M. Droit civil et pénal

La maîtrise universitaire (Master) en droit civil et pénal assure une formation complète en droit, qui permet ensuite aux diplômés d’entrer directement dans le monde du travail.

L.L.M. Criminal Justice - Subject Area Magistrature

The Master of Law in Criminal Justice, subject area Magistrature, aims to improve and supplement legal knowledge acquired by students at Bachelor level, with particular emphasis on different questions relating to preliminary criminal investigations, hearings before the court, the execution of sanctions, and different procedures (criminal, civil and administrative).

Faculty of Law and Criminal Justice